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Morning Steps to Take



I have a lot of work that still needs to be accomplished today so this will be short, but I wanted to share some information I gathered from this article, touching upon 7-steps to do in order to have a stellar morning.

  1. Have something to look forward to, and think of it the night before.
  2. Manage your mood by doing what makes you happy early in the day. They also say to not check your e-mails first thing.
  3. Eat breakfast!!!
  4. Do something you dread. It’ll make you feel more accomplished.
  5. Send a “thank you” e-mail. Every morning send a friend, family member or co-worker an email to say thanks for something.
  6. Plan how you’ll deal with challenges.
  7. Kiss somebody you love. Apparently, men who kiss their wives before work live 5 years longer, make 20-30 percent more money, and are far less likely to get in a car accident.

That’s all I got for now – enjoy the rest of your Thursday and remember, the weekend is almost here!! xoxox


Fellow Travel Bugs,

I just booked a trip to Tucson, Arizona!!! I’m super excited (I’ve never been to AZ before) AND I will be going during Winter Break in January, so I’ll escape some of the brutal New England cold *hopefully*. Plus there are rocks, rocks and more rocks for me to climb. Eeeee.

If anyone has any Arizona recommendations, even if it’s outside of Tucson, please let me know! I always appreciate the advice and feedback.

I use this website called student universe where they give you discounted tickets if you’re a student or faculty member. They also send me the occasional email, and one that I received recently was cool, so I figured I would pass it along. They claimed 7 prime destinations for 2016 with reasonable travel price tags, and they are as follows:

  • Reykjavik, Iceland. Cue Northern Lights, hot springs and geothermal beaches
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Kyoto, Japan
  • Venice, Italy
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Queenstown, New Zealand

… okay, so who’s coming with me?!? But really.


“Prime” 2016 Destinations

Peace Out, Unofficial Summer


Well, well, September has arrived!
I start having meetings on Monday and classes begin for my Master’s program on Wednesday the 9th. It’s getting real, folks o_O. I’m cramming in as much bum and reading time as I can while my brain is free and able to breathe.

However, just because summer is unofficially over (the official date of Fall is September 23rd, for those who don’t know) does not mean I will succumb, and I hope you won’t, either. Enjoy the beautiful weather for as long as you can.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love Fall, but I also really adore lamping around down at my family’s beach house and soaking up some rays. I mean… who wouldn’t? I have to say, I made it to the beach more times this Summer than any previous one I can remember, and I freaking love it. ESPECIALLY when the beach is within walking distance and I can bring beers. Hehe.

A little off topic, but I read this article today titled, “Four Daily Habits of a Good Boss”, and I wanted to quickly share the four habits with you lovely folks. To be frank, I think these habits do not just pertain to a good boss, so ignore the title and take the tips in stride. I do these things most of the time, and I am not exactly a budding entrepreneur — at least not yet. *wink*

  1. Take time for yourself every morning. It sets a good pace for the rest of your day. Keep up with the routine! Here’s mine: wake up, take allergy medicine and probiotic, break my fast, drink beverage (either tea, hot water with lemon, or chocolate milk), drum up physical or mental to-do list, carpe diem. Boom.
  2. Eat Breakfast. I already mentioned this above. The article says to “think of your mind as a motor. Without proper fuel, it sputters and never really gets running strong.” My breakfast varies depending on how much time I have. If I have ample time, I make a juice or my favorite: two eggs over medium on healthy bread with a slice of cheese and either hummus or avocado spread on the toast (I also add ketchup and hot sauce but we can overlook that unhealthy bit). If I have a tiny bit of time, I will attempt to make a smoothie, and if I’m crunched on time I usually grab a banana, hard-boiled egg I previously made, or a healthy bar of some sort, because carbs are crucial early in the day.
  3. Catch up with your team. Okay, this is more boss oriented, but I twist this into just staying in touch with those whose company you hold dear. Friends, family, co-workers, etc., don’t be afraid to reach out and catch up. It’s nice to socialize.
  4. Ask what can be done better. Nobody is perfect. Sorry if anyone was under the impression that they were. There is always something that can be improved upon, and if you ask others and yourself on a regular basis how you can be the best possible person you can be, you’re sure to be an awesome individual. Life is an ongoing learning process; embrace it! Don’t stay stagnant, it smells.

