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A Little Of This, A Little Of That


How’s it hanging, pretty people?

The last two weeks have been grueling, so please excuse my lack of blogging. I’m about to make up for it, though 🙂

In case you care to know, I had three exams last week (two in optimization/mathematics for economists and one in advanced microeconomic theory), two big homework assignments and then this week I had one major presentation in Econometrics, more homework and I have a final exam for my Mathematics for Economists class on Friday. BLAH. On the bright side, after Friday I will be officially done with one class! That’s a whopping 6 hours of class time and about 3-4 hours of studying every week.
Hopefully after that life will get a little bit calmer. My workout routine/climbing has seriously diminished as well, so that is where some of my free time will go.

Although I have been swamped with school, I have been managing to enjoy myself (because well, why not?). Last week I stopped in to watch a little bit of the Zedd concert, but because I had a crazy week of exams I was only able to fit in an hour. Still, it was a break and a musical one at that. Tonight I will be going to the Passion Pit concert, wahwahweewah.

The first weekend in October (Saturday the 3rd), Max and I attended the first session of the WBRU Craft Brew Fest at Lupo’sit was awesome. Lots of delicious craft beers were consumed and I ended up winning the “hangover basket” raffle which had a bunch of fun goodies. Afterwards, we met up with a friend in Providence and ate at one of my favorite Mexican spots – Viva Mexico Cantina Grille. Overall, a very successful Saturday.

"Stay Pretty And Drink Real Beer" + hangover basket!

“Stay Pretty And Drink Real Beer” + hangover basket!

I’ve also been managing to fit in a little ride time here and there; hopefully more post-Friday. Sunday, October 4th I rode Digger (my mom’s horse) in an Eric Horgan clinic – a fabulous clinician I have been riding with since I was 10. It was a fantastic lesson and we have some high hopes for next show season… he even mentioned I should aim higher than first level, which would be freaking awesome! But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. We did, however, have a wonderful show a few weeks back in Connecticut – we won first place with a score of 70% in Training 3 and second place with a score of 68% in Training 2. For those not aware of dressage scores… those are high. Basically, I self-proclaimed us being official graduates of training level. About damn time!

WinningLet’s see, what else have I been up to…

Did I mention I tried hot yoga? Max and I went a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it. We went to Rhode Island Power Yoga in North Kingstown; they were offering a free class due to their one year anniversary and it was so much fun we both bought their “beginner package” which was 3 classes for $20. Woo! Let me know if anyone wants to give it a try.

I’ve still been working, albeit only once a week, since that’s all I can handle. My juice game hasn’t been as on point lately, but hopefully when I get more time that will be altered.

Oh! Last weekend, I went to Point Street Pianos for a friend’s birthday. It is a dueling piano bar in Providence, and if you have a dirty sense of humor (as I do), or if you enjoy a fun, musical time with a bit of raunchiness mixed in, I highly recommend you check this place out. We went on a Friday night so it was pretty crowded, but we had reservations; I encourage you do that as well to ensure a table. It’s a comical time, but be forewarned: it does get loud, so if you’re looking for a place to sit and talk/be romantic, this should not be your destination.

The final fun thing I want to touch on is my rock climbing as of late. The Rock Spot (my climbing gym) started this new thing called the “Adult Climbing League”, which is a low-key competitive league that runs on Thursday evenings for 6-weeks; the kickoff event was last Thursday and I scrounged myself up a team! Obviously Max was part of it, but we needed at least one other person, so I convinced one of my fellow ENRE classmates, Kyle, to join us. He’s an amazing climber so that’s a feather in our cap. Our team name: The Crack Fisters. Yes, it is inappropriate, but we only chose that because everyone else had raunchy names as well. Teehee.

Kyle also happens to be friends with some of the really kick-ass climbers at our gym, and on Saturday, Max and I went with him and some other diesel climbers to Lincoln Woods to climb on some real rocks! It was challenging in the best way. Afterwards, we went to this little Venezuelan restaurant called La Arepa in Pawtucket. SOOO GOOD. Go there if you are into that kind of thing and in the area. Seriously, though.

Okay! Well, I think that is enough for me for one day. I should get back to some school work and final exam studying… later my loves ❤ I’ll post a side note later on about some upcoming events that may be of interest to you all.


