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Look Pretty When You Go


Howdy Darlings!

Just saying a quick hello – it’s member appreciation day today at LA Fitness… and considering The Power Bar is located within, we’re sort of obligated to participate. Which means we have killer deals, and that we get super busy, which in turn means that I basically have to work all day today. Woop (not).

I did however have Saturday off, which was nice. I’ve been eating a lot of good food with Max lately and spending a bunch of time outside in the sunshine, so life is good. I’ve got no complaints – hope you all are doing just as well!

To tide you over until I can actually create a nice original post, here’s an artist who honored dead animals by making them pretty death beds. I want to lie on a bed this nice when I finally kick the bucket, fyi.

Russian photographer Maria Ionova-Gribina’s unique but morbid Natura Morta project lets us look into the saddest part of nature’s cycle – death. In these beautiful photographs, the animals look like they’re sleeping peacefully, with birds dreaming of flight and rabbits of running. The photographer reveals how this idea of honoring dead animals came to her:

“When me and my brother found a dead mole, bird or bug we buried them on the border of a forest. And we decorated the grave with flowers and stones.” She decided to continue the tradition while also taking beautiful photographs of animals that died naturally or after accidents with cars. The flowers used in these photos were gathered near the animals and in the photographer’s  garden.

Source: Website (h/t: thisisnthappiness)




Hey Everyone!

Here’s something LAME that happened to me yesterday. I was cutting some oranges up at work and all of a sudden wham!, I snagged my poor left ring finger. It was/is pretty bad… 7 stitches on that bad boy. Now I’m all bandaged up and handicapped – it’s not cool. Especially because I lose out on some climbing time!! My middle and ring fingers are the most important ones in climbing, and they have to hold all my body weight at times, so that really really stinks. It’s going to need to be rehabilitated too since now it will be weaker than all the others. Ugh. However, it was pretty cool to watch it get stitched up. I have pictures if anyone is interested! Hehe.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I did wind up going on a hula hoop ordering binge the other night, and one came in today!! It’s so pretty. Thank you so much, Hippie Chic! The hoop size is 36″, and the pipe size is 3/4″ with 160 psi. Eeeeeee! At least I can still hoop with my busted finger, so I won’t go entirely stir crazy.

Silver & Black Hoop
I’m in the midst of writing another nice informational article for all of my lovely health nuts out there. Well, I’m in the research process (I mean business, you know!), but I should hopefully fine tune it within the next few days!

As always, x’s and o’s.

I’ll Be Hoopin’ For Days

Just Climb It


Let me tell you – I am absolutely drained. In a fantastic way, though, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. But alas, I just did. Boom.

I think I’m becoming addicted to climbing. Especially outdoor climbing. I looked up the definition just out of curiosity:



devoted or given up to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming (usually followed by to).
Okay, so maybe I don’t have a shrine in my basement devoted to rocks, but I’ve realized that almost every minute not spent at work, is spent climbing. Sizable chunk of free time? Oh yes – I climb during it.
Well, you know what? I dig it. It’s epic. Climbing is a heady combination of amazing things.
~  First of all, weather permitting, I get to spend time outside. In the sunshine. I don’t know about you, but being outdoors in the sunshine is just awesome. It makes me feel alive and I couldn’t imagine a lifestyle that didn’t involve the outdoors.
~  Next, climbing is a group activity when you want it to be, and a solo activity when you want it to be. It’s also awesome because you can aid others and vice versa. You aren’t competing with other humans; it’s you and the rock (well – besides competitions). Personally, I love that it a sport that Max and I do together – it’s such an awesome thing for couples to do.
~  Climbing also gets your heart racing. It’s a full on adrenaline sport, but at the same time you have to use your brain and be intelligent.
~  Then, there’s still the fact that it is a fantastic form of exercise and gets you in killer shape. Cool thanks.
Now I’m going to make you jealous with all my adventure living 😀
Last weekend, Max and I spent Saturday morning top-roping outdoors for the first time at Quincy Quarries thanks to Rock Spot Climbing. A great guy named Geoff showed myself, Max and a few others how to tie some knots, but mainly we just got a feeling for climbing long routes outdoors. I loved it.
Quincy QuarriesAfterwards, Max and I continued on to Rock Spot Climbing in Dedham since we were already in the area and bouldered for a good amount of time afterwards. I donated $2 to write my name on the wall as well, so my name will forever me in Dedham. They also have a hula hoop, and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know about me and hoops. It made me miss mine and I’m probably going to order two new ones after this post.
On Monday, Max bit the bullet and bought his own crash pad, so we of course had to test it out that day. We did a short climbing session at Goddard Park but then I got grouchy and the sun went down, so that was that. Tuesday was a fun day for me because I got to go to the Sysco Food Show in Newport and drink free wine and eat free food. Wednesday I climbed at Rock Spot and Friday I spent the day outdoors walking Hunter at Goddard Park and swimming and hiking at Carrs Pond with some peeps.
Saturday and Sunday were breeds of their own. Max and I did a Top-Roping 101 course at Snake Den with Josh and Christina. Our instructor, Paul (who I have the goal of befriending. I need climbing friends), taught us how to do all sorts of things to make sure we don’t die when top-roping outside. Between the four of us we’ve got it down pretty darn good, and now all I have to do is buy the equipment. Lucky for me I have a job! Stay tuned for that purchase, there will most likely be pictures.
After Snake Den, Max and I took a short break then drove to Lincoln Woods to do some bouldering. I top-ed out on two routes!! Not mega-easy ones, either. My strength is growing and I can’t wait to push myself on these routes all summer and full!
Flash forward to today, where after work, Max and I took a walking tour of Lincoln Woods and the bouldering problems to be held there by a lovely lady names Kris. Climbing people are so nice – Max and I even swapped e-mails with the kids in the tour, so we may have a climbing group in the works! Wahwahweewah.
So yeah.. that’s why I’m tired. I spent many hours this weekend outdoors, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I just need to start riding again and I’ll be one happy girl this summer.
Hula hoop shopping time! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, stay awesome.



