Dance, Dance Until You Die


Getting all my ducks in a row, little pamplemousses. I figure it would be easier on me and more fathomable if I just did a few days at a time until I’m caught up. Donc, pour vous:

Monday, November 5th: “Remember, remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot”, in case anybody didn’t know 😛 I happened to have watched V for Vendetta a few weeks ago, so that phrase was fresh in my memory. Anyway, I had the usual slew of classes, and had to fight the Monday boo’s, yada yada. I finished class at 17h30 – no more extended classes, yay – and then went home to chillax, shower and do the lovely thing we like to call homework, erlack. I know I shouldn’t complain since in comparison to last years hell, the amount of work I get here is laughable, but c’mon! I’m in France, gosh darnit. It should be an unwritten rule that if you are studying abroad in a country that doesn’t speak your mother tongue, homework simply shouldn’t exist. When I become president, don’t worry… that will be one of my first amendments. Amongst other green things.

So yeah, that was pretty much it for my Monday. I spent the next hour or so prepping my expo for Wednesday, which is pretty much a 10-minute presentation on anything you want, as long as it is in French and not read directly off of a sheet of paper. To unwind, I read some Game of Thrones per usual, and went to bed at a decent hour.

Tuesday, November 6th: Class, class, class. My translation professor gave us our “fake exams” back… and I’m pretty sure no one in the class got above a C-, COOL. I mean, for goodness sake, she expected us to know what BD was in French. I’m sorry, no (for future reference, BD = bande dessin, which is comic book in English. Why that should have been in my vocabulary, I’ve yet to comprehend). We actually read some interesting stuff in literature though, so that at least made the hour and a half pass by a little quicker than usual.

During class, I ended up convincing Nina to come on my night’s adventures, so after class we went to my apartment quickly so I could drop off my laptop and headed to Centre Ville for some dinner. Of course, being addicts, we went to a kebab place, ate some tasty kebabs with frites inside (!!!), and we were told that we speak French well. Being the proprietor, I’m sure he was just being nice, but I’ll take a compliment when it’s handed to me. We also didn’t have to pay for our frites, score.

Post-gorging, we met up with Natasha to go to her campus for a hot wine party. Yes, it was very delicious. Plus, it was hosted by GEM (the business school, chock full of foreign students from every corner of the globe), so we had yet another opportunity to parlons français with some natives. One of the students we conversed with complimented our French (twice in one night, quoiii), so it was yet another stroke to the ego, despite the fact that I’m 95% sure it was just a nice thing to say. Don’t get me wrong, my French has definitely improved, but I’m nowhere near good enough to be deserving of compliments from natives, but hey, I’m not going to tell them that.

After an hour or so, Ian met us at the party, we stayed for a little while longer, and then Nina, Ian and I made moves to Ian’s house to drop off our belongings. From there, we bought some brewskis (well, Ian and I bought one, had to keep it casual on a Tuesday night, plus I had my presentation in the morning), and went to a punk concert, wooop. Before we went in to witness the music, the three of us ended up having a mini-bonding session on a stoop for about 30 minutes, reminiscing on the best day of our young lives, aka Marseille/The Calanques. It was nice, and the music was pretty awesome as well.

Unfortunately, there were only two bands, but I guess it was kind of a blessing in disguise considering I really did need to get home at a decent hour to a) do my homework and b) get a full night’s rest before my presentation. I ended up getting home around 23h45, and somehow managed to do all my homework – of course I chose the one night to go out where I had to write a mini-paper thing – within 30ish minutes. Showering didn’t end up happening I’m sad to say, but I can be gross if I want. Needless to say, sleep came easily.

Wednesday, November 7th: I presented my expo in class. It was supposed to be 10-minutes, but my topic was music festivals, so of course I was obsessed (plus I brought in all my rave toys), and ended up talking for about 30. Woops, not my chair, not my problem (don’t get the reference? Peep below). Wednesday’s are easy, so we were all done with class by 10h20, so Hannah and I went to the French Coffee Shop so I could Skype my grandparents and potentially get some homework done, but of course that didn’t happen. Nina ended up meeting us there, and after my Skype date was finished I went to WokBar with Max to hear about his Amsterdam adventures… GAH I WANT TO GO BACK. Oh yeah, and we both got shit on by a stupid pigeon, what the hell. Actually, I thought just he did so of course I was making fun, and then realized there was some on my fleece, eeeeew. Definitely not one of my top ten favorite moments. So gross, stupid rats with wings; I can’t say I’ll miss them when I get back to the states.