Happy Humpday!

I’m currently sitting at my desk at school with an ugly cold wishing I was curled up in my bed right now, but alas… it is what it is.

I really ought to start my Mathematics for Economists homework before my Advanced Microeconomic Theory class starts, so this will be a short post – plus looking at my computer screen in this state gives me a bit of a headache. Fun times.

The past few months I haven’t been attending as many concerts as I would like to, so I’m trying to get back on that horse. After a brief query, I came across a few local concerts coming up; most of which I am definitely planning on attending as long as life doesn’t get in the way. These are:

  • Beats Antique on Friday, October 2nd at 19h00 (Fete Ballroom)
  • Zedd on Tuesday, October 6th at 19h30 (Ryan Center)
  • Passion Pit on Wednesday, October 14th at 20h00 (Ryan Center)
  • Cold War Kids on Thursday, October 22nd at 19h30 (Lupos)
  • Guster on Thursday, November 5th at 20h00 (Lupos)
  • New Politics on Thursday, November 19th at 20h00 (Lupos)

Other than musical concerts, there are two other events that may be of interest to some of you – they certainly are to me.

  • WBRU Craft Brew Fest on Saturday, October 3rd – there are two time slots (Lupos)
  • Kevin Hart on Saturday, October 17th at 19h30 (Dunkin’ Center)
  • Rhode Island Comic Con, November 6th-8th (RICC & Dunkin’)

Well, that’s all I got for now, folks. Stay healthy and awesome and let me know if anyone plans on attending these… maybe I’ll see you there!

x’s and o’s

Some Events To Ponder

Newport Folk Festival L<3ve


My beauties! Hello!

It’s been almost three weeks 😦 I’m sorry for that. I don’t really have an excuse besides work and climbing, so you’re just going to have to love me regardless.

That Sunset Doe

How are things?

I miss France today. Who am I kidding, I miss France everyday… but today I am feeling especially sick for what became my second home (or third, behind Burlington MAYBE). Alas, there’s not much I can do about that currently; c’est la vie. I think I have this undiagnosed (well, I’m diagnosing it now) problem where I have to travel or explore a new place every other week or so or I go a little stir crazy.

Why can’t some rich awesome person just hand me stacks of bills so I can travel the world opening eco-friendly and sustainable juice bars that use local produce? If you know of someone who fits the bill, I’m ready and waiting.

On a more realistic note, t seems like you all enjoyed my last post on The Gunks; thanks for that. I enjoy all of you, too. I promised that I would share about some of my other gypsy endeavors, so here it goes!

Over Newport

Sunset Over Newport

July 26th, 2014: THE NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL!!! That’s right, I scored tickets. My amazing friend Sarah, who happens to also be a champion concert go-er such as myself, used some gypsy magic to obtain us last minute tickets to (in my opinion) the best day of the weekend long festival. The best part? We paid LESS than face value! It was awesome.

Saturday Lineup

Saturday Lineup

As you can see, it was a pretty fantastic lineup of performers. My favorites were of course Deer Tick, but Jack White and The Oh Hellos came in close behind.

Deer Tick Looking Sharp!

Deer Tick Looking Sharp!

I just can’t get enough of Jon’s (Deer Tick’s lead singer) voice; it’s downright magical. His very pregnant wife, Vanessa Carlton, must think so too.

Vanessa Carlton making a guest appearance!

Vanessa Carlton making a guest appearance!

I had not been to the Newport Folk Festival in years because of it’s growing popularity and tickets selling out so damn fast, and I’m sad I had been missing out! It really is a magical place, right at Fort Adams on the water. So stunning and all the people there are friendly. However, I tend to be a big mush when it comes to music festivals, so maybe I’m a little bias. Regardless, I will definitely be returning and all of you should, too! My goal is to be a vendor there sometime in the near future — you can probably guess for what.


Sooooo, I had all these grand intentions to share more epic adventures will all of you sweet souls, but Max has just informed me that he needs my assistance with acquiring his car. And since I have been carting his bum around for the past 3+ weeks, I’m pretty eager to oblige. HOWEVER, I promise that I will be better with keeping you all updated on my life. It’s exciting, after all!

