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Application Creation & Acid Reflux Aid


How’s it hanging, my turtle doves?
Looks like my last few posts have been enjoyable 😀 Here’s to hoping I keep the joy a-flowin’!

So listen. I have this great idea I need to capitalize on – now, maybe I say this almost everyday about something twirling around in my head, but I consider it a good day when I drum up an idea/creation! Hell, sometimes I count making a diesel sandwich a victory; the little things count, too.
Anyway, now I’m making it my newest mission to create an app. Hopefully my dad (or even brother) can be a help with this, BUT if any of you darlings reading this have any special knowledge on app creating – like smart phone applications – reach out to me! Let’s create something together!

That’s pretty much all I have the energy for at the moment; I worked both days this weekend, ew. I also just really wanted to make sure you all know that I was thinking about you! And for being so awesome, here’s some information you may find useful for yourself or a loved one today or sometime in the future:

Some of you may have heard of a thing called Acid Reflux Disease. If you haven’t…

At the entrance to your stomach is a valve, which is a ring of muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Normally, the LES closes as soon as food passes through it. If the LES doesn’t close all the way or if it opens too often, acid produced by your stomach can move up into your esophagus. This can cause symptoms such as a burning chest pain called heartburn. If acid reflux symptoms happen more than twice a week, you have acid reflux disease, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Source.

Basically, acid reflux (aka heartburn) really seems to stink, and it’s more common than one would think. There is a customer of mine at the juice bar who suffers from said evil heartburn, so he asked me to look into what foods would sort of ease his suffering.
Ecstatic that someone at work actually wanted to use me for knowledge that I’m so chock full of and eager to share, I got right to it! Here’s what I came up with.

Foods To Ease Acid Reflux Disease:

– Oatmeal
– Ginger
– Aloe Vera
– Salad *
– Banana **
– Melon (honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon)
– Fennel
– Chicken & Turkey, NOT fried, no skin
– Wild Fish & Seafood, NOT fried
– All Roots & Greens (green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, etc)
– Celery
– Parsley
– Couscous & Rice, Bulgur Wheat

*no tomatoes, onion, cheese or high fat dressings!
**99% react well with bananas, though for some it has the opposite effect.

And there you have it!! Hopefully this was of some help or interest to you. Now, because I’m smoothie and juice obsessed and aim to please, I have plans tomorrow at work to concoct a drink that utilizes some of the above mentioned ingredients. Therefore, stay tuned for an acid reflux aid shake! The name could use some work, though…

Kisses and hugs. Time for bed!

Seattle & Olympia Washington


Hey babes.

Look at me, blogging again! 😀

As I was going through some pictures on my phone, I realized that I never told you guys about the rest of my trip out West that I took back in March! I mostly caught you up on my trip to Portland, Oregon, so I won’t say anymore about that… but I didn’t even touch upon Seattle, Washington. Oh my!

In a nut shell, it was absolutely fabulous. I stayed with yet another friend that I studied abroad with, Kaitlyn. She’s outrageously awesome and I really wish we lived closer; we have pretty similar mentalities/senses of humor, and my time spent with her was always a great one.
She actually doesn’t live in Seattle, so I started off my trip with Kaitlyn in her hometown, Olympia. It’s a small town, but my host knew a TON about it and was always spitting out interesting facts, and I sort of loved it. It was quirky with really awesome shops and all the people were unique, which is my type of crowd. I also sang some karaoke at one of the many bars in their downtown. Might I mention that I killed it?

It’s been a while since my epic adventure, so I can’t really recount many details with you, so my apologies for that. I can tell you though, that directly after I arrived Kaitlyn took me to a wine and beer festival that was happening in Olympia. I did mention that town was awesome, didn’t I? Kaitlyn’s dad also showed up and treated us to a bunch of free booze (yes), and another kind gent at the festival gave us some of his booze tickets… so you can imagine we were pleased as punch. Drunk off it too, hehe.

Us at the Wine Fest!

Us at the Wine Fest!

Kaitlyn is a nature girl like myself who happens to work for Fish and Wildlife, so of course we did outdoor adventuring. I can’t remember the names, but here’s a picture of some crazy rapids she took me too. That girl knows so much about the nature in that area it blows my mind; I loved it.