Herrrm, afterwards I went home to nap and do the usual necessary life things, had dinner with Madeleine, and then watched most of the first Twilight movie. The last installation is either out or coming out within the next day or something, and I’ve yet to see the most recent, so I was trying to re-cap and watch them all. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen because Nina, Emily, Hannah and I are seeing the newest one of Wednesday, so I’ll just have to settle with watching the one I’ve missed out on. I think I’ll survive… plus I forgot how absolutely horrendous their acting was in the first one. Gag me with a spoon. Thus concludes my hump day.

Thursday, November 8th: Class from 10h40-12h30, had lunch on campus, and was then forced to sit through a torturous deux heures of translation for the second time that week, erg! We had to make-up for the fact that during Toussaint class didn’t meet, but half of our stupid class didn’t show (well, like 3 of the 8, harhar), and it just wasn’t how I wanted to spend my Thursday afternoon. Thankfully the majority of class was spent watching this French comedian, so I guess it could have been worse, but still, I didn’t get out until 15h00, and then the finally weekend! Woo!

It’s like a holiday every week; I love not having class on Friday. I can only imagine what next semester is going to be like since I’m 98% positive I will only be taking one class, hell yeah part-time student status (I’m so proud of myself for getting all my credits and classes out of the way by my junior year). Anyway, after class I went with Hannah to the shop and attempted to Skype my mom, but that kind of was a fail, plus she didn’t have too much time. Instead I just caught up briefly on the phone, and then ended up Skyping Danielle for a while until she had to go to work. So I guess my afternoon ended up being a success after all.

By the time I was done Skyping, my computer was dead and my iPhone was dying, so I figured it was about time to head to my apartment and start prepping for the night. I showered, had some dinner with Madeleine, and then met up with Hannah, Preston and a few others outside of Parc Paul Mistral to start the evening off right. Richard, Emily, Nina and a few select others ended up meeting us there, too, and once the group was rounded up, we went to La Bobine, which is a bar in the middle of the park. It’s nice because you can drink your own alcohol pretty much on the deck, so you don’t go completely broke at the start of the night.

Hannah and I, of course, ended up splitting our usual whisky and coke, and we stashed a bottle of champagne in the bushes for later. Actually, when were drunk, we kept on just running outside and filling up cups of champagne. Yes, we are classy, and yes we are nuts. Thank you very much. Max, Maddie and her friend ended up meeting us at the bar, and once we were all sufficiently drunk, we made our way to Vieux Manoir. Actually, we ended up losing a good chunk of the group, and Richard was rejected from the Manoir, and Heather and Evelyn didn’t even try due to their level of intoxication (go hard or go home, that’s the API way), so it ended up being Hannah, Maddie & co, Max, Preston and myself. I think; I may be forgetting someone, and if I am… my sincerest apologies. We ended up running into Robin and her friend at the club (Robin is an API member who I virtually never see, so it was exciting, especially because I was buzzing), and we soon became dancing machines. I had my first experience dancing onstage at the Manoir, and it was a pretty fantastical experience. I ended up dancing with this French guy who had incredibly sexy dance moves, so needless to say I was satisfied. Robin’s friend also knew how to boogey down, so of course I danced with her a lot, too. We stayed there for a while, and then had to walk home in the rain… eew (it’s been raining here a lot lately, I guess we’re in the heart of the rainy season). I got home at 4h00, and then fell into a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Great success.

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I'm Azure; a healthy dose of eccentricity best taken with a grain of salt. I am often described as sassy. I have a fondness for words and those who can twist them in their mouth to create something exquisite. I read a lot, delight in live music, have a mild obsession with honey bees, and am baller at boggle. I believe that being normal is boring and love bright colors. Oftentimes, I prefer the company of animals to people; particularly dogs and horses, but have recently joined team cat. I love to travel and learn. I want to be able to experience our world, as well as help it. Oh, and unicorns exist.

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