Before I leave, here’s a picture of the one purchase I made the the fest. I am in need of belts with all this epic rock climbing I have been doing, and this one was handcrafted, beautiful and inexpensive… so how could I say no?

IMG_7026Stay rockin’

A Lovely Red Weekend


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! Well… Happy POST Valentine’s Day/Weekend. I hope that you all were treated as nicely as you deserved by somebody special in your life, whether it be a significant other, family or friend… it’s not always physical love that needs to be celebrated.

Max and I celebrated on the 13th since my beautiful and amazing friend Danielle came to visit from the 14th until today (!!!!!!), and Max chef-ed me up a delicious dinner that put me in a mild food coma – it was a mozzarella bake dish that included sausage, sauteed spinach with garlic & olive oil, gemelli pasta, roasted red peppers and pesto. ‘Twas yum.


Danielle Brought Me Delicious Chocolate Mice!

Danielle Brought Me Chocolate Mice!

He also ate about 10 of my brownie-swirled cookies in around 3 hours, which was awesome that he loved them so much, but I can’t say I would recommend consuming that many in such a short period of time. I think that at this point – a mere 4 days later – he has already polished off the two plates that I gave him. Zut alors.

Anyway, Danielle arrived on the 14th and we just spent the weekend hanging around and enjoying ourselves; it was lovely. I took her to Raw Bobs and The Rock Spot for some climbing, we became mildly addicted to the show Girls (I recommend watching it – if you’re okay with nakedness; it’s hilarious and so so strange), got a little swilly with some red wine during the snow storm that we had, and we even created a beautiful snow maiden named Crystal Iceis. She’s a classy broad with nipple tassels. Yes, you read that correctly.

Crystal Iceis

Crystal Iceis & I

The main reason for Danielle’s visit however was because I bought us tickets to the 6th Annual Cat Country Snowball, which was on Sunday the 16th.

We are both pretty die-hard country fans, and Rodney Atkins was the headliner, with other performances by Parmalee and The Henningsens.

There We Are!

Danielle & I

It was an amazing time. The venue was spacious, beautifully decorated with a silent auction and reasonably priced food and drink (woo!), the performers were perfect, the guests were all friendly – except for one girl fight that broke out between two 40+ year old women… so not okay – and all the proceeds went to benefit “Go Red For Women“, which is via the American Heart Association to fight against heart disease in women. When people with better video cameras than myself start posting videos I will be sure to spread the love, but for now pictures will have to do!

Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins

Ticket & Pin

Ticket & Pin

So that’s how I spent my Valentine’s Day weekend! Good friends, good food, good times – how most weekends should be spent! Or everyday for that matter…. stay beautiful darlings.

Short, Sweet & One Fair Warning


Good evening, beauties!

This is going to be a short one; I’m starting to lose control of my eyelids, and it’s only a matter of time before they close without my permission. Why, you ask? Well… I’m running on about 2 or 3 hours of sleep *gasp*, but it’s entirely my fault so I’m embracing it.
Last night, I went out with a silly crew for a friends birthday, and we spent the large portion of the evening out on the town. Our main destination was Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel for a concert put on by Umphrey’s McGee or “UM”, an American progressive rock band from Indiana, whose music is often referred to as “progressive improvisation”, or “improg”.

Tickets & A Homemade Juice!

Tickets & A Homemade Juice!

If you’re wondering, it was great! I found a video some lovely person uploaded on youtube already, so please take a few momentos to check it out. They had a great vibe, it was a blast.


After the concert, a few people in our group had the bright idea to go to Club Therapy. Now, I consider myself a pretty open-minded individual, and I can usually have a good time wherever, but THIS PLACE WAS TERRIBLE. Please, please, do not go to Club Therapy if you have any idea of self-worth; at least from what I experienced.
First of all, it cost $25 PER PERSON to get in, which was absolutely ludicrous. I’m a poor post-graduate with student loans to pay and am hanging with college kids, where do you think we get the money to blow on cover charges like that?! Then… they didn’t even serve alcohol. Excuse me? I mean, if you’re going to charge me that much to get in, I expect champagne flutes being passed out, gosh darnit! Or at least PBR’s or something… come on people.