There you have it, my turtle doves. My computer battery is perilously close to dying, so I’m going to have to sign off. Have a great Labor Day weekend and get outside in the sun!


Hey Everyone!

Here’s something LAME that happened to me yesterday. I was cutting some oranges up at work and all of a sudden wham!, I snagged my poor left ring finger. It was/is pretty bad… 7 stitches on that bad boy. Now I’m all bandaged up and handicapped – it’s not cool. Especially because I lose out on some climbing time!! My middle and ring fingers are the most important ones in climbing, and they have to hold all my body weight at times, so that really really stinks. It’s going to need to be rehabilitated too since now it will be weaker than all the others. Ugh. However, it was pretty cool to watch it get stitched up. I have pictures if anyone is interested! Hehe.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I did wind up going on a hula hoop ordering binge the other night, and one came in today!! It’s so pretty. Thank you so much, Hippie Chic! The hoop size is 36″, and the pipe size is 3/4″ with 160 psi. Eeeeeee! At least I can still hoop with my busted finger, so I won’t go entirely stir crazy.

Silver & Black Hoop
I’m in the midst of writing another nice informational article for all of my lovely health nuts out there. Well, I’m in the research process (I mean business, you know!), but I should hopefully fine tune it within the next few days!

As always, x’s and o’s.

I’ll Be Hoopin’ For Days

Human Experience Is A Powerful Thing


Hi Babes!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I actually have tomorrow off so it’s sort of like a real Friday for me — wahoo!
Anyway, I just wanted to share some beautiful pictures with you lovely people (no I did not take them). The title of the article is “The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience”, and I think Ms. McCann did a great job compiling all of these.

I’m posting the first few pictures below, but please click here to see the rest of the article — I highly recommend it!

17 year old Jan Rose Kasmir offers a flower to soldiers during the Pentagon anti-war protest in 1967.

17 year old Jan Rose Kasmir offers a flower to soldiers during the Pentagon anti-war protest in 1967.

Marc Riboud

A Brazilian protester stands before gunfire during protests against corruption and police brutality.

A Brazilian protester stands before gunfire during protests against corruption and police brutality.

Huffington Post

Sergeant Frank Praytor looks after a two-week old kitten during the height of the Korean War.

Sergeant Frank Praytor looks after a two-week old kitten during the height of the Korean War.

A North Korean waves at his South Korean brother after inter-Korean temporary family reunions.

A North Korean waves at his South Korean brother after inter-Korean temporary family reunions.

Thania Sayne leans on the headstone of her husband the day before their wedding anniversary on 16 October 2013.

Thania Sayne leans on the headstone of her husband the day before their wedding anniversary on 16 October 2013.

Manuel Balce Ceneta

Have a great rest of the work day, and remember to enjoy yourself tonight! o_O

My Apologies…


Hello, beautiful dearies. I would like to start off saying that I’m sorry I’ve been such a terrible, awful blogger this past year. I had a lot going on, you know… with the whole graduating college and starting my big girl adult life (kind of). As a quick re-cap:

– I graduated with two degrees; one in English and another in European Studies from the University of Vermont in May 2013.

– Before I even graduated, I was hired by a local RI business called “The Newport Dinner Train” to head and basically manage an entire new subsidiary of the company, called “The Ice Cream Train”. Let me just tell you… I KILLED IT. Ask me for more details if you are interested, and you should totally google it or something, we got press like it was nobody’s business. However, it was seasonal and only ran from June until September, but we’ve got a strong second season in our sites.

– While managing the Ice Cream Train, my boss was so pleased that he made me the Social Media and Marketing Manager for the entire company, and I received yet another promotion in September to be “The Polar Express” Manager, another subsidiary of the business, which ran in November and December. I had a grand time learning the ropes and managing a small company, and I am so grateful for the opportunities that were given to me. I worked a crap ton and definitely had chunks of extreme exhaustion, but I’m young so this is the time to do it!

