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Raw Bob’s is Gettin’ Famous


Folks –

Below is a video featuring my lovely town of residence, East Greenwich. As you may know, I work part-time at a local, AMAZING juice bar in town, called Raw Bob’s. Since we kick ass there, we were featured in the episode, and I wanted you all to be able to check it out. Of course I encourage you to watch the episode in its entirety, but if you fast forward to 15 minutes it, I won’t judge.


Juice Cleanse (Round 2)


Hello Love Bugs.

A few days ago, I finished my second ever juice cleanse.

I did my flagship cleanse (read the original blog post with tips included here) in April of 2014 and I can’t say it was enjoyable… this one wasn’t much different, though I think it may have been more tolerable. I think I have gotten even healthier in the past year (go me!). But I mean, it was three days with minimal food = not my idea of a party.

It did the trick, however. I feel fantastic and I dropped 8 pounds in 3 days, which is even better than last year. I figured I would give you a play-by-play of my three days in case you were feeling brave. I made everything myself – including the pudding and soup – so if you desire any recipes, let this lady know! Maybe I’ll post them at some point on my own in the future.

09:00 – two hard boiled eggs, hot earl grey tea with 1/2 lemon
09:30 – water with chia seeds
11:00 – 8 oz juice (dandelion, lemon, ginger, turmeric, celery, green apple)
13:20 – 16 oz juice (celery, cucumber, cilantro, parsley, ginger, lemon, cayenne)
14:30 – one medium red apple with 2 T peanut butter
17:45 – 16 oz juice (cayenne, lemon, lime, beet greens, ginger, cucumber, grapefruit)
19:30 – pint of detox soup
20:45 – 16 oz juice (beet, kale, cayenne, lemon, ginger)

09:00 – one hard boiled egg
09:15 – 16 oz juice (grapefruit)
13:00 – 16 oz juice (kale, cucumber, parsley, lime, cayenne, red apple)
14:30 – 4 oz sprouted seeds and nuts
17:45 – 16 oz juice (cabbage, celery, ginger, jicama, carrot greens)
19:30 – pint of detox soup
21:30 – 2 oz juice (lemon, ginger, kale, cayenne, carrot, garlic)

08:30 – 1/2 cup quinoa, plain
09:30 – 16 oz juice (tomato, dandelion, cayenne, parsley, basil, celery, lime)
11:45 – 4 oz chia pudding
13:00 – small coffee with coconut oil
16:00 –  3 0z wheat grass shot with ginger
16:30 – 16 oz juice (lemon, ginger, kale, cayenne, garlic, carrot, jalapeno)
21:00 – pint of detox soup

Notice that I didn’t only drink juices for three days straight; I added some healthy foods and snacks in there as well. Of course, you can totally only drink juices during a cleanse, but it would just be too torturous for me. Plus, my juices are intense enough a little food is probably a saving grace.

That’s it for me tonight! My sister and mom expressed interest in cleansing in the near future, too, so I’ll let you know how they wind up doing. Stay awesome my friends.


When The Going Gets Tough
by Katrina Kenison

When the going gets tough may I resist my first impulse to wade in, fix, explain, resolve, and restore.

May I sit down instead.

When the going gets tough may I be quiet.

May I steep for a while in stillness.

When the going gets tough may I have faith that things are unfolding as they are meant to.

May I remember that my life is what it is, not what I ask for.

May I find the strength to bear it, the grace to accept it, the faith to embrace it.

When the going gets tough may I practice with what I’m given, rather than wish for something else.

When the going gets tough may I assume nothing.

May I not take it personally.

May I opt for trust over doubt, compassion over suspicion, vulnerability over vengeance.

When the going gets tough may I open my heart before I open my mouth.

When the going gets tough may I be the first to apologize.

May I leave it at that.

May I bend with all my being toward forgiveness.

When the going gets tough may I look for a door to step through rather than a wall to hide behind.

When the going gets tough may I turn my gaze up to the sky above my head, rather than down to the mess at my feet.

May I count my blessings.

When the going gets tough may I pause, reach out a hand, and make the way easier for someone else.

When the going gets tough may I remember that I’m not alone.

May I be kind.

When the going gets tough may I choose love over fear. Every time.


Just Dropping In…


Hi Friends.

Life is good. I hope it’s good on your end, too. It’s sort of been a while, but since I’ve been away… I got into my Masters/PhD Program! It’s Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, and I’m excited. I want to try and work with renewable energy, especially solar power. If anyone knows anyone involved in this line of work in any way, shape, or form… introduce me! I want to learn it all. Classes start soon and then the real work begins.

I finished all my summer classes up with straight A’s, so that was cool. I’ve also been reading a lot, so check my books section for updates there. Working a lot too, but since I won’t be doing much of the money making during the school year, I embrace it. Plus I get to drink juice 🙂 I’ve also begun volunteering at a bookstore near campus and that’s awesome. I want to start building up their social media presence so stay tuned for me promoting that!

Max and I have also been spending our free summer hours climbing. The other weekend we traveled to Maryland for an outdoor excursion and checked out a different indoor climbing gym. He’s starting to like to travel, success! Stay tuned for pictures someday in the future.

… and that’s how my summer has been going. I’m happy and I’m tan – I’ve been managing to sneak in about one beach day a week thanks to our new beach house, which is probably a new record for me and I really enjoy it. Today, Max and I spent the day on Block Island driving a moped around the island. Local Rhode Islanders: I highly recommend you try this. I’ll try and post those pictures when I post the Maryland photos. I am currently super duper exhausted so I’m going to hit the hay, but I thought I would touch base while I had a free evening.

Stay lovely.