Water Rapids
As I mentioned, Olympia is a unique town.. so of course the decor had to match. Feast your eyes:

Me chillin' with my super homies

Me chillin’ with my super homies

Pizza Pizza

Sweet Drinking Fountain

Sweet Drinking Fountain

Moving on to Seattle — I really enjoyed this city! However, they are in some SERIOUS need of a juice bar chain, (that I of course plan on starting, so don’t try and take my idea. I will find you.) there are Starbucks on every corner, of course, but it borders on too much. I mean, I understand that Seattle folk love their caffeine, but come on!

Obviously, I was taken on the general tourist route to see all the sites…

Space Needle

Space Needle

All I could think of was Grey’s Anatomy here ^^

Artsy Fartsy

Those flowers!!!

Those flowers!!!

One of my favorite places was Pike Place Market… SO AWESOME. You guys know about my love for Farmer’s Markets, and this was humungous! Everything from food to candles to hot pepper raspberry jam *drools*.

Spiky Yummy Fruit

In Front Of PikeRidin' Dirty

Kaitlyn made me take all the fun touristy pictures, so I went along with it. Actually, now I’m really happy she did. Including this one of the very famous Seattle “gum wall”. Yes, you heard that right. It was pretty gross, as my face shows. Of course I added to it! She made me chew gum for it, haha.

Yummy Gum

Gum Wall
After spending our first day in Seattle, we both went to spend the night at a close friend of Kaitlyn’s; yet another cool person whom I enjoyed spending time with. She had a cat who liked to hang out with us and was incredibly artsy – I actually noted some ideas of hers and totally plan on using them down the road.

The next day was my last one out West 😦 so we packed our bags and headed back into Seattle for one last adventure. We spent the day exploring and absorbing the sites, then drank various beers from multiple bars (oops) and not too long after I had to get dropped off at the airport. Overall, it may have been a short trip, but it was an amazing one and I definitely plan on spending some more time out there in the future. Entrepreneurship out West, here I come!

Well, there you have it. Sorry if this was sort of a disjunctive post… I worked super late today and I’m starting to crash. Have a great night my darlings!! x’s and o’s.

Newport Folk Festival L<3ve


My beauties! Hello!

It’s been almost three weeks 😦 I’m sorry for that. I don’t really have an excuse besides work and climbing, so you’re just going to have to love me regardless.

That Sunset Doe

How are things?

I miss France today. Who am I kidding, I miss France everyday… but today I am feeling especially sick for what became my second home (or third, behind Burlington MAYBE). Alas, there’s not much I can do about that currently; c’est la vie. I think I have this undiagnosed (well, I’m diagnosing it now) problem where I have to travel or explore a new place every other week or so or I go a little stir crazy.

Why can’t some rich awesome person just hand me stacks of bills so I can travel the world opening eco-friendly and sustainable juice bars that use local produce? If you know of someone who fits the bill, I’m ready and waiting.

On a more realistic note, t seems like you all enjoyed my last post on The Gunks; thanks for that. I enjoy all of you, too. I promised that I would share about some of my other gypsy endeavors, so here it goes!

Over Newport

Sunset Over Newport

July 26th, 2014: THE NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL!!! That’s right, I scored tickets. My amazing friend Sarah, who happens to also be a champion concert go-er such as myself, used some gypsy magic to obtain us last minute tickets to (in my opinion) the best day of the weekend long festival. The best part? We paid LESS than face value! It was awesome.

Saturday Lineup

Saturday Lineup

As you can see, it was a pretty fantastic lineup of performers. My favorites were of course Deer Tick, but Jack White and The Oh Hellos came in close behind.

Deer Tick Looking Sharp!

Deer Tick Looking Sharp!

I just can’t get enough of Jon’s (Deer Tick’s lead singer) voice; it’s downright magical. His very pregnant wife, Vanessa Carlton, must think so too.

Vanessa Carlton making a guest appearance!

Vanessa Carlton making a guest appearance!

I had not been to the Newport Folk Festival in years because of it’s growing popularity and tickets selling out so damn fast, and I’m sad I had been missing out! It really is a magical place, right at Fort Adams on the water. So stunning and all the people there are friendly. However, I tend to be a big mush when it comes to music festivals, so maybe I’m a little bias. Regardless, I will definitely be returning and all of you should, too! My goal is to be a vendor there sometime in the near future — you can probably guess for what.


