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Nah, Honey, I’m Good.


Lovelies –

Watch this video. I’m currently infatuated with this song; it’s so damn cute – the concept and the video itself. I definitely have already rocked out hard dancing to this one.


Skinny Love


Lovelies –

I wanted to share with you a song; a song that I really, truly love, and I have for many years now. It’s had its moments where it makes me cry – though not always – yet it is just so powerfully beautiful that it has to be admired. It also makes me wish I was good at ballet.

The song is called “Skinny Love”; it was originally released in America from Bon Iver’s 2007 debut album called  For Emma, Forever Ago. It was written by Justin Vernon, who happens to be a genius and part of the folk band Bon Iver. Then, in 2011, an English musician called Birdy released a cover and made it extra famous. A few other covers have been released but in my opinion, the original is the best.

First, here’s the original music video by Bon Iver:

Yeah, it’s an “artsy” video; but remember, they’re a folk band.

There was a lot of speculation as to what the song meant, so while Pitchfork was interviewing Justin, they asked. Here’s the conversation:

Pitchfork: Christy once told me that she immediately knew “Skinny Love” was about her when you first sang it to her. It took you a while to mention people like Christy– and especially your ex Sara Emma Jensen– in public. What made you able to talk about it?

JV: I’m not afraid to talk about it, but how do you guarantee it’s accurate? To say that “Skinny Love” is about Christy would not be entirely accurate. We dated and she’s an incredibly important person that I lived with for a long time, but it’s about that time in a relationship that I was going through; you’re in a relationship because you need help, but that’s not necessarily why you should be in a relationship. And that’s skinny. It doesn’t have weight. Skinny love doesn’t have a chance because it’s not nourished.

While listening/watching the first video, you probably couldn’t pick up on all the words. To kill two birds with one stone, here is Birdy’s version (notice the pun??), so you can listen to it while seeing all the lyrics.

Finally, here are two more covers that have gained popularity. I personally love the Das Kapital cover, it’s got a little womp in it that’s fun. The Edward version has a crap ton of views, so the general public seems to enjoy that one.

Well… now that I’ve saturated your day with Skinny Love, enjoy the rest of it!

Unlikely Animal Friendships


Hi Friends!

Have any of you have seen this adorable Android commercial that’s been circulating? It features unlikely animal friendships. If you haven’t seen it, I did the work for you and posted it below. If you have seen it… well, watch it again! It’s short and puts a smile on your face. At least it did for me.

Also I had to share this one, too. We have a daschund at my house, and she is the queen of giving kisses. Maybe not to the king of the jungle, but…

Anyway, I’m off to get some rock climbing in while the day is still young. Spring is getting close, I reckon, so don’t lose hope. I know I haven’t been very good with blogging lately, either, but hopefully once the weather picks up my posts will, too. I have a few fun things going on this month so I will definitely have stuff to share!

Stay awesome, dears.


Halloween Hodgepodge


Bonjour Mes Amis,

How’s it hanging? I’m currently sitting at home waiting for an incredibly loooong work day to start (1-10:30ish). Ew. However, I’m almost finished with Mockingjay, the final book of The Hunger Games Trilogy, so that’s pretty exciting. Not that it was a particularly difficult read, but I’ve had it on my list for so long I was beginning to get nervous I wouldn’t finish it before the movie came out. Alas, it shall be done!

In the spirit of the impending Halloween holiday, I wanted to share this cool video dubbed “How To Make Jolly Rancher Vodka”. You know that after work tomorrow I am grabbing some candies and vodka and going to town. I’m not really that into drinking, but these could make some banging cocktails. This youtube account actually has some real Halloween themed videos, but I liked this one. Definitely check this guy out.

Speaking of Halloween, does anyone have any cool costumes lined up? I want to be a Game of Thrones character, but a) don’t know which one and b) have no idea where I will find the period costume… unless maybe I go back to King Richard’s Faire and blow a ton of money. Thoughts and advice are welcome!

Okay, so sticking with the Halloween theme, here are some absolutely awesome animal costumes. I won’t post all the pictures, so visit the original article here to see them all. I will definitely be stealing these ideas in the future.

