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Beep Bop Booop


My loves –

I am so sorry for my lack of posting these past few weeks. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you!

As you may know, I have been helping found and manage a new juice bar business in Garden City, Cranston (located in my lovely state of Rhode Island). It has been a whirlwind! I’m working incredibly long days, and by the time I get home at night, all I have the energy to do is eat and sleep. Boo. Things should hopefully be settling down soon, and I will once again be able to (hopefully) enlighten your lives.

Stay as awesome as you already are!

Yours Truly
In the meantime, I’ll be sending all my lovin’ to you.

My Apologies…


Hello, beautiful dearies. I would like to start off saying that I’m sorry I’ve been such a terrible, awful blogger this past year. I had a lot going on, you know… with the whole graduating college and starting my big girl adult life (kind of). As a quick re-cap:

– I graduated with two degrees; one in English and another in European Studies from the University of Vermont in May 2013.

– Before I even graduated, I was hired by a local RI business called “The Newport Dinner Train” to head and basically manage an entire new subsidiary of the company, called “The Ice Cream Train”. Let me just tell you… I KILLED IT. Ask me for more details if you are interested, and you should totally google it or something, we got press like it was nobody’s business. However, it was seasonal and only ran from June until September, but we’ve got a strong second season in our sites.

– While managing the Ice Cream Train, my boss was so pleased that he made me the Social Media and Marketing Manager for the entire company, and I received yet another promotion in September to be “The Polar Express” Manager, another subsidiary of the business, which ran in November and December. I had a grand time learning the ropes and managing a small company, and I am so grateful for the opportunities that were given to me. I worked a crap ton and definitely had chunks of extreme exhaustion, but I’m young so this is the time to do it!

– Since the train is a seasonal business, I had to find something from January – March to fill my time and my pockets (darn student loans), so at the end of August while I was scouring the depths of Craigslist, I found an ad and was hired to be a Mixologist at a local juice bar in my home town called “Raw Bobs”. Let me tell you, balancing both jobs and working 55+ hours a week wasn’t my idea of a blast, but I LOVE the juice bar. Seriously, I’m obsessed. So much so that I have now made it my goal and dream to open up my own someday, but more on that to come. Raw Bobs is a very new business (we opened in May), so it’s been an immense pleasure being able to be a large part (I’m one of 5 employees, owner included) of a company that has huge plans and aspirations to help people “eat real and be well”. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my boss really likes me – she’s an amazing woman –  and I am basically the organizer of the whole shop *yeah mild OCD skills*! We’ll see where this takes me!

– Anyway, now I’m getting into a winter groove; because there is no train and the juice bar isn’t hopping too much in the winter (though we are getting busier by the day thanks to being featured on the cover of RI Local for the January issue), I’ve got time on my hands that I haven’t had since my last semester of college – oh the good ole days where I only had one class….

– So what to do with this thing called free time?! First, I want to get back into blogging. I also want to start changing what I write about a teensy bit, mostly because I want to start a blog for Raw Bobs sometime soon, so I need to start incorporating healthy living sturffff into my posts, so stay tuned for those. Up until two weeks ago, I wasn’t so bored because Max was on break, but now that he has classes again I have to entertain myself, and you guys too… duh.

– Once I moved back home in May I started becoming a regular at Gold’s Gym (5 or 6 days a week, bitches)… I’m getting buff! Well, maybe not buff because I don’t particularly want to look like a man, but I’m getting to be pretty toned and there’s a solid four pack in my abdominal region, and hopefully it’ll be a six-er soon, but I won’t show off until then! Max lifts weights so he’s helped me get some good exercises in (I’ll share those too in the future), and I’m a quick study so it’s really paying off. I feel good, really good. All of you out there should definitely get on this band wagon, it’s so worth it. I can now leg press 230lbs for 10 consistent reps 😀 Not bad for a chick that weighs 130!