– Since the train is a seasonal business, I had to find something from January – March to fill my time and my pockets (darn student loans), so at the end of August while I was scouring the depths of Craigslist, I found an ad and was hired to be a Mixologist at a local juice bar in my home town called “Raw Bobs”. Let me tell you, balancing both jobs and working 55+ hours a week wasn’t my idea of a blast, but I LOVE the juice bar. Seriously, I’m obsessed. So much so that I have now made it my goal and dream to open up my own someday, but more on that to come. Raw Bobs is a very new business (we opened in May), so it’s been an immense pleasure being able to be a large part (I’m one of 5 employees, owner included) of a company that has huge plans and aspirations to help people “eat real and be well”. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my boss really likes me – she’s an amazing woman –  and I am basically the organizer of the whole shop *yeah mild OCD skills*! We’ll see where this takes me!

– Anyway, now I’m getting into a winter groove; because there is no train and the juice bar isn’t hopping too much in the winter (though we are getting busier by the day thanks to being featured on the cover of RI Local for the January issue), I’ve got time on my hands that I haven’t had since my last semester of college – oh the good ole days where I only had one class….

– So what to do with this thing called free time?! First, I want to get back into blogging. I also want to start changing what I write about a teensy bit, mostly because I want to start a blog for Raw Bobs sometime soon, so I need to start incorporating healthy living sturffff into my posts, so stay tuned for those. Up until two weeks ago, I wasn’t so bored because Max was on break, but now that he has classes again I have to entertain myself, and you guys too… duh.

– Once I moved back home in May I started becoming a regular at Gold’s Gym (5 or 6 days a week, bitches)… I’m getting buff! Well, maybe not buff because I don’t particularly want to look like a man, but I’m getting to be pretty toned and there’s a solid four pack in my abdominal region, and hopefully it’ll be a six-er soon, but I won’t show off until then! Max lifts weights so he’s helped me get some good exercises in (I’ll share those too in the future), and I’m a quick study so it’s really paying off. I feel good, really good. All of you out there should definitely get on this band wagon, it’s so worth it. I can now leg press 230lbs for 10 consistent reps 😀 Not bad for a chick that weighs 130!

– Another hobby that Max and I have picked up as of 3 weeks ago is Rock Climbing. IT’S SO FUN OMG. We go to this place called “The Rock Spot” a few towns over, and I just recently bought a membership there. Obviously, I’m no Dan Osman by any means, but it’s a fantastic workout and just a freaking bundle of fun. Get at me if you have any questions or are interested, I’ll show you the ropes (pun intended). I’ll start posting videos and tips on this hobby too once I get a little more experienced. If any of you have any pointers, I’m all ears!

– Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to this past year. School/Work – Graduation – WorkWorkWork – Here I Am Now. I haven’t been traveling as much as my little heart desires because of the fact that I was working more than full-time – gotta make that dough, doe –  but I was able to make it to a day of Camp Bisco over the summer, and I spent a few days (6) in NYC with Max visiting my beautiful amazing friend Aly (she lives in Brooklyn) to go to the Disco Biscuits New Years Eve NYC Run!!! Max and I went to three shows, the 28th, 29th and 31st, and they absolutely KILLED it. I have to steal the videos from Max because my phone camera is awful, but once I do I will share the love with all of you awesome peeps. Aly’s birthday was the 30th so we partied for that, and other than that we just enjoyed the city and the company of friends. It was a nice hiatus after killing myself working The Polar Express. 

– Other than NYC, I just came back on Tuesday night from visiting yet another beautiful amazing friend, Sarah, in Syracuse, NY for a quick 4 days. We basically were lamps since Syracuse is an arctic tundra, but we went to this awesome place called Tinker Falls and I put my climbing skills to good use by climbing up the ice and snow to get under the frozen waterfall. IT WAS AWESOME. Check out the pics below, courtesy of Sarah.


From a far away glance


After making the treacherous climb to beneath the frozen waterfall!


My spirit animal (Unicorn) thanks to a giant icicle.

So there you have it! That’s my life in a quick nutshell. I promise I’ll be way way better at blogging in days/weeks/months to come, so stay tuned, I’m planning on doing big things and you guys can come along and follow me on the journey. 😉 Keep being awesome!



Without further ado, I present to you… my parapent (paragliding) videos! Bask in the awesomeness that was my life this day. I want to go back and do it again, like now.

^Before running off that mountain that you see in the video. Quoiiiii?

^ SO close to take off


^And again. So freaking AWESOME.

^ Just cruising above a lake… and spinning… *stomach lurches*

This Post Is A Douzy, Just Sayin’


Bonjour, darlings!

