Are You The Now Or Never Kind?


Eyo, poppets. I’m almost caught up with telling you about my life!! I haven’t yet typed up a post for my weekend, but I’ll probably get to that tomorrow after class or something. Stay tunedd lovelies; until then, enjoy what I’m giving you.

Sunday, October 7th: Woke up, did the usual morning things, and opened up my balcony window to find a crazy bazaar going on… right outside my door! Unfortunately I’m going a little too broke, so I didn’t even want to temp myself by looking at everything, boo.

Anyway, I left my apartment a little after lunch and headed to the coffeeshop to get my homework done. I hung around there for a few hours, and then went to Victor Hugo to meet up with Mike. He had asked me earlier in the day if I wanted to help make a ton of macaroni & cheese, so of course since it involved food I was more than down for it. I really didn’t know what was in store, so I just blindly said yes and hoped for the best. I wasn’t let down.

Basically, Mike has been going to this place called “FEU”, which stands for foyer evangelique universitaire, and it’s pretty much the hub for a student organization where people from all over Grenoble come to just hang out, play games, eat food and do general social things. It’s affiliated with the church, but it’s not like an intense Jesus-Is-The-Only-Way type of thing. I also like it because the people who go there are well-behaved (I need to mix it up sometimes) AND they all happen to be brilliant people; like biochemical engineer type of people. YES. I love uber smart people. The other bonus is that most of them are native Francaises, so it is a huge opportunity for me to speak French. The conversations I had were funny because they would speak to me in English (they want to practice), and I would respond in French. I met some pretty cool people who I definitely plan on keeping in touch with during and after Grenoble. Never hurts to have friends overseas!

Anyway, after Mike and I went to his house to pick up 4 (awesome looking/tasting) gateaux, we headed to feu to meet up with Mike’s roommate Jonathan and his friend from school, Justin. I’m kind of obsessed with both of them. They finished college and are in France to learn the language because next year they are going to Nigeria to start this church program thing (I forget the details). I want to do something awesome and rewarding like that. So the four of us were the only Americans, and we were in charge of cooking an “American dinner”.








I was brought into the game late, so the ingredients were already purchased so unfortunately I couldn’t use my food-obsessed skills to come up with a creative idea, but c’est la vie. The menu was: salad, mac&cheese with beef (homemade cheese sauce of course) and chocolate cake. Simple, but delicious all the same. SO GOOD. We made waaay too much food, so of course I got to gorge myself, which always means a good day. After dinner I hung around and socialized for a while with the natives – and these guys from Canada who are cool – but I had class in the morning and started to need sleep badly. I stayed until about 22h though, so I pretty much spent the majority of my Sunday there, a good way to end the week/week-end.

A cat found us, so of course I gave it milk

Monday, October 8th: School, mer. For some reason I woke up at like 4h30 and couldn’t fall asleep for like 2 hours, which was lame and not a good way to start off the school week. I had class until 17h30 and was beyond exhausted by the time I got home, so I pretty much did my homework, ate dinner with Madeleine and her daughter (she was visiting for the weekend) and went to bed early to make up for my interrupted sleep the night before. One of the more laid back nights I’ve had since in Grenoble, but it was necessary, especially since people in my group are starting to get colds again and I in NO way want to catch that bug. I take my vitamins and chug orange juice for a reason.

Tuesday, October 9th: The evil day of the week. It started off nicely though when I got my first French test back… an A+! Hell yeah. I have also decided that I like my translation class, especially since she gives us cookies every week; the quickest way to my heart is through my stomach, duh.

After all my classes were done (17h30), I went home to shower and change, and then headed back out to meet up with Nina, Richard and Maddie at Mezzo di Pasta before the Hockey Game!! Woooo. Richard didn’t come with us, so it was just Nina, Maddie and I, and it was a fun game per usual. Unfortunately our team, Brule des loups – the burning wolves – lost by a point. I was far from thrilled, but nothing I could do about it. At least I got my hockey fix, and I’ll be satiated until the next home game, whenever that may be. The game got out passed 22h, and I didn’t get home until close to 23h, and I was beatsauce. I made the decision to wake up early the next day to finish my homework and just passed out in my cozy bed.















Wednesday, October 10th: So my plan to wake up early to complete my homework was an epic fail. I had my alarm set for 7h, but in my sleepy state I turned it out and told myself I would be up in 5 minutes. Wrong. By sheer luck woke up at 7h45, and freaked out because I normally leave my house by 7h50. Somehow I managed to get ready in 5 minutes and got to class on time, but my homework was sloppily done on the tram… but at least it got done. Not the greatest way to start the morning.