After that let down, I was expecting some entertainment at the absolute minimum, but nope. Wrong again. It was some DJ who wasn’t playing anything attractive or original, and there were about 20-25 people in the whole club, most of which were scantily clad and dancing around like baboons who were given crack. Honestly, I felt like I was in an underground sketchy brothel meeting place. Not about it. Never going again. End of story.

The concert still crushed it, so much so that I will pretend Therapy never happened, and we all went back to my friends to waste the night away, hence my 2 hours of sleep. Darn having to be a real person and work at 1. Whatevs, you only life once!


Dance, Dance Until You Die


Getting all my ducks in a row, little pamplemousses. I figure it would be easier on me and more fathomable if I just did a few days at a time until I’m caught up. Donc, pour vous:

Monday, November 5th: “Remember, remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot”, in case anybody didn’t know 😛 I happened to have watched V for Vendetta a few weeks ago, so that phrase was fresh in my memory. Anyway, I had the usual slew of classes, and had to fight the Monday boo’s, yada yada. I finished class at 17h30 – no more extended classes, yay – and then went home to chillax, shower and do the lovely thing we like to call homework, erlack. I know I shouldn’t complain since in comparison to last years hell, the amount of work I get here is laughable, but c’mon! I’m in France, gosh darnit. It should be an unwritten rule that if you are studying abroad in a country that doesn’t speak your mother tongue, homework simply shouldn’t exist. When I become president, don’t worry… that will be one of my first amendments. Amongst other green things.

So yeah, that was pretty much it for my Monday. I spent the next hour or so prepping my expo for Wednesday, which is pretty much a 10-minute presentation on anything you want, as long as it is in French and not read directly off of a sheet of paper. To unwind, I read some Game of Thrones per usual, and went to bed at a decent hour.

Tuesday, November 6th: Class, class, class. My translation professor gave us our “fake exams” back… and I’m pretty sure no one in the class got above a C-, COOL. I mean, for goodness sake, she expected us to know what BD was in French. I’m sorry, no (for future reference, BD = bande dessin, which is comic book in English. Why that should have been in my vocabulary, I’ve yet to comprehend). We actually read some interesting stuff in literature though, so that at least made the hour and a half pass by a little quicker than usual.

During class, I ended up convincing Nina to come on my night’s adventures, so after class we went to my apartment quickly so I could drop off my laptop and headed to Centre Ville for some dinner. Of course, being addicts, we went to a kebab place, ate some tasty kebabs with frites inside (!!!), and we were told that we speak French well. Being the proprietor, I’m sure he was just being nice, but I’ll take a compliment when it’s handed to me. We also didn’t have to pay for our frites, score.

Post-gorging, we met up with Natasha to go to her campus for a hot wine party. Yes, it was very delicious. Plus, it was hosted by GEM (the business school, chock full of foreign students from every corner of the globe), so we had yet another opportunity to parlons français with some natives. One of the students we conversed with complimented our French (twice in one night, quoiii), so it was yet another stroke to the ego, despite the fact that I’m 95% sure it was just a nice thing to say. Don’t get me wrong, my French has definitely improved, but I’m nowhere near good enough to be deserving of compliments from natives, but hey, I’m not going to tell them that.

After an hour or so, Ian met us at the party, we stayed for a little while longer, and then Nina, Ian and I made moves to Ian’s house to drop off our belongings. From there, we bought some brewskis (well, Ian and I bought one, had to keep it casual on a Tuesday night, plus I had my presentation in the morning), and went to a punk concert, wooop. Before we went in to witness the music, the three of us ended up having a mini-bonding session on a stoop for about 30 minutes, reminiscing on the best day of our young lives, aka Marseille/The Calanques. It was nice, and the music was pretty awesome as well.

Unfortunately, there were only two bands, but I guess it was kind of a blessing in disguise considering I really did need to get home at a decent hour to a) do my homework and b) get a full night’s rest before my presentation. I ended up getting home around 23h45, and somehow managed to do all my homework – of course I chose the one night to go out where I had to write a mini-paper thing – within 30ish minutes. Showering didn’t end up happening I’m sad to say, but I can be gross if I want. Needless to say, sleep came easily.