Wow. So sorry about the delayed blog post (I just know y’all are dying to hear from me, right?!) My apartment doesn’t have any WiFi yet – it’s been a pain in the butt to figure it out and turns out my host mom has to get a new modem/router, which will hopefully solve the problem. I’ll get internet hopefully in the next week or so. Honestly though, I don’t hate it one bit. I don’t really have the time to waste on the internet, anyway.

Hokayy! So what the hell have I been up to, you ask? I last left you guys in Paris, the city of Love. Der. I didn’t want to waste the time while I was in Paris uploading pictures, so that is still on my to-do list. Don’t worry, I won’t forget.. they’re some pretty flame pictures in my humble opinion. For those of you who are just learning about my travels now, I’ll give you  a run down of the nonsense that ensued in Paris:

Monday, September 3rd: Arrive in the lovely city! I got to the airport around 7:30 am, and went to the hotel and did some bonding with my new friends. Left the hotel at 4:45pm to go on the Bateau Mouche for a tour on the Seine River. At night, went out with some people from my group and got my buzzbuzz on. When in France!

Tuesday, September 4th: Breakfast early, left the hotel at 9:00am for Versailles. Had lunch there and then made moves to Musee d’Orsay. From there me and two others made a long ass hike back to the hotel where we promptly became lazy lards for like 30 minutes before leaving for a welcome dinner with the rest of my group for some team bonding and learning the manners of France. The food was of course delicious: appetizers were lentils, chopped caprese salad, duck with mashed potato and vinaigrette salad and with dessert being a fantabulous chocolate cake that basically was fudge. I was also brave enough to try French café, so from then on I was flying on that caffeine buzz. After dinner me and about 4 others went bar hopping to see some of the night life in Paris. Buzzbuzz 😉

Wednesday, September 5th: 9:00am left the hotel and went to Notre Dame Cathedral where we walked up 400 steps to the top! It was awesome and I took a picture of the bell that Quasi himself chilled on. I was obviously pumped – again, stay tuned for pictures – the gargoyles were something else, let me tell you. After the Cathedral we went to Sainte Chapelle, a church that is famous for its beautiful stained glass windows. Some typical sightseeing, you know. At 2:00pm we went for lunch and visited the Louvre Museum. This place is HUGE. I went in high school and totally forgot just how gigantic it was. We took a guided tour then branched off on our own – Evelyn, Greg, Ellisa and I checked out Napoleons apartments and some nice paintings and such and then Greg parted ways and the three girls went to the Champs d’Elysee to experience its glamour. Evelyn and Ellisa made some purchases, but I’m saving my money for travel and food. Life choices. Afterwards we made our way home, Evelyn racked out for about an hour and then I went down in the lobby to meet up with some kids from my group to go out on the town. Heather kind of got us lost at first, and we walked the slightly ghetto streets of Paris outside the red light district, but power is indeed in numbers (not that we had any problems, mind you). I took a picture in front of the Moulin Rouge (throwback to high school where I got drunk off champagne with my teachers and tried speaking French to a native Parisian… she loved me) and we went to a Pub/club right next door to the infamous joint. It was a good time and I got to drunkenly bond with about 8 members of my group – all of which are awesomeeee. I worked my girlish charm and only had to buy one beer (chyeahh) but some dudes from Arizona and London convinced Ellisa and I to take a shot of Komakazi and I think they regretted the decision when I almost puked it back up on them. Hard alcohol and I are just not friends; biere and vin all the way for me. Unfortunately, we ended up missing the metro back to our hotel so me and three other girls – Emily, Ellisa and Maddie — went in a taxi (the boys had us go first in good gentleman fashion) and made the cab drivers night when we jammed out hard to American music. Woo! Then I promptly passed out in my cozy bed.

Thursday, September 6th: Once again a 9:00am meet-up time. I woke up looking wonderful in my post-beer state (Evelyn was still drunk, haha) and was the first person to have my suitcase downstairs. The elevator at Hotel Minerve was beyond small, and my bags are heavy and we stayed on the 4th floor, so there was no way I was wasting any time. Great success. At 9:30 we left for the Eiffel Tower. I was a veteran at this too, but it still didn’t amaze me any less. The one difference though: we walked. Yeah. 668 stairs, bitches. My calves are going to be made of steel by the end of the semester, I swear. The climb wasn’t that bad, and the view from the top was sweet. Don’t worry – I videoed the climb and took pictures, which will be posted in due time. After the Eiffel Tower, Emily, Nina and I took the tram back to a farmers market with some vendors by the hotel. I bought myself a scarf:

and then we went for a fantastic lunch. Emily and I both ordered a salad that had apple slices, walnuts, warm goat cheese on toast and pan-seared duck. It was so delicious – once again, see the picture for some mouth-watering proof.