Moon Party!


Hey loves!
Hope you’re all doing fantastically. I’m so glad it’s Friday – I finally have a day off tomorrow! I had last Saturday off too, both for climbing purposes. Stay tuned for pictures, I’m hoping I will get some. Eeeee.

In the meantime, take a gander at this video. I thought it was pretty comical, but then again I am a girl. Either way you should check it out.

Holy Sh*t … I Mean, Shot.


Happy Friday!
If you’re currently residing in Rhode Island like myself, the weather isn’t exactly happy, but it’s not like we can change that. Carpe diem, baby. At least our farms will be drinking it all up (pun intended).

As of yesterday, I’ve come down with some sickness that has yet to be named. I have flu-like symptoms, but it could potentially be Lyme, which would so NOT be cool. However, since I have been rock climbing outside lately it isn’t an entirely far-fetched idea. Either way I am getting blood work done this morning so hopefully the mystery will be solved, and thank the lord for that because I am bored!! I’m so used to working crazy long weeks lately that when I have almost a full day off to lay in bed and actually recuperate, I start climbing the walls within two hours.

On the bright side, you all get to benefit from my home confinement because I actually have time to post things! I know, you’re over the moon with excitement – me too.

Since I put myself to bed at 9:30 last night, I was up and rearing to go (minus the intense stomach pain) at 7:15 this morning. I had nothing better to do with my life, so I decided to have a little photo shoot with this lovely thing called The Holy Shot that we serve at The Power Bar.

Basically, it is a 4 oz shot with a base of filtered water, then you add in about 3 shakes of cayenne pepper, 1/2 of a lemon, and about 1/2 teaspoon of freshly minced ginger. This puppy wakes you up with a *bang!* and can also help with various ailments that you may be suffering from.

The Ingredients

What goes inside (minus h2o)

Now, just so you don’t think I am pulling your leg, here are the benefits of this mighty shot. I didn’t include water because… well, you should know that water is good for you. You can’t exactly survive without it.

Lemon: natural energizer (fights fatigue), flushes out unwanted materials, balances pH, helps hypertension, aids in weight loss (digestive aid), boosts immune system, helps with fever and chills, is antibacterial and abolishes acne.

Ginger: helps with migraines, muscle pain caused by exercise, inflammation of the colon, menstrual cramps, morning sickness, nausea caused by chemotherapy (if taken before), liver damage caused by acetaminophen (aka Tylenol), high blood pressure, asthma, diarrhea, bronchitis, arthritis, digestion, and the most amazing discover is helping cure ovarian cancer. A study found that exposing ovarian cancer cells to a solution of ginger powder resulted in their death in every single test – the cells either committed suicide (apoptosis) or digested/attacked themselves (autophagy).

Cayenne Pepper: Digestive aid, anti-irritant like upset stomach, ulcers, coughs, diarrhea and sore throats, anti-cold and flu agent, anti-fungal properties, migraine/headache prevention, helps with allergies, useful for blood clots, circulatory stimulant, joint-pain reliever, aids in weight loss, helps prevent lung cancer in smokers, promotes heart health, great for tooth and gum diseases.

