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Remember Everything Is Right Until It’s Wrong. You’ll Know When It’s Wrong.


Hullo, darlings.
It appears that I’ve gathered some new followers, which makes me really happy; I like knowing that people are actually interested in what I have to say. Sooo, if you’re reading this and don’t want to repeatedly hit yourself in the head with a blunt (or sharp) object, you should click the follow button and add your e-mail. That way you get automatically updated when I spew my thoughts here. Happiness.

Hippies are funny and I love them

Wednesday is almost over! Thank goodness, right? It’s been a hell of a tumultuous week already, and I always breathe a sigh of relief when the “hump day” comes to a close, although Wednesday is actually my easiest day of the week. It’s the premise of it I guess. This week I think some of my professors got together and decided that they would try their best to make me depressed with all the heinous reading material I’ve had to digest. First, it was Ernest Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden – which is an absolutely beautifully written work of art, but poignant down to the core. I recommend you all read it. Most books don’t actually take me across the spectrum of human emotions, but this one did. If you try and tell me reading isn’t your thing, I say you live a sheltered life, and I am sad for you. To help convince you to pick up this novel, the characters within the pages drink like fish and it’s scandalous; plus you can learn how to properly drink absinthe – or as Hemingway calls it, “wormwood-tasting truth serum”. Now isn’t that fun?

I’m with you. No matter what else you have in your head I’m with you and I love you

The next brilliant ray of sunshine was my french play, Les Justes by Albert Camus. It’s based on a true story about a group of Russian Socialist-Revolutionaries who get together and assassinate the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich in 1905. I’m not actually up to that part yet, but what I had to read for last class was the lively debate the revolutionaries had about whether or not it was appropriate to throw a bomb at a carriage that had children in it. How pleasant.

Finally, the icing on the cake… Journey Into The Whirlwind by Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg. This book is the very true and very heart-wrenching (as well as blood-boiling) account of Genia’s 18-year experience traveling through the Soviet Union’s prisons and labor camps. So basically you see first hand Stalin’s reign of terror. It’s terrifying; I really don’t understand why humans do this to one another. Why can’t we all just get along???

Hokay, happy thoughts!

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

I can pretty much guess that everyone has heard about the recent Hunger Games epidemic that seems to be taking over the nation. They made an earth-shattering 19.7 million during the Thursday midnight premiere alone, jeezum crow. It didn’t stop there though, it became the highest grossing non-sequel weekend opener of all time, along with holding the highest non-sequel single day grosses for a film’s debut. Also, it is the highest March opening  ever and holds the 5th place in highest opening days in cinematic history. Talk about making a splash huh? I actually haven’t seen the movie yet – I plan to tomorrow after class when I am not overwhelmed with work – or read the book. Shocker, I know, being the avid reader that I am. It’s on my to-do list though.
I did however get my hunger satiated (har har, punny) for this sudden craze. On Monday night, Jon Kilik, the head producer of The Hunger Games, came to UVM to talk about the movie and he held a forum where anyone could ask questions about his work or the film, etc. Jon graduated from UVM in 1978; he’s kind of a legacy here, and he loves The Green Mountain State, so he graced us with his presence after opening weekend. The talk was actually really interesting, he seems to be a pretty down to earth guy (how can you not be if you go to this school). It’s funny, he talked about how he was a political science major, with absolutely no interest in film. Then, during his junior year he took a film class because he thought it would be easy. Turns out, it was far from easy, but it planted the film seed in his head and now look at him! Producing a record breaking film, psh. Let that be a lesson to you folks, nothing is set in stone. Go out and experience everything you possibly can, you never know if your niche is out there waiting for you to find it.

Last night was the Tan Vampires concert at Higher Ground, and it was fantastical. Those guys are just as good in person as I had hoped, and I’m kind of in love with the lead singers voice. It was a small turn-out, but whatever. I enjoyed myself, it was free, and I actually managed to read about 30 pages in my book before the show started. Wins all around. Take a gander at the video I took below, and pay particular attention to the epic beards of the drummer and keyboard (and whatever else he’s playing) players. I’m not sure how long it took for them to grow those puppies, but they are bad-ass. I have another video of them with some suave dance moves by the guitarist to the right, but I’ll save that gem for another day.

Well, I should be going; I still have a bit more reading to do (it never ends!) and I have work early in the am. Goodnight, moons.


Hi. I’m in a little bit of a foul mood because I came home after working at the barn today to YET AGAIN my house being a pig sty. So, to combat said mood, I’m going to rant for a hot second and then later on tonight commence with the happy, intriguing stuff that you guys so enjoy.