– Another hobby that Max and I have picked up as of 3 weeks ago is Rock Climbing. IT’S SO FUN OMG. We go to this place called “The Rock Spot” a few towns over, and I just recently bought a membership there. Obviously, I’m no Dan Osman by any means, but it’s a fantastic workout and just a freaking bundle of fun. Get at me if you have any questions or are interested, I’ll show you the ropes (pun intended). I’ll start posting videos and tips on this hobby too once I get a little more experienced. If any of you have any pointers, I’m all ears!

– Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to this past year. School/Work – Graduation – WorkWorkWork – Here I Am Now. I haven’t been traveling as much as my little heart desires because of the fact that I was working more than full-time – gotta make that dough, doe –  but I was able to make it to a day of Camp Bisco over the summer, and I spent a few days (6) in NYC with Max visiting my beautiful amazing friend Aly (she lives in Brooklyn) to go to the Disco Biscuits New Years Eve NYC Run!!! Max and I went to three shows, the 28th, 29th and 31st, and they absolutely KILLED it. I have to steal the videos from Max because my phone camera is awful, but once I do I will share the love with all of you awesome peeps. Aly’s birthday was the 30th so we partied for that, and other than that we just enjoyed the city and the company of friends. It was a nice hiatus after killing myself working The Polar Express. 

– Other than NYC, I just came back on Tuesday night from visiting yet another beautiful amazing friend, Sarah, in Syracuse, NY for a quick 4 days. We basically were lamps since Syracuse is an arctic tundra, but we went to this awesome place called Tinker Falls and I put my climbing skills to good use by climbing up the ice and snow to get under the frozen waterfall. IT WAS AWESOME. Check out the pics below, courtesy of Sarah.


From a far away glance


After making the treacherous climb to beneath the frozen waterfall!


My spirit animal (Unicorn) thanks to a giant icicle.

So there you have it! That’s my life in a quick nutshell. I promise I’ll be way way better at blogging in days/weeks/months to come, so stay tuned, I’m planning on doing big things and you guys can come along and follow me on the journey. 😉 Keep being awesome!

Holy Cannoli


Good eveningg!
First off, I wanted to say how awesome it was (hence the title) to see how many people peeped my Electric Forest photos from my last post – it was something like 280 views in a day. Huzzah. That’s a shitton more than usual and I’m pretty souped about it. I think I gained another follower or so too, which is always a bonus. I like knowing there are eyeballs out there who like glancing over mah wordsz.

Today was my one day off until next Sunday. Boosauce. I must say; this whole working thing can be quite the drag sometimes… especially since two of my entire days are dedicated to free work. Internships are cool and all, but come on! We’re broke college students; we should at least be paid in large quantities of food or useful things like recorders or toothpaste. Roh well… c’est la vie.

On a very important side note: MY HULA HOOP CAME IN! It’s a biggie alright, but I’m pretty in love with it. We don’t quite see 100% eye-to-eye yet concerning the over-the-head trick, but the relationship is still young. I have faith. So yeah, here’s a picture of the beast (note: my newly dark hair… although in a raggedy state). The faded looking yellow tape glows in the dark, my name is on the side aaaand it has noise makers inside of it! All the bells and whistles. Eeee! Now I think I’ve begun a hula hopping addiction or something, because now I desperately want a LED one where I choose the colors and someone solders them together for me. I proposed the idea to the boyfriend and now he’d determined to teach me himself so I can do it myself. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be a skilled solderer. If anyone has any tips, feel free to enlighten me!

Back on topic… my day off was pretty superb. This weekend was bumping in Rhode Island! This weekend (tomorrow as well) is the Ocean State Tall Ships Festival, where

The historic Newport waterfront will be filled with sails and sailors from 14 Tall Ships®. Climb aboard over a dozen majestic vessels from the era when tall ships ruled the seas.  This interactive, educational family-friendly event also features exhibits, food and family entertainment.

I personally have never been to this before… and I slap my own wrist for that wrongdoing. Thankfully though, I am from the Ocean State and a lot of life ahead of me, so there is still time. I didn’t waste the free day though! Max and I went to the Wickford Art Festival; another Rhode Island gem that has become increasingly more popular. The artists there were phenomenal, and I will have a ton of new artsy things to show you guys when I get some more free time. I swear, I could make a hat out of all the business cards I picked up today. You guys are going to love all the cool stuff. Unfortunately the festival was only this weekend, but you can live vicariously through me. It was a day like today though that made me a little bummed that I a) don’t have my own home to decorate and b) have no spending money because it all is being saved for Europe. Oh well — someday!