Despite the shwagy morning, Grenoble never ceases to amaze me in its beauty

Thankfully I was done with class at 10h20, so I bought some sexy tights (they’re the ones that just stick to your thighs, yeahhh) and went home to take a much-needed nap and do my homework. The nap turned out to be a bit of a fail, so I ended up going to MacDo to work on the blog, and at 15h I went to the coffeeshop to skype with the boy and attempt to watch Dexter, which was another fail. Looks like I won’t be watching the new season until I get back to the states; but that’s something to look forward to I guess.

A group of us had plans to eat Batman Kebabs for dinner, so I met up with Preston 17h30 to head over there, where eventually Max, Ellisa and Mike showed up. The kebabs were fantastic as always (I got fries in mine), and after we finished eating we made our way to MC2, which is a giant theatre in Grenoble. We had a planned event with API to see Vivaldi’s Four Seasons performed by an orchestra, while at the same time a group of Chinese actors/acrobats performed to it and acted out things that were focused on Chinese History. It was an extremely awesome performance and nicely done, despite the fact that I couldn’t understand a lot of what they were saying (fast French and Chinese…); plus Vivaldi was a fantastic composer.

After the soiree theatre I went to a Mexican place with Macauley, Max, Ellisa, Ian, Evelyn, Kaitlyn and Maddie. I just got a margarita since I had already had dinner, but it was one of the best tasting margaritas ever. So tasty. Apres le diner, we met up with some more friends at this bar called Styx, but I was pretty tired and had class in the morning, so I opted to walk back home with Ian, Max and Maddie. Ahh, sweet sleep.

Thursday, October 11th: Had my last class of the week from 10h40-12h30, huzzah! I hung around on campus until 14h, and then Mike and I bought our tickets for parapenting!!! Parapenting is popular in Grenoble, and is where you paraglide off of one of the many mountains we have here – of course you do it with a professional. Needless to say I am beyond excited… and it’s so soon too! It’s October 25th, eeeeee. Don’t worry, I’ll take as many pictures as possible to document this once in a lifetime experience.

Once we purchased our tickets, Mike and I headed into Centre Ville for some lunch. Honoring tradition, I had a kebab for Kebab Thursdays, I can’t remember the name of the place I ate at (but I’ve eaten there before), but it was tres tasty and the woman who owns the shop is such a sweet woman. She thought I was Italian, a compliment I think. After lunch, I headed back to my apartment to trade in my backpack for my hula hoop, yeehaw. I hooped in V Huges for a few hours, and afterwards went back home to hang out and gather energy for the night.

Chocolate covered waffle… yup

Emily, Nina, Hannah and a few others were going to Emily’s French friend’s house to pre-game, but they were going at 20h30, which is before I even eat dinner so I opted out. We had every intention of meeting up around 22h and going to a bar, but of course in normal API fashion, those who pre-gamed went a little too hard, and it was like trying to herd cats getting the drunken fools to meet up with Max and I. Eventually we got to see them, but they were too far gone (and Emily was getting sick) to think about going to a bar, and Nina somehow managed to lose her phone battery which was an adventure in and of itself. Hannah was the only one sober enough to want to go out, but at that point I gave up, and just decided to go home. Oh, somehow I also managed to make some Spanish speaking friends at the tram stop, but I was a little buzzed myself so I don’t really know how that exactly happened. I ended up getting home around midnight, which was a good early night for me.


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Bonjour, I'm Azure; a healthy dose of eccentricity best taken with a grain of salt. Most people describe me as sassy, and I like that. I love words, and think that anyone who can twist them in their mouth and make something beautiful come out is sexy and someone with whom I want to spend my time. I read a lot (bordering on too much), and am baller at boggle. I happen to be addicted to concerts/live music, and will listen to anything that can carry a beat, and even those that don't. I believe that being normal is boring, and love bright colors. I have a soft spot for animals, particularly dogs and horses, but I am beginning to be a cat person as well. Sometimes, I will admit that I like some animals better than some people - they're great listeners and don't judge. J'adore voyager. Someday I want to be able to look at a map of the world and say "I have been there, there, and there... and there", and have a memory attached to them all. I've recently begun to work at an organic juice bar, and diet/holistic health is starting to become a main passion of mine. I want to be able to experience our world, as well as help save it. Oh, and unicorns exist.

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