Here we go.
I have a bone to pick with you slothy slobs of the world. What the hell is your problem? Do you think that magical fairies and sprites come out every night to clean up after you? Or that your tornado/hurricane/monsoon combo of a mess will instantly disappear and apparate to the dump simply because you will it to be done?  If that is the case… then I’m sorry but you must be retarded, and I highly encourage you to check into an institution. At least there people will clean up after the chaos you leave behind. Hell, they’ll even wipe your ass for you if you so desire. But seriously. What chromosomes are you missing that you are incapable of being tidy? It’s something I really just can’t fathom. If you dirty something, clean it. If you break something, fix it. And if you mess up my orderly way of life put it back the way you found it. It is not rocket science to pick up after yourself, I mean we learn this during our toddler years. If you can put your toys away at the age of three, you should be damn capable of eradicating your muddled garbage. If not, then I believe there should be repercussions.
For instance: if you leave your hair in the drain of the shower and do not dispose of it, I then have the right to duct tape this hair to your pillow so you see how nasty it is. HA. Or, if you do not clean your dishes after they have been sitting in the sink for at least a day, you relinquish the right to use cutlery and other eating utensils, and must therefore eat with your hands off of the floor; or all of your dirty dishes/pots/pans will magically find their way to your bedroom upside down on your bed. Too bad you forgot to clean out that soup bowl, bitch. Looks like you’re sleeping with noodles tonight.

I am totally aware that I sound harsh and nasty right here, but it pisses me off beyond believe when things are gross and dirty in the house where I spend the majority of my time. Especially if said untidiness is not mine. I work with horses, and they are cleaner than the people I live with right now (thankfully my roommates don’t care enough to read this, and if they happen to stumble upon it by chance,clean up gosh darnit, stop being so damn vile). I mean, come on, I make everything neat promptly after I make a mess. What makes other people believe they are so privileged that they don’t have to do the same? News flash: you aren’t that special, and if you really think that, then you and my PHX-800 can have a little tête-à-tête.

Okay, I’m done! I feel better, nothing like a good rant to clear the pipes. By the way, the PHX-800 is my 7.8 million volt mini stun gun, and it is a scary little mofo. No one has been daring enough to let me try it out on them yet, mostly because it can completely (temporarily) paralyze someone if you hold it on them for more than 25 seconds. Haha, yeah… don’t mess. View the below video to witness the fury firsthand.

Well, I’m going to go start reading the 839 pages I have to have read by the end of the week. Yes, I am aware that is a lot of reading material, I’m not amused. That’s probably not all of it, either. Yay for English and European Studies majors!

Say Hello To My Little Friend

I Found A Body To Call My Own


Herro, again.
I should be doing homework right now, (yes, at 10:45 on a Saturday morning) considering I slacked a bit this week in the homework department with my boyfriend being up to visit. So I should be productive right now since I work today at 1:00, butttt I prefer to do this. So this is what I’m going to do.

Let’s talk art.
Last night I went downtown to grab some food, and the BCA Center was bustlin’! This was exceptionally strange because their hours until April are only until 5pm, and I was downtown at 7pm. I asked some people who were walking out what was going on, and it turns out it was a big night for Casey Reas‘ “Process”. Obviously, I went in to check it out (plus there was free food, who can argue with that?!) and it was actually pretty cool. Here’s a little blurb about him written on the pamphlet I snagged:

Using computer software algorithms, California-based artist Casey Reas creates printed and interactive works that are complex and yet shockingly organic and beautiful. Reas is the co-creator of the Processing computer code, a language specifically designed for visual artists, which has become an international standard in the art world. Currently a professor at UCLA, Reas will be in The BCA Center for three days and will lead public workshops in algorithmic art.

Well, it turns out that last night when I went, there was a sort of farewell to Casey Reas (March 21-23 were the dates he was in Burlington – I’m kind of bummed I missed out on the workshops) and the man of the hour was there. While I was stuffing my face with food he was talking next to me to some guy about the algorithms and computer mambo-jumbo that was way over my head, so I couldn’t chime in. Sad.
Anyway, here’s some pictures of his exhibit. It’s pretty awesome, and wildly impressive that these are created through algorithms, math behind art, huzzah! I also recommend you Burlington dwellers to check out the exhibit, it’s always better in person and it runs until April 28th. Plus it is free to the public, so why the hell not?

So there you have it. Pretty cool, huh?
Ok, let’s move on to la musique. First some local stuff:

There’s a Vermont band, called Vermont Joy Parade, and they’re coming to Burlington! Actually, more than that, BCA (once again) is going to host their sophomore album release! The album, dubbed New Anthem, and it’s party will be at the BCA Center at 8pm on Saturday, March 31, and tickets are only $6. Quite a nice price for all the awesome that will be happening (with Mighty Tiny, Anna Pardenik & Her Apologies, & Grace O’Malley and Her 3-Masted Galley).
Hopefully, I will be able to attend this event. However, it’s our Dressage Team’s last horse show of the season, so I will be down in Connecticut for the UCONN show for the majority of the day. If I happen to be lucky enough to get back in time – which is pretty unlikely – I will be there, but it’s not looking good. Que triste.