The other interesting thing I did today (there was a lot of napping and lamping involved, as well as a boat load of eating) was go to the movies with the boyfriend and see Ted. Now, I’m going to put the preview below in case someone is living under a rock (or is just too cool for television) but I must warn you: this is not an appropriate movie. It is raunchy beyond belief, but that just happens to be one of the branches of my humor, so I was cracking up the majority of the time. But yeah, so if you’re more of the ooshy-gooshy romantic type or don’t appreciate dirty humor, I would say refrain from watching the preview. If that’s up your alley, get your butt to the movies! It’s a riot, I promise you.

Well, I think I’ve just about run out of steam, folks. My laundry is successfully in the dryer, so my work clothes will be ready for tomorrow (oh joy, oh rapture), and my eyes are steadily closing on me with each passing moment. I realize that I have a lot of things I still need to blog about for y’all, so for my own sake, as well as for yours, I am jotting down a quick list of the things I plan on talking about the next time I have a few hours to myself… which is pretty much never…

~ Austria
~ Belgium
~ Electric Forest Videos / Line-up
~ Wickford Festival Artists
~ Game of Thrones (I finally finished the first book and am dying to blab on and on about it. Hopefully some of you have read the book and will be able to relate)
~ My new life’s plan. Stay tuned for this one. It’s intense… and just, yeah.

Night daaaahhhlings. Hope your weekend was bright and sunny just like the weather! Onward to a new week of summer.

The Weary Traveler Has Returned


Hey Guys!
So, I just came back from one of the best and monumental weeks of my life. Also, I just glanced at my blog and realized I haven’t been in touch with you sproutlings since June 12th… ruh roh. I’ll try and see what on earth I have been up to since then…

From the 12th to the 19th life was pretty average I think. I went to a concert in Providence on the 15th with my sisters and the boyfriend; it was a band called Delta Spirit.

They were pretty good and it was beautiful out. Can’t really argue with good company and good music. Afterwards we went to one of the multiple hookah bars in Providence and made a baby dent in my pocket… stupid drinks! I went into Boston for DIG on the 19th but then the peak of my cold finally caught me and I needed to take Wednesday off to sleep and recuperate. Fun times.

After my sole day off, it was nose to the grindstone: work, work, work! The 21st-23rd was a huuuge Round Robin golf tournament at the Country Club, so I practically lived there those three days. To top it all off, I landed (and started on those days) a new job, guys! It’s a part-time nanny-ing position, and I really really like it. It’s for two kids who have a pool and a dog and great personalities; can’t really ask for too much more. The best part is that the hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings, so I get the majority of my salary for the week within a three day window. I’m so happy about it. On the downside though, I only get to work at WCC on rare occasions… oh well, gotta make that skrilla for Europe!

So yeah. Saturday was my last day of work until I bounced out of Rhode Island, and it also happened to be the day of my sisters Graduation Party. Sadly I only could spend two hours there because it was between my two jobs, but I at least got to mange face and taste some sangria, ayeayeaye!

My entire Monday (and most of Sunday, when I wasn’t with the boyfriend) was spent getting my ducks in a row for the road trip and my study abroad nonsense. All I have left to do now is re-send a copy of my passport photo (apparently the French don’t like it when you smile in ID photos, so I have to re-take it. Lamesauce) and then I am ready to rock and roll! Of course I still have my Visa appointment, but that’s all scheduled and ready to roll. Eeeeek, it’s getting kind of close; under two months!

Then came Tuesday, the day of departure. I picked Sarah up at her house at the lovely hour of 4:30 am… ick. We ended up hitting the road at 5:00, and thus began our road trip to Electric Forest!!!! Seriously guys, best.fest.ever. but more of that later. Here’s a quick itinerary of our travels, sans details.

