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I’ve Got A Crush On You


Hi Friends!
I still have a bunch of videos that I need to share with the world, so this post will be a mix of that and me catching you up on my life once again. It’s officially the weekend for me now because this week is France’s vacation week… I still had class Mon-Wed but it was only in the morning sooo yeah! Viva La France.

^ NERO KILLING IT. Amsterdam edition.
Saturday, October 27th: Woke up too early for me to be pleased. We had to be at the bus station by 8h30, which means I had to leave my house by 7h50 to get there on time.. ew. We left Grenoble a little before 9h00 and had a 3.5 heure bus ride ahead of us. I tried to sleep, but even with my human pillow it was virtually impossible to get comfortable enough to actually fall asleep. Eventually I just gave up and listened to music to pass the time. Overall though, it wasn’t an entirely painful bus ride. A little passed noon we arrived at our destination: Aix-en-Provence. It was outrageously windy there, so directly after we checked in at the hotel we moved our asses vite to find a place to eat. I ended up branching off with Richard and Macauley and we had lunch at some asain-ish inspired cuisine place. I got a soup that did a fine job with warming up my insides. Nomnomnom

After lunch, of course we had to have dessert. I opted for gelato, of course; the flavors I had were chocolate chip (except they were flakes, not chips) and caramel salted peanut vanilla. Yes, that is correct. It was an amazing flavor and if possible I would like to bathe daily in it. But alas. We had a tour scheduled in the afternoon with the group, so post-feasting, the three of us headed back to Maison du Tourisme to meet up with the rest of the API clowns to take a guided tour. We had the option to take the tour in French or English, but I was feeling lazy, so English won. It was a pleasant tour, but I really wish the wind was a little less intense. Thankfully though I had my spirit hood, so my hands remained toasty. Once the tour was finished, we all branched off again and I ended up buying dank cookies at this awesome cookie shop, then going back to the hotel with Emily and Richard to change into warmer clothes.

Try to ignore the creepy face…

From there, Emily, Max, Richard and I went to just explore the town… I ended up buying some sparkly black flats as well because I needed black shoes to match my black leather jacket (I’m still debating whether or not to buy matching leather boots though…). Richard was in search of a snapback, but it was all in vain. During our exploration, we stumbled upon this burrito place that came highly regarded by Evelyn (our resident burrito expert), so of course we had to stop in for an early dinner. Turns out, the proprietor of the establishment was obsessed with my spirithood, so I let him model it for a little bit… then I munched face on an amazing semi-spicy chicken burrito. Cowboy, take me away.

Post-epic food, the four of us purchased our drinks for the night: bottles on bottles of wine. I bought one for myself, and the other one I ended up splitting with Nina (thank goodness, because if I had beasted two on my own I would have been shithoused). I also found patches for Aix-en-Provence and Marseille in my travels, so my day was 100% made. My backpack is starting to look sweet, y’all! At this point, it was starting to get dark and cold, so we went back to the hotel, and I headed to my room to shower — and in true classy form, I opened my bottle of wine while showering because everyone else was starting to pre-game, and I couldn’t be left out.

When I was nice and clean, I headed to Max, Preston and Richard’s room to start the night’s festivities. It was just Max, Richard and I for a little bit, so we played some card games (I brought my deck from Amsterdam), and then Nina, Emily, Mike, Ryan, Natasha and Maddie joined us… so in true API fashion, we played king’s. Needless to say, we found out some secrets about one another, and we all left the room strongly buzzing. Well, to be honest, I was drunk, but whose counting? I had a slight mental breakdown concerning the boy (no worries, all is well now.. beyond well, actually), so when we got to the bar my friends decided it would be a good idea to buy me a drink. NO. Bad decision! You do not buy a crying drunk girl more drinks! But alas, it happened, and I vaguely remember slurping down a fairly gross tasting blue drink, and then being convinced to take a shot of caramel vodka. It was at this point that I started to black-out, and to be honest, I don’t remember getting back to the hotel, but API birds of a feather stick together, and I made it back safe and sound with some escorts. We didn’t end up going to bed until 3h30, and I broke down whatever barriers existed between Nina and Richard (inside joke, you won’t get it). Thus ended API’s day excursion in Aix-en-Provence.

Sunday, October 28th: Woke up and surprisingly was not that hungover. Thank the lord because we had to be in the lobby with our bags back ready to leave by 9h00. I ended up waking up a little after 7h00, so I had an ample amount of time to completely stuff my face with tasty breakfast food (I miss eggs sooo much). We left Aix-en-Provence on schedule and bussed to Avignon, a city in France where the Pope used to live before he bounced over to the Vatican (lamesauce). I honestly thought I was about to blow away a few times, but thankfully my feet remained on solid ground. We ended up taking a tour of Palais des Papes (Popes’ Palace), which was a pretty freaking cool fortress. I took a bunch of pictures, so stay tuned for those. I also bought Danielle a bottle of wine with pictures of Popes on it. Funny and classy all at the same time, you know.

After the Palais, Natasha, Maddie, Max, Elissa, Richard, Preston, Nina, Heather and I ate a tasty lunch at a creperie in town. I went with a crepe filled with cheese and ratatouille (sauteed Med. veggies), it came with salad and it completely hit the spot. The wind continued to blow, but we trooped it out and fooled around on a giant carrousel for a little… until we got kicked off. Party poopers. At that point it was time to get back on the bus and head over to wine country (Chateaneuf-du-Pape region, about an hour outside of Avignon), anyway.. plus, it was nice getting out of the frigidness.

Our final destination of the weekend was a winery, where we were enlightened on the logistics of wine tasting. During my cruise over the summer, my grandpa let me in on some wine secrets, so I knew a little bit, but this guy was a champion. I mean, if you work at a winery in France, you kind of have to be. It was a fun time, and I ended up buying a nice bottle of a 2007 red for my Nonni and Grandpa. After the tour/tasting, we walked around for a few minutes, but really the wind was deadly and I scooted back onto the bus as soon as possible. The bus ride was nice and relaxing, and before I knew it the weekend was coming to a close and we arrived in Grenoble… to find snow on the ground!! It was ludicrous, but I kind of liked it at the same time. We got back around 19h, so I went straight home, ate some dinner with Madeleine, read some Game of Thrones, and then slept for as long as I possibly could. Weekend = success.


Jumping Off Cliffs Like It’s No Big Deal


Bonjour mes petits munchkins!

…I’m in a bit of a pickle as to how I want to relay my trip to Amsterdam to y’all. Obviously, you guys are well aware as to the culture in Amsterdam, and what is legal, et cetera. I have a multitude of stories that I’m itching to tell, but I also have a nicely functioning brain floating around in my head, and it isn’t really in my best interest to publicly publish this kind of thing. I have hopes of having a successful career in the future, so I’d rather not have any dirt on me that can be dug up, yah know? But at the same time… AMSTERDAM WAS FREAKING CRAZY.

So, I have come up with a solution. I’ll publish the “legal” pictures here in the next post, but I also have a separate post with all the juicy deets if anyone is interested. If you want to read it, either leave a comment on this post with your