Anyway, here’s a synopsis of their new album, and a little groove to jam to. These guys are pretty good; they went to Bonnaroo, which you all know I am a gigantic fan of.

New Anthem explores the evolution of joy in fifteen songs orchestrated with accordion, banjo, cornet, euphonium, pump organ, and everything in between.

They’re funky and I dig it.

One more thing before I have to head out for work.
UVM Night Out at Higher Ground. Woo! UVM Program Board is stepping up their game and actually hosting a night at Higher Ground, can anyone say free concert? So there. The event is Tuesday, March 27 at 8:00 PM. It’s a first come first serve basis, so I would probably say get there early. I’m bringing a book to read while I wait; killing two birds with one stone, mmhm.

The band playing is The Tan Vampires. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of them before. Which makes it all the more exciting, I love doing music research.

I’m already hooked with this video. Also, let’s talk about how amazing the singers voice is here. He has the kind of voice I absolutely adore. And the lyrics? I love words, so lyrics are key when I’m listening to music (I mean, duh shouldn’t lyrics be a key component?) and these are pretty beautiful. Click on the link I attached to the band name and check these guys out, and maybe I’ll see you on Tuesday!

Well, I’m off to the barn to get covered in mud most likely. Yummy. Stay Beautiful.


“A Change In The Weather Is Sufficient To Recreate The World And Ourselves”


Well bonjourrr.
I slacked again as far as writing frequently, but I’m not really that sorry about it. My excuse was that I was out living life. I’m sure the topic of weather seems just about exhausted by this point but seriously, my goodness! I don’t think I’ve ever been so contented in the middle of March in Burlington. I mean, look at this forecast – and this is even cooler than what it actually ended up being!

Apocalypse now, baby.

I was actually able to wear dresses three consistent days in a row. Life is grand. Now if only UVM decided to actually be eco-friendly and turn off the heat. Really though, how much sense does this make? It was obviously going to be outrageously warm for at least 4/5 days in a row, yet UVM – a school that constantly boasts about being one with the environment and saving the planet – we waste absurd amounts of energy keeping the heat on during these insane heat waves!  Not only does it waste money, but we as students are melting. Seriously, I do not find it appealing at all to be sitting in class trying to learn while I start to sweat balls because heat is blasting at me in the 80+ degree weather. Let’s use our noggins’, people. Now, I could understand if they wouldn’t turn the heat off for one hot day, but if we know in advance of multiple days, we really should try and penny pinch, the trees will thank us.

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues. And I’m asking you sir, at the top of my lungs – that thing! That horrible thing that I see! What’s that thing you’ve made out of my truffula tree?

If you guys haven’t been able to see “The Lorax” yet, I highly recommend it. I saw it with my sisters over spring break in 3D and it did not disappoint; and I was an avid The Lorax reader, so I would pretty much call myself a scholar. Yeahup. I also want these bears as pets to snuggle:

I digress.

I’ve been making some progress on the coffeehouse hunt, too. To aid those who actually care about this kind of stuff, and for me for future reference, I decided to be legitimate about this. I just fiddled around on excel for a solid 20 minutes trying to make a pretty chart, but I will call this a fail. If anyone knows how to skillfully work their way around, I would love to learn =) For the time being, I’ll just do a make-shift chart-thing here. Don’t worry, I’m still not super far along, so the list will definitely be growing.

Name                       Muddy Waters                        Uncommon Grounds         Radio Bean

Drink                      Mocha ***                                  Mocha ****                          Raspberry Italian Soda *****

Atmosphere         Super cozy, nice seats              Brighter                                Upbeat, very social
”               ”              Lighting to read by                    Smaller tables                     Arrangement of seats, outdoors
”               ”               ****                                               ***                                         *****

Clientele              Medley ***                                   Medley ***                           Performers ****
”             ”                 Studiers, Gossipers                    Studiers, Readers               Music Lovers
”             ”                 Hangers, Chess Players            Dates, Chess Players          Eccentric, Friendly

Music                   Coffee Shop Jams ****              Coffee Shop Jams ***         Live Awesome Mixture *****

I didn’t put price down because it seems like drinks in this area are all relatively the same unless you’re getting something extravagant or alcoholic.

It’s probably pretty obvious which one is my favorite so far. I actually went to Radio Bean two days in a row so I missed out on trying another shop, it was that good! I took my boyfriend there though and he commented on how he would never get anything done there with all the noise and music and distractions, which is more than true. I happen to have an extraordinary talent where I am capable of tuning out virtually everything around me in order to do homework and read wherever I want – I think it’s a talent acquired from being in a family of 6 with many, many animals and humans constantly running about. So, I have no issue reading a book and planning a paper while artists are performing to adoring friends [and fans], but take heed if you don’t share the same capacity. If you want a place to study a book or read, go to Muddy Waters. If you want a place to do homework that is more like a desk atmosphere, then I recommend heading to Uncommon Grounds. They all have their niche which makes them unique and enjoyable, so get out there and soak in the culture!