Tuesday: Travel from East Greenwich, Rhode Island to Folly’s End Campground in Girard, Pennsylvania. Approx. 8 hours
Wednesday: Travel from Girard, Pennsylvania to Rothbury, Michigan for Electric Forest. Approx. 9 hours
* We arrived at the festival grounds at about 8:30. They said they were going to let us in at 9, but boy was that a lie. We didn’t end up getting our cars checked and pitching our tent in the actual campsite until 1:45 am. Not that we really cared though; it gave us ample amounts of time to bond with our fellow Rhode Island neighbors, get a wittle crunk, and practice hula hooping. Huzzah!
Thursday: Electric Forest Fun
Friday: Electric Forest Fun
Saturday: Electric Forest Fun
Sunday: Electric Forest Fun
Monday: Travel from Rothbury, Michigan to Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Approx. 7 hours
Tuesday: Travel from Chagrin Falls, Ohio to East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Approx 11 hours

So there you have it: The Reader’s Digest version. I am telling myself that I need to make one of my signature collages with all festival paraphenalia, and that is when I will post up here the concerts we went to with some music recommendations and videos and stuff. For today, I’m just going to post the pictures that I took. In order for me to get videos up here, I need to upload them to youtube first and I just don’t have the energy.

Why I don’t have energy, you may ask? Well let me tell you… traveling is exhausting. I know I shouldn’t complain because it was a completely amazing and fantabulous time, but driving for that many hours straight is beyond tiring. We got back around 8 pm on the 3rd, and both Sarah and I had to work on the 4th because the club puts on a crazy fireworks show. The labor itself wasn’t super intensive, I was a waitress and taking cocktail orders most of the time… but we had to work from 11:30 am – 10:30 pm; an 11 hour day after crazy travel is enough to stretch anyone too thin.

Despite my exhaustion, I dragged myself out of bed today for a 10:15 am hair appointment! You have no idea how excited I was… I haven’t gotten a proper haircut since Vermont, and my hair was in dire need of some TLC. I got my bangs re-trimmed so their looking sharp, and my hair is daaark. Like, black with a navy blue tint kind of dark. I really like it, but it takes some getting used to. My hair is generally really dark, but never raven status. I like it. Stay tuned for a picture so I can show you all my new do =). Anyway, after my hair appointment Max decided to be cute and awesome and took me out to lunch in Wickford. We went to the Beach Rose Cafe, and the food was scrumptious. I got a pastrami sandwich and Max ordered a smoked Gouda sandwich. Then of course we had to have The Inside Scoop for dessert. Someone up there was liking me today because originally I was supposed to work from 3-12 watching the young-ins, but I got a call saying that I could take the day off, yippee! Max also managed to take the second half of the day off so after lunch I got to spend some time with the boy, which is always nice. Being the party animals we are, we napped for like 3 hours. Rock on! We did make a pretty fantastic frozen blueberry lemonade too, directions were easy-peasy lemon squeezy too:
Frozen Blueberry Lemonade
1 1/2 cups blueberries
1 cup lemonade
1/2 cup fresh mint leaves, plus more for serving
1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar

In a blender, puree the blueberries, lemonade, mint, confectioners’ sugar, and 3 cups ice until smooth.
Garnish with mint sprigs.

For Fresh Lemonade:

  • 4 cups of cold water
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • ½ cup of fresh lemon juice (4-6 lemons depending on size and juice content)
  • 1 lemon sliced

1. Pour hot water into a pitcher
2. Add sugar and stir until all granules are dissolved
3. Pour in cold water and lemon juice
4. Mix well
5. Toss in sliced lemon and place pitcher in fridge
6. Draaaank

And now, here I am. I don’t have work until 3 tomorrow so I’m pretty excited that I get to sleep in and take the day by storm. I’m going to put all the pictures up in the following post so be sure to cccccheckkkk them out. Plus, stay tuned for a picture of the new hair, a video of my new hula hooping skills (yes, hula hooping, and yes, I am getting pretty good) and the juicy details of Electric Forest when I find the time on my next day off.

Peace and love guys xxoo