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Baby Loves –

Have I mentioned I’m on freaking fire with this blogging stuff lately? My time management skills have been remarkable. I dig it. Currently, this is my form of a study/work break. We all win.

To piggyback off of that, I wanted to do a little talking about procrastination and how to best combat it. I’ve done some research, gathered my data and now I shall present. Economist problems. Anyway, here are some ways to deal with procrastination:

  1. Have A Plan B. This can be as simple as writing a to-do list of things that make you feel productive. So, instead of legitimately procrastinating, check off something on your to-do list. It can be as minor as you’d like, such as responding to some important e-mails you have been putting off, or making a grocery list. It’s the little things.
  2. Play. We all need breaks, but be careful not to take frequently lengthy ones, because then it becomes an escape instead of a break. I recommend signing up for lumosity or playing solitaire, as long as it is a game that promotes brain function.
  3. Experiment. If you find yourself becoming bored with a current project, try coming at it from a different angle. Sometimes all you need is a different perspective to get those gears turning.
  4. Smaller > Bigger. As I mentioned before, it’s the little things. Take bites out of life in sizable chunks and it is bound to feel less overwhelming.
  5. Calmness. Anxiety is one of those things that a LOT of people deal with on a regular basis. Try not to let it get to you. If you feel a potential attack coming on, take a step back, then a deep breath, and try again. If that’s not working, take a crack at meditation or yoga or some peaceful/easy listening music.
  6. Start in the Middle. In highschool, a lot of my friends always had issues with introductions and opening sentences. A recommendation teachers gave them was to start in the middle of the paper. For projects, I find this also works. If you don’t know where to start, well… don’t start at the beginning. Dive right in and the pieces of the puzzle will hopefully come together as you progress.
  7. End in the Middle. A little different from the above mentioned recommendation. Ernest Hemingway apparently used to end a writing session in the middle of a sentence, so he become more excited to pick up where he left off during the next session. I can’t say I’ve tried this before – usually I try to complete my thoughts – but now I’m going to give it a try.
  8. Read. I am always, always going to be an advocate for reading, regardless of the time or situation. If you find yourself stuck, read a piece of literature on the subject you are working on. It could inspire you or enrage you, both of which still get those juices flowing.

Personally, I’m a big list maker. I like the satisfaction of having a to-do list and checking off the tasks I complete. Sometimes, if I’m feeling really bummed or overwhelmed, the first thing on my list is “make to-do list”. TA-DA! Already got something checked off. It’s funny how somethings as little as that can change your mood.

Well…. I’ve got to jet. Literature on incentive design mechanisms are calling my name. The funny thing is, I actually really like this stuff, albeit being insanely time consuming. WEIRD. xoxox

Recycling Facts: Caps/Lids/Tops



I’m taking a quick break from the work grind to bring you some useful recycling information concerning container caps/lids/tops. Cheers!

Plastic Caps from Plastic Containers: These can be recycled as long as they are attached to their mother container. Includes peanut butter jars, water bottles, DD iced-coffee cups, yogurt containers.

Plastic Caps from Boxes: When I say boxes, I mean milk, juice, broth/stock. These little screw-off plastic caps can also be recycled as long as they are attached to their mother container.

Lonely, Orphaned Plastic Caps: Unfortunately, these need to be thrown out.

Metal Caps from Glass Jars: Can be recycled as long as they are separated from the jar. Included items are ball canning jars (both sections), jam, pasta sauce jars.

Metal Bottle Caps from Glass Bottles: They are too small to be recycled on their own, so people suggest placing them in an aluminum soup can until it is half full. Then, crimp the can top so the bottle caps can’t escape, then place can in recycling. These include items such as beer bottle caps, soda bottle caps, Snapple, wine bottles caps, olive oil bottle caps.

Metal Discs from Aluminum Cans: This metal piece can be recycled. Best method is to have it slightly hanging and folded down into the can, or place at bottom of can and give can a little pinch so it cannot escape.

Straws: Cannot be recycled – throw out.

Now, this information caters particularly to Rhode Island – so I would recommend checking out the specific rules in your home state. Also, please make sure that the container is completely void of food and drink before you place it in the recycling bin. It’s even more awesome if you rinse it in the sink beforehand, too.

Thanks, guys! Happy Recycling 🙂