Wednesday, November 7th: I presented my expo in class. It was supposed to be 10-minutes, but my topic was music festivals, so of course I was obsessed (plus I brought in all my rave toys), and ended up talking for about 30. Woops, not my chair, not my problem (don’t get the reference? Peep below). Wednesday’s are easy, so we were all done with class by 10h20, so Hannah and I went to the French Coffee Shop so I could Skype my grandparents and potentially get some homework done, but of course that didn’t happen. Nina ended up meeting us there, and after my Skype date was finished I went to WokBar with Max to hear about his Amsterdam adventures… GAH I WANT TO GO BACK. Oh yeah, and we both got shit on by a stupid pigeon, what the hell. Actually, I thought just he did so of course I was making fun, and then realized there was some on my fleece, eeeeew. Definitely not one of my top ten favorite moments. So gross, stupid rats with wings; I can’t say I’ll miss them when I get back to the states.

Herrrm, afterwards I went home to nap and do the usual necessary life things, had dinner with Madeleine, and then watched most of the first Twilight movie. The last installation is either out or coming out within the next day or something, and I’ve yet to see the most recent, so I was trying to re-cap and watch them all. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen because Nina, Emily, Hannah and I are seeing the newest one of Wednesday, so I’ll just have to settle with watching the one I’ve missed out on. I think I’ll survive… plus I forgot how absolutely horrendous their acting was in the first one. Gag me with a spoon. Thus concludes my hump day.

Thursday, November 8th: Class from 10h40-12h30, had lunch on campus, and was then forced to sit through a torturous deux heures of translation for the second time that week, erg! We had to make-up for the fact that during Toussaint class didn’t meet, but half of our stupid class didn’t show (well, like 3 of the 8, harhar), and it just wasn’t how I wanted to spend my Thursday afternoon. Thankfully the majority of class was spent watching this French comedian, so I guess it could have been worse, but still, I didn’t get out until 15h00, and then the finally weekend! Woo!

It’s like a holiday every week; I love not having class on Friday. I can only imagine what next semester is going to be like since I’m 98% positive I will only be taking one class, hell yeah part-time student status (I’m so proud of myself for getting all my credits and classes out of the way by my junior year). Anyway, after class I went with Hannah to the shop and attempted to Skype my mom, but that kind of was a fail, plus she didn’t have too much time. Instead I just caught up briefly on the phone, and then ended up Skyping Danielle for a while until she had to go to work. So I guess my afternoon ended up being a success after all.

By the time I was done Skyping, my computer was dead and my iPhone was dying, so I figured it was about time to head to my apartment and start prepping for the night. I showered, had some dinner with Madeleine, and then met up with Hannah, Preston and a few others outside of Parc Paul Mistral to start the evening off right. Richard, Emily, Nina and a few select others ended up meeting us there, too, and once the group was rounded up, we went to La Bobine, which is a bar in the middle of the park. It’s nice because you can drink your own alcohol pretty much on the deck, so you don’t go completely broke at the start of the night.

Hannah and I, of course, ended up splitting our usual whisky and coke, and we stashed a bottle of champagne in the bushes for later. Actually, when were drunk, we kept on just running outside and filling up cups of champagne. Yes, we are classy, and yes we are nuts. Thank you very much. Max, Maddie and her friend ended up meeting us at the bar, and once we were all sufficiently drunk, we made our way to Vieux Manoir. Actually, we ended up losing a good chunk of the group, and Richard was rejected from the Manoir, and Heather and Evelyn didn’t even try due to their level of intoxication (go hard or go home, that’s the API way), so it ended up being Hannah, Maddie & co, Max, Preston and myself. I think; I may be forgetting someone, and if I am… my sincerest apologies. We ended up running into Robin and her friend at the club (Robin is an API member who I virtually never see, so it was exciting, especially because I was buzzing), and we soon became dancing machines. I had my first experience dancing onstage at the Manoir, and it was a pretty fantastical experience. I ended up dancing with this French guy who had incredibly sexy dance moves, so needless to say I was satisfied. Robin’s friend also knew how to boogey down, so of course I danced with her a lot, too. We stayed there for a while, and then had to walk home in the rain… eew (it’s been raining here a lot lately, I guess we’re in the heart of the rainy season). I got home at 4h00, and then fell into a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Great success.