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Hey Everyone!

Here’s something LAME that happened to me yesterday. I was cutting some oranges up at work and all of a sudden wham!, I snagged my poor left ring finger. It was/is pretty bad… 7 stitches on that bad boy. Now I’m all bandaged up and handicapped – it’s not cool. Especially because I lose out on some climbing time!! My middle and ring fingers are the most important ones in climbing, and they have to hold all my body weight at times, so that really really stinks. It’s going to need to be rehabilitated too since now it will be weaker than all the others. Ugh. However, it was pretty cool to watch it get stitched up. I have pictures if anyone is interested! Hehe.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I did wind up going on a hula hoop ordering binge the other night, and one came in today!! It’s so pretty. Thank you so much, Hippie Chic! The hoop size is 36″, and the pipe size is 3/4″ with 160 psi. Eeeeeee! At least I can still hoop with my busted finger, so I won’t go entirely stir crazy.

Silver & Black Hoop
I’m in the midst of writing another nice informational article for all of my lovely health nuts out there. Well, I’m in the research process (I mean business, you know!), but I should hopefully fine tune it within the next few days!

As always, x’s and o’s.

I’ll Be Hoopin’ For Days


Hey Doves —

I have to get back to work, but I thought I would share this article with you. Most of this stuff you probably already know, but reiterating things never hurt! X’s and O’s.


Let’s Run This!


What’s up pretty people?!
I just got back from getting a haircut by my lovely sister, Brenna… feeling pretty funky fresh! She even styled it for me – if any of you are Rhode Islanders, you should totally go get your hair done by her! She’s trying to get a foothold in the salon business, so anything helps! My grandmother (Barbara) and aunt/godmother (Gina) also work there, so any beauty needs you have, that trifecta can do it! Click here for the website.Haircut

Anyway, I picked up this magazine at a rock gym in Florida that I thought was a climbing magazine, but it turns out that it’s a running magazine. Fail.
I’m not exactly a big runner – and I kind of hate long distance – but I try to do it every so often, and this magazine has some good tips that I thought would be useful to share with the general public. So, here you go!

A common mistake that athletes often make is lack of periodization – meaning that they will tend to prepare for one race, take a break from running altogether after finishing said race, then begin preparing for another.

The correct way to do it is for each period of training to have overlapping elements like speed work, threshold work and longer tempo efforts with varied focuses on mileage, strength, pace and long runs.
For example, have a period of higher volume runs with a focus on cumulative strength, or have a mileage – a good long run – and then a faster workout each week. Any variation is better than falling into the trend of training hard, taking several months off post-race, then jumping back into a race training routine again.

If you actually think on it, that’s just not beneficial for your body to train it hard, do nothing, then work it hard again. Much better to stay consistent… Your body will thank you.

Another thing this article touches upon is to be wary of group workouts. Yes, working out with friends is nice and helps you stay motivated, but just keep in mind that you may have different goals, so sometimes branching off is more beneficial.

It is also important to not lose focus on speed training, regardless of what type of race you are training for; try training faster than your race goal pace.
You don’t necessarily have to go all out and sprint, but speed work is very beneficial because it develops a full complement of muscle fibers, helps maximize the efficiency of your slower pace, and helps your nervous system fire up. Try incorporating one faster workout every two weeks to improve power and speed, like 100-meter strides or short hill repeats – totally manageable! I’ll do it too to help you get your bootys in gear, and I’ll even try to get Max to film it. It will be humorous.

Don’t understand the lingo I just used? No worries, here’s a break down:
100-Meter Strides mean that you accelerate for 20 meters on flat terrain, holding close to your top speed for the next 60 meters, then decelerate over the final 20 meters. Do 6-10 repetitions with roughly 60 seconds of rest in between. Start off once every other week, but make it your goal to do these twice a week after an easy run. You’ll be awesome!
Hill Repeats should also start out once every other week, but work up to once a week after an easy run. For these, run 20-second repetitions uphill at a hard effort on a moderately steep grade. Start with 2 repetitions the first time, then add one rep a week over the course of 10 weeks.

On a different note, these are some tasty treats that my mom picked up at the store a little while back. I highly recommend trying them out, it’s a great way to incorporate all those beneficial ingredients in your diet! It includes cacao, almonds, raisins, blueberries and coconut – all of which do countless good things for your lovely body!

Well, I’ve got to go get ready for work. Have a beautiful day, my cherry blossoms! Think Spring!