Bat Kitty

Skeleton Horse Skeleton Horse

Classy Crab

Lion Cat


Fluffy, The Three-Headed Dog

Bat Cat

You’ve GOT to admit that those are all golden ideas. Of course, being a Harry Potter and overall nerd, I was partial to the themed costumes. If my horse would tolerate me painting him and parading him around, I would totally steal the skeleton horse idea.

Anyway, I should probably go finish getting ready for work now – boo. Have a great day everyone!

Gone Girl


Well, hello.

I don’t think I told you all, but I’m in a book club. Actually, I started the book club and convinced – well, it wasn’t convincing, they were just as eager as myself – two of my lovely reader friends to start it with me. We’re not accepting new members yet, but when we do… all will be welcome. As long as you know how to read and discuss, that is. Books on tape do not entirely count. Unless you’re blind. Sorry.

Anyway, I just finished our first assigned book: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
Excuse my french, but holy merde is that one effed up mother trucking book. People are NUTS. I truly want to believe that nothing like this has happened in real life, but that would be stupid of me to think. Worse things have happened and are probably happening right now. Good god, I hate humanity sometimes. You guys are cool though… at least I hope.

I don’t want to give too much away, so I’m not going to really discuss much detail. If you want to read this book and don’t want any teasers, don’t finish reading this post; just in case. If you want to see some in-depth discussion, I started a forum for our book club because I am a mega nerd, so if you’re really curious ask me for the url. I did, however, want to share a few lines that were particularly interesting to me. Or just quotes that I liked. Whatever. Despite this book being extremely dark and twisted, there were some good tidbits of love snuck in there. Here goes:

…And he’d say, ‘You are better than any storybook, you are better than anything anything could make up.’ Nick fastened me to the earth… Nick just wanted me to be happy, that’s all, very pure. Maybe I mistook that for laziness.

Now isn’t that sweet? Taken out of context, yes, yes it is. I liked the Nick fastened me to the earth bit though… I think that could be a good way to describe love. Normal love. This is not exactly normal love…

It took this awful situation for us to realize it. Nick and I fit together. I am a little too much, and he is a little too little. I am a thornbush, bristling from the overattention of my parents, and he is a man of a million little fatherly stab wounds, and my thorns fit perfectly into them.

NO. I’m sorry, but this is disturbing.

All this time I thought we were strangers, and it turned out we knew each other intuitively, in our bones, in our blood… It was kind of romantic. Catastrophically romantic.

Because you cant be as in love as we were and not have it invade your bone marrow. Out kind of love can go into remission, but it’s always waiting to return. Like the world’s sweetest cancer.

I’ll hold myself to him like a climbing, coiling vine until I have invaded every part of him and made him mine.

Creepy, eh? Ok, here’s a quote that is simply beautiful wording…

…stuck the tines of my fork in my bulbous egg yolk and swirled it, smearing the sun.

Finally, there was this doozy:

I was told love should be unconditional. That’s the rule, everyone says so. But if love has no boundaries, no limits, no conditions, why should anyone try to do the right thing ever? If I know I am loved no matter what, where is the challenge?.. It makes me think that everyone is very wrong, that love should have many conditions. Love should require both partners to be their very best at all times. Unconditional love is an undisciplined love, and as we all have seen, undisciplined love is disastrous.

That’s enough of me sharing quotes for the time being. I definitely would recommend reading Gone Girl if you have the chance, especially now since it will be a movie soon! If anyone wants to talk about it, you know where to electronically find me.

Before I go and watch this episode of Naked and Afraid (there’s a girl from Rhode Island on!!!!!!), I wanted to share a Bo Burnham video with all of you that a friend of mine showed me today. It was pretty ironic considering me just finishing Gone Girl.


Have a great night, everyone! Oh also, if anyone has any book recommendations… please share!!! 😀

Moon Party!


Hey loves!
Hope you’re all doing fantastically. I’m so glad it’s Friday – I finally have a day off tomorrow! I had last Saturday off too, both for climbing purposes. Stay tuned for pictures, I’m hoping I will get some. Eeeee.

In the meantime, take a gander at this video. I thought it was pretty comical, but then again I am a girl. Either way you should check it out.