Nomnomnom. Post-lunch we went into a boulangerie-patisserie, which is a bakery/pastry shop. The picture below does not do this thing justice – it was a chocolate mousse dome with crème-brulee on the inside and a cookie thing underneath. Annnd it was only like 2.40 euro! In Paris, that’s pretty darn cheap.

*mouth waters*

Just be jealous

From there we made it back to the hotel with a few minutes to spare and then it was en route to GRENOBLE (!!!!!!). The train ride was 3 hours of fun – Greg, Richard, Heather and I were at a table (we had first class seats, duh) and we played some card games and just did general team bonding. The ride flew by, and soon enough we were at the train station and getting introduced to our host families. Eep! I live with my host mom in an apartment right in the city center of Grenoble. It’s a small apartment but my host mom (Madeleine) owns an antique shop so it’s immaculately decorated and I have my own giant room with a huge balcony. Basically I love it. Madeleine is so sweet – she doesn’t’ speak any English so it’s doing wonders for my French. I actually haven’t had any problems communicating with her, and she helps me out whenever I snag a little bit with my French. She works 6 days a week so it’s kind of like having a roommate – who also happens to set up my breakfast (once again, pic below), cook me amazing dinners, and do my laundry.

She even made my bed this morning because I kind of forgot. Woops. She’s so nice though and there isn’t too many lags in conversation, so I’m totally content. The first night we had dinner together, chatted a little, and then I unpacked and passed out pretty freaking quickly. Mission accomplished.

Friday, September 7th: I woke up to a cute breakfast laid out for me, which was a great start to the day. Madeleine came back home after an appointment at 9:00am to take me to the Maison du Tourisme where I met up with the rest of my group and my two resident directors. From there Madeleine went to work and Anna and Marie took us on a tour of Grenoble. I LOVE THIS CITY. The people are way nicer than in Paris, stuff is cheaper, the buildings are beautiful and old and there are fountains everywhere. I kind of am obsessed. There’s this place called La Halle which is pretty much a farmers market that is open everyday except Sunday until 1am where you can find anything and everything fresh under the sun. There were even whole, skinned rabbits. My friend Ian loves to cook so we’re going to definitely be hitting that place up in the future for some cooking supplies. The tourism office is super helpful, too – they have events and information about everyething you could imagine, and there’s a place across the street where you can buy train tickets, so I have a feeling I will be going there frequently. After the tour of Grenoble we went to our campus, CUEF which is so cute with a lot of greenery where I will be definitely spending some time during the week. There are tennis courts and stuff, too, and posters everywhere that are already advertising for a dubstep concert, chyeahhh! We saw the API office, too, and did some more orientation stuff. The usual. Afterwards, I hung out with some kids and went to the Monoprix, which is basically a European Wal-Mart to get some nail polish remover, then went home to take a nap before dinner with Madeleine. Oh – the first night we had salad, yummy ham slices, and some famous Grenoble dish that was a hybrid between scalloped potatoes and a fancy omelet. This night, she made tomato salad, chicken and ratatouille. YUM. After dinner, I met up with Max and Maddie and we made our way to Heather’s house (she lives in Grenoble with her French boyfriend, living the dream) to pre-game. I bought a 4.95 euro bottle of wine and we had a power hour, so buzzbuzz. After the group (there was about 10 of us) was significantly tipsy, myself, Ian, Richard, Max, Maddie, Emily, Carl and Nina went out in search of the telegraphique which are little balls that are similar to ski-lifts that take you to the top of the Bastille on the alps. There was a free concert going on and we were pretty determined to go Unfortunately, we were all slightly drunk and new to the city so we didn’t get to the lift until 11:45, where the jerkface workers told us they weren’t letting anyone else on. Never fear, though! Instead we went to the Notre Dame square into a pub and drank some more. I had a pint of Carlsberg beer (the cheapest), and Nina started to yammer away in French so I followed suit. Time passed in that way that it always does when alcohol is involved, and soon enough it was 1:00am and the bar was closing. BOO. So we all left and made our way back to our houses. Nina peed in the street… fail, but funny. I think I made it back to my apartment at 1:30am and thus ends my second night in Grenoble.