Sooooo, I had all these grand intentions to share more epic adventures will all of you sweet souls, but Max has just informed me that he needs my assistance with acquiring his car. And since I have been carting his bum around for the past 3+ weeks, I’m pretty eager to oblige. HOWEVER, I promise that I will be better with keeping you all updated on my life. It’s exciting, after all!

Before I leave, here’s a picture of the one purchase I made the the fest. I am in need of belts with all this epic rock climbing I have been doing, and this one was handcrafted, beautiful and inexpensive… so how could I say no?

IMG_7026Stay rockin’

The Gunks


Hey babes!

Okay, so maybe I’ve been a little behind the ball lately with my blogging.
HOWEVER, I have excuses: I’m being a gypsy again! I missed my traveling lifestyle, and I’m quite pleased that I’ve been able to get back at it a little bit. Of course, I’m still working a ton – but that’s how she goes, and how it will go probably until I retire (yikes). I’m just happy that I can finally find a balance between work and play that satisfies me. I’m going to consider that a very good thing.

As promised, I wanted to tell you all about my travels! I’ll start with the first one: The Gunks. Also known as Shawangunk Mountains located near New Paltz, New York. It was Max’s birthday on July 18th, so we left that Friday after I was done with work and made the trek to NY.
As you may know, we have been getting really into rock climbing lately, and for his birthday, Max wanted to go outdoor climbing. Well, that’s exactly what we did! I bought a room at River Hill Bed & Breakfast in Milton, NY for his present and we spent Friday and Saturday climbing real rocks in one of the most premier climbing spots in this part of the country.

View of the Hudson River from our B&B

View of the Hudson River from our B&B

It was awesome. We only did bouldering since we don’t have all the gear to do top-roping/trad climbing, but even so it was a really good time. Granted, we didn’t climb a TON, but we got ourselves acclimated to the outdoors and were able to get to know the area. We will definitely be back, I have my sights set on those crazy trad routes. There were still plenty of boulder problems to keep us busy for the weekend and then some, so I was pleased as punch.

Our bed and breakfast was also a home run. Ellen, the keeper, is an incredibly sweet woman who cooked some killer bread and turned it into french toast. Um, YUM. You know a quick way to my heart is through my stomach. She also let me take a bunch of her old National Geographic magazines, which is another passion of mine (I will work for you someday NatGeo… you’ve been warned), so basically she rocks. I think I would make a pretty good B&B owner as an old lady: note to self.

Peep those coasters!! So cute!

Peep those coasters!! So cute!

The area around Shawangunk is also pretty radical; I thoroughly enjoyed spending time there. They had local honey, jam and farm stands everywhere, which light up the Vermonter in me, and the restaurants that we went to were all de-lic-ious. If I remember correctly, we hit up Lemon Grass, which was a spicy Thai food restaurant and Mountain Brauhaus, an authentic German restaurant.

Could I live full-time that much in the mountains? Probably not. However, owning a nice log cabin in that area would be AWESOME. I could climb epic mountains whenever I wanted, and the view really is phenomenal. If any of you ever have the chance to visit to The Gunks, take it. Even if you don’t climb rocks, the trails are super hiker friendly and the nature there is just breathtaking. It makes me a little sad that there aren’t more places like this in the North East; suburbia is taking over in a way I’m not really okay with. Mer.

Now for the good stuff — pictures!

Max posing for the view

Max posing for the view

Coffee overlooking the Hudson? I'll take that.

Coffee overlooking the Hudson? I’ll take that.

Rock at Peter's Kill

Rock at Peter’s Kill

Another Boulder At Peter's Kill

Another Boulder At Peter’s Kill

Main Boulder We Did at The Trapps

Main Boulder We Did at The Trapps

Another Trapps Boulder we climbed successfully

Another Trapps Boulder we climbed successfully

Alrighty, I think that’s enough for me today. I still have to catch you up on my last two weekends, but that’s going to have to wait a bit. In other news, ONE MORE DAY ON MY LYME MEDICATION!!! I’m almost not a sickly human anymore!! 30 days of doxycycline is just so uncool, especially in the summertime when it’s so nice out and I have sun sensitivity.

Laters. xxoo