Hail The Holy Shot

Hail The Holy Shot

Well, there you have it! Isn’t it cool looking? I sprinkled more cayenne on top for aesthetics; I probably wouldn’t drink it like that – I re-blended it for myself afterwards.

I’m off to get some blood work done, wish me luck!!!


Hullo again my darling dears 😉

If any of you out there are social media friendly, you should check out the social media platform I am starting for the business I am managing, The Power Bar – a juice and smoothie bar in Cranston, RI.

Our twitter handle is @ThePowerBarRI, our instagram is ThePowerBarRI and our facebook is yep, you guessed it:

As a teaser, here is a recent tweet I put up giving a super simple protein smoothie recipe! Yummy.


Social Media Shwaggin’

Wonders Of Wheatgrass

Wonders Of Wheatgrass

Bonjour, everyone!

At The Power Bar, we try and push people towards trying out wheatgrass shots.

Simply put, wheatgrass is an amazing nutritional powerhouse. Maybe they don’t rank 5 out of 5 stars in the taste category – it is juiced grass, after all –  but their overall awesomeness makes them superior in every other way, and I highly encourage you to incorporate wheatgrass shots into your regular diet.

1 ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent to eating 2 pounds of leafy green vegetables.

Slugging back an ounce or two of wheatgrass is a heck of a lot easier than eating a 2-4 pound leafy green salad, don’t you think? More cost effective, too.

Some Wheatgrass History
In 1930, wheatgrass was discovered by Charles F Schnabel, where he initially used it to help out his sick chickens, but he eventually extended the usage to his friends and family. Wheatgrass wasn’t popularized until 1968, when Dr. Ann Wigmore discovered that wheatgrass helped eliminate cancerous growth and improved many health challenges.

Why Is Wheatgrass So Fantastic?
– Wheatgrass is a great source of amino acids (19 altogether) and boasts at least 90 minerals, including high concentrations of the most alkaline minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.
– It has more Vitamin C than oranges, twice the Vitamin A as carrots and is also a great source of Vitamins B and E.
– Wheatgrass shots also provide 1g of protein, enzymes, chlorophyll and happen to be chock-full of beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body.
– These lovely green shoots happen to be high in saponin, which can remove up to thousands of pesky toxins.
– Finally, chlorophyll is prominent within wheatgrass; a molecule that is similar to that of hemoglobin.

What Benefits Come From Drinking Wheatgrass?
A lot of great things happen when you juice and drink these fresh green guys.
– Wheatgrass alkalizes and detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system thanks to its multitude of vitamins and even promotes eye health.
– The large amount of Vitamin A it has gives wheatgrass the ability to change cancerous cells and prevent new ones from forming.
– At the same time, the carotene, saponin, vitamins C, B & E all help eliminate up to thousands of free radicals and toxins from your cells, thus cleansing the body. Detoxifying your blood cells also helps prevent cancer.
– More specifically, wheatgrass cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract. It is great for constipation.
– Wheatgrass is particularly beneficial for blood because the chlorophyll helps deliver continuous energy into our bloodstream via replenishing and increasing our red blood cell counts, while hemoglobin (a protein) carries oxygen to our red blood cells, which actually builds blood. The brain and all body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly oxygenated environment.
– Due to the active enzymes within that play a major role in breaking down fats, wheatgrass aids in weight loss, while at the same time boosting energy and helping with digestion via bowel cleansing.
– The bodily benefits are mind-blowing; wheatgrass helps conquer chronic inner ear inflammations and infections, reduces varicose veins, heals some ulcers, sores and wounds, can prevent tooth decay and helps with skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.

Fun Facts
– Wheatgrass juice is 70% chlorophyll and can be taken orally or as a colon implant without toxic side effects – enemas are great for detoxifying the colon wall.
– Chlorophyll is anti-bacterial and can be used inside and outside the body as a healing agent. In liquid form, it washes drug deposits from the body.
– Acne has been known to significantly diminish when taking wheatgrass; it even removes scars after it has been ingested for 7-8 months – if you keep a healthy diet, that is.
– Juiced wheatgrass is used as a body deodorant due to acting as a detergent in the body; it can clear up foul smelling odors and neutralize strep infections.
– It also keeps your hair from graying.
– If you keep wheatgrass in your mouth for 5 minutes, it can eliminate toothaches by pulling the destructive poisons from your gums. Gargling with wheatgrass can help out a sore throat.

