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Recycling Facts: Caps/Lids/Tops



I’m taking a quick break from the work grind to bring you some useful recycling information concerning container caps/lids/tops. Cheers!

Plastic Caps from Plastic Containers: These can be recycled as long as they are attached to their mother container. Includes peanut butter jars, water bottles, DD iced-coffee cups, yogurt containers.

Plastic Caps from Boxes: When I say boxes, I mean milk, juice, broth/stock. These little screw-off plastic caps can also be recycled as long as they are attached to their mother container.

Lonely, Orphaned Plastic Caps: Unfortunately, these need to be thrown out.

Metal Caps from Glass Jars: Can be recycled as long as they are separated from the jar. Included items are ball canning jars (both sections), jam, pasta sauce jars.

Metal Bottle Caps from Glass Bottles: They are too small to be recycled on their own, so people suggest placing them in an aluminum soup can until it is half full. Then, crimp the can top so the bottle caps can’t escape, then place can in recycling. These include items such as beer bottle caps, soda bottle caps, Snapple, wine bottles caps, olive oil bottle caps.

Metal Discs from Aluminum Cans: This metal piece can be recycled. Best method is to have it slightly hanging and folded down into the can, or place at bottom of can and give can a little pinch so it cannot escape.

Straws: Cannot be recycled – throw out.

Now, this information caters particularly to Rhode Island – so I would recommend checking out the specific rules in your home state. Also, please make sure that the container is completely void of food and drink before you place it in the recycling bin. It’s even more awesome if you rinse it in the sink beforehand, too.

Thanks, guys! Happy Recycling 🙂

E-Waste Recycling


Hey Home Skillets –

Happy Monday! Mine is pretty jam-packed, but I’ve managed to read some interesting articles during my academic breaks. Since anyone reading this is assumed to own some form of technology – you obviously need it to access the world wide web and therefore, this blog – I thought that sharing this article with y’all would be pretty beneficial, even if you don’t live in Rhode Island.

Recycling E-Waste is a really serious issue that does not get the attention it deserves, so I feel as if I need to help spread the word. Also, I really hate it when I’m walking through some picturesque woods and come across a broken computer monitor that someone chucked down a dried up waterfall (this has been seen more than once). If you are contributing to this (or littering in general): stop now. Don’t be that guy/girl.

Therefore, pretty please with sugar on top read this article. I promise it’s relatively easy to digest and won’t take you very long, and in turn you will be educating yourselves on a serious, relevant topic.

Keep trucking my awesome folk and I’ll touch back later in the week! x’s and o’s.


Hey Babes!

I’m trying to find a cool use for my old perfume bottle, and while searching for inspiration I stumbled upon this post. It is by far one of the most crafty pieces I have come across in terms of re-purposing regular household goods. I highly recommend you check it out. Stay tuned because I have every intention of utilizing essentially all of the 51 ideas. Soooo crafty!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your week! I’m off to the gym and then onward to NYC tomorrow for a few days. I’m sure I’ll come back with some fun stories/things to share.

Hugs and kisses,

Re-Purposing At It’s Finest

Recycle A Bottle, Feed A Stray Dog


Hey Friends!

I’m about to go to bed but before I do, I wanted to sneak in a quick post since I haven’t done so in a little while. Mostly just to say hello 😉

How is everyone???

I have a picturesque post heading your way soon, so get excited for that. From January 10th-15th I spent some time in the lovely state of Colorado, and let me tell you… I loved it!! Everyone there is so friendly, the food and beer is delicious and local, the geography and landscape is absolutely gorgeous and the outdoor culture is huge there, which I was a huge fan of. Max and I went to stay with a friend in Boulder, but we also spent some time in Denver, Vale and Fort Collins. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I really like the ones I did manage to snap, so I hope you do, too. Maybe I’ll upload those tomorrow. We shall see!

Anyway, before I hit ze hay, I wanted to share a really awesome article with all of you. It takes place in Istanbul (has anyone ever been here, by the way? It’s mentioned in my most recent NatGeo so obviously now I have to go), and this idea is just so amazing. I love the guy who created this, and I hope you can appreciate the good he has done. Please also be sure to click the “gallery” in the middle of the article as well. There are some fabulous ideas there that I think would be wise to be duplicated. I’ve already emailed Burlington/BCA to see if they had any interest in replicating the deposit ring.

Here’s the link: CLICK ME!

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying their weekend! Hugs and kisses ❤