Well, my computer is dying, so it looks like I’m signing off. Ten-four.

I’m Baaaaack


Hello, lovelies. I’ve been on Spring Break mode and have been neglecting my blogging duties, but am officially back on my grind… with a lot to share with you!

First off, I got offered an internship over break which I’m pretty stoked about. It’s with digboston, and I’m kind of completely obsessed. It’s a newspaper (online and print) that covers Boston Events, Humor and Nightlife. Eeeee. I recommend all of you to check out the website at least, especially if you live anywhere near the Boston area. If I take this internship it means I will be in Boston at least two days a week, so anyone staying in Boston over the summer hit me up (and let me crash on your couch?!) and we can go gallivanting around Bean Town for the nightlife.

On that note, I came across a festival in Boston called Together and it seems absolutely amazing. It’s the week of April 2nd-8th and I recommend anyone who can to go. It also happens to be Easter weekend, so why not celebrate? I’m trying my best to go at least. Visit the website here, and I’ll post the teaser video for everyone to see and ogle at.

So I’m not sure how the weather was yesterday for all of you, but it was absolutely stunning in Burlington yesterday. I’m hoping it’s not just a tease though; I mean it was 63 at one point! In the middle of March! That’s practically unheard of here. I mean, my freshman year it was snowing during finals week… which was in May. So you can imagine my shock when I was able to go downtown yesterday without a jacket. I’m not complaining or anything, but I’m hoping this isn’t just a fluke and we are back to living in the tundra in a week. Global warming, anyone?

Speaking of Global Warming, picture a polar bear without their fur, because with this steady increase in temperature that is what is predicted to start happening. Not going to lie, but I feel like they will look a little creepy considering their skin in black, and it takes away the cuddly appeal. So, be green and save the polar bears!

Sorry, my eco-friendly Vermont upbringing got the best of me right there. Seriously though, click on that link and see what you can do to decrease your carbon footprint; this shit is real, people. I don’t know about you, but a world that is steadily melting is a pretty frightening concept. Makes me want to visit the polar ice caps sooner rather than later, because who knows how long they’ll actually be around for?

Anyway, I have this new bit where I am going around to all the coffee shops in Burlington and hanging out there to do my homework instead of doing it in my house. Yesterday Muddy Waters was the coffee shop of choice, and I snagged one of the gigantic leather chairs and parked there for about two hours. I am trying to wean myself on to liking coffee, but it’s proving to be harder than I thought. Honestly, I think coffee tastes repulsive; I am strictly a hocho kind of girl, but there are so many options in the coffee world that I kind of feel left out. So, I’m taking baby steps and starting with mocha, and so far so good. For those of you in Burlington, I will be letting you guys know which my favorites are, and maybe I’ll see you there.

Concert Update: While downtown yesterday, I picked up my Bassnectar Tickets, woop woop! The show is on April 17th at Memorial Auditorium, and if it is anything like the April 20th show he put on last year, it’s going to be beyond awesome. Seriously, this guy knows how to kill it. Unfortunately for those of you who weren’t on your grind quick enough, the show is sold out, but I’ll let you know how it is! For those of you who did buy a ticket, I recommend going downtown to Flynn and picking up your tickets before the show. I was chatting with the guy at the ticket window and he informed me there are three big boxes full of tickets, so if you are lazy and wait until the day of the show, you are going to be waiting in a line longer than you can imagine. So be smart! It’s for your own sanity. Unless you enjoy waiting in lines, in which case, rock on dude.

So my right arm feels like it was run over by a truck, which is probably because I fell off a horse yesterday. Don’t worry, falling off really isn’t as bad as it seems, at this point I’m practically a professional and can pick where I land. I guess yesterday I did a somersault in the air in order to land on my butt, now that’s talent. I’m riding this horse for a boarder at the barn I ride/work at, and she’s adorable but has a saucy pony attitude (which I’m totally cool with). I was making her actually work and do things she didn’t want to do, so to show her displeasure she decided to pull a bucking bronco move. Now, normally I’m ace at staying on a bucking horse, my childhood pony trained me well in that area, but Coral Beach takes it to a whole new level. Instead of normal bucking, she does a move called a capriole… peep the below video for a visual aid. She’s got talent, and probably would have made a decent war horse, since that is the origin of the capriole.

Okay, well I think I’m about done here for now. I have an interview for another internship in a little while, but stay tuned, I’ve still got a lot to share. Peace out girl scouts.