Wheagrass is a powerful detoxifying force, making it ideal for those of you out there with habits that you are trying to kick. Take a green step and try some wheatgrass today!

What Would YOU Do For A V-Card?


Hey babes,

Read these articles I am linking below. Albeit this is a little strange, but you know what? Good for them; power to the females! Plus, it’s a damn good way to get those student loans paid off in one easy night…

….sort of reminds me of this Les Miserables song, except this scenario is much, much better than when France was mega-grimy back in the day and females had well, no rights whatsoever. It makes me happy to see how far we’ve come, but we still have a long way to go around the world.

Make money in your sleep (kind of).

Or Not.

Anyway, Happy Saturday! I’m off to go rock climb 🙂

Pour Some Sugar On Mee


First of all, the title of this post is a fantastic song. Secondly, hi 🙂

In case you haven’t heard it:

As amazing as Def Leppard is, this isn’t the focus of my post aujourd’hui. I wanted to talk about real sugar and clear the air about all the different kinds of them floating around out there today.

There are three main simple sugars (aka important carbohydrates) that we are most familiar with: sucrose, glucose and fructose. These days, sugar has gotten a bad reputation, mostly due to the big wig food companies adding a ton of bad sugars in the processed food so many people eat to sweeten them and increase flavor, as well as and trick our brain receptors into wanting more of their crap.

However, sugar is found naturally in whole foods – so we do have a silver lining! The issue is that your tongue can’t distinguish between these sugars, so a lot of misinformed people don’t know which is good or bad off the bat, but your body can tell the difference. All sugars provide the same amount of energy per gram, but they processed and used differently throughout our bodies.

So far so good, yes? Just to clarify: sugars are a simple carbohydrate – and carbohydrates are a macro-nutrient that we must intake for our body to function at its best… in the proper amount, that is.

Anyway, let’s move on to the structures of sugars.
Simple carbohydrates are classified as either a) monosaccharides or b) disaccharides.
Monosaccharides, as you can guess from the “mono” prefix, are the simplest and most basic units of carbohydrates, and they are only made up of one sugar unit. Monosaccharides are building blocks for disaccharides, which are basically two linked sugar molecules (or monosaccharides) with a water molecule removed.

What To Know: Fructose and Glucose are monosaccharides, and they are building blocks of sucrose, which is a disaccharide.

I hope I haven’t lost you yet! Now I want to break it down and focus on the three simple sugars; glucose, fructose and sucrose.

Also known as blood sugar, this is your body’s preferred energy source, and the most important monosaccharide. Your body processes most carbohydrates that you eat into glucose in one of two ways: either immediately for energy or to be stored in your muscle cells or liver (as glyocen) to be used later.

For those of you who have diabetes or blood sugar problems, listen up: insulin is secreted primarily in response to elevated blood concentrations of glucose, and insulin is what facilitates the entry of glucose into cells.

Fructose is a sugar that is found naturally in a multitude of fruits and vegetables, but it is also what is added to sugary drinks like soda. Fructose has a different metabolic pathway than other sugars and is not the preferred energy source for your lovely muscles and brain – so stay away from sugar drinks and snacks!
Fructose is only metabolized in the liver and it is more fat-producing that glucose. It also doesn’t cause insulin to be released (where glucose does), so leptin – a key hormone for regulating energy intake and expenditure isn’t stimulated. No bueno.

So basically, when you have high intakes of dietary fructose, concerns will arise because it behaves more like fat in the body rather than other carbohydrates.

You all most likely know sucrose as table sugar; it comes from either sugar cane or sugar beets. Sucrose is also naturally found in fruits and vegetables. When you consume sucrose, an enzyme beta-fructosidase separates sucrose (remember, it’s a disaccharide) into its individual sugar units, also known as the monosaccharides glucose and fructose, where both sugars are taken up by their individual transport mechanisms.

When you have sucrose and it has been broken down, your body will respond to the glucose in its normal manner, but at the same time, fructose is finding its way into your body. Your body will use glucose as its main energy source with all the excess coming from fructose, but if it is not needed, then the fructose starts becoming fat, which is further stimulated by your body releasing insulin due to the glucose.


… PHEW! So that was a lot. I hope I didn’t melt your brains. I’m no scientist myself, so I tried to break it down as best I could in the simplest manner. I hope this helps all of you get a slightly better grasp on the sugars, and which you should best try to avoid *cough fructose*

Enjoy your weekend, my dears!