Saturday, September 8th: AKA today (but not really anymore because I’m uploading this on Sunday), but I’m writing this before bed and without internet, you won’t see this until tomorrow. So yeah. I woke up at 10:00am to the same cute breakfast set up, got ready and made my way to the Victor Hugo Park by 11. Once there, I posted up in my hammock, answered some e-mails and started hula hooping. Apparently hammocks and hula hoops are few and far between in France, so I got a lot of double takes, smiles and thumbs-up.  I don’t hate it. Within an hour Maddie and Max found me (it was a pre-determined meet-up) and I tried to teach them to hula hoop. Wasn’t quite a success, but fun nonetheless. Soon after, Nina, Richard and Emily found us and we lamped around for a little and then went in search of some cheap lunch. I had a ciabata that I think was ground sausage with peppers and mozzarella cheese. For not being a fan of sausage, it was delicious. While abroad though, I’ve decided to try everything offered to me and I realized I like ground sausage and orange juice. Win! Then we just went and explored Grenoble a bunch and hung out on a bridge that overlooks the river and we were surrounded by the alps and it was just breathtaking. Side Note: Grenoble is the flattest city in France, and is surrounded by the French alps, making for a view that is beyond amazing. Then we passed by a gelato shop and I had my first French gelato of the semester. I had chocolate in a cone and I was not let down.My goal is to try all the flavors. Once I was done stuffing my face we made moves to find a store that sold a soccer ball for Max. En route though, we passed by Victor Hugo again and I opted to set up my hammock and wait for my friends there. They came back about 20 minutes later and in the meantime I witnessed about 30 drunk college students have wheelbarrow races in the parks fountain and then proceed to perform choreographed dances whilst singing. Never a dull moment. It was hot as hell though and we all started to crash, so I went home to take a nap before dinner. Around 8:00pm Madeleine came home and we tried to figure out the WiFi to no avail. Then we had potatoes, salad and some cheesy egg vegetable concoction with bread and fresh cheese for dinner. Tres tasty. Once dinner was over I threw on some shoes and met Preston, Max, Emily and Maddie at Victor Hugo to go out for the night. We ended up at a bar called L’autre Table (I think) were I had a pint of some beer I forget the same of. Our server was a jerk so he got no tip and we stayed extra long to prove a point. After a while though we were all exhausted and so we all walked back to our houses. And yeah, now here I am! It’s now about 1:30am though so I’m going to hit the hay. Until tomorrow! xox Bisoux

Sunday (aka today) September 9th: I had plans to wake up around 9:00am today but turns out I never set my alarm so I naturally woke up around 10:30am. Woops. Thankfully I had nothing to do though, c’est la vie. =) I putzed around and had some breakfast until Madeleine got back around 11:00, and then once she was ready we made some moves to seize the day. She drove us to her friends house in the mountains of Grenoble and OH MY GOSH IT WAS STUNNING. I was kicking myself because I didn’t bring my camera, but hopefully I’ll make it up there again before my stay is up. I was introduced to her friends, and got some more French practice in, huzzah! There was a 5 year old boy who didn’t really understand the fact that he had to speak to me slowly in order for me to understand completely, so at one point he asked me why I wasn’t answering his questions perfectly. It made me laugh. After a completely amazing lunch of tomato mozzarella salad, pork, chicken, cheese/bread platter and then a praline/strawberry tart, I took a nap in the sunshine by their pond with a spectacular view, and then Madeleine and I went on a hike through the mountain forests. No need to explain how amazing it was. Afterwards I chilled around more with her friends, and then went home to lamp until dinner. I got some Game Of Thrones in (I’m so close to the end!!!) and now I’m here at Victor Hugo park once again utilizing the free WiFi. It’s a little passed 10:00pm though and I have my placement exam at 8:30 tomorrow morning, so I’m officially calling it a night. I tried uploading some pictures just now but the internet is slow as shit and my efforts were to no avail, but I promise you they will come eventually.

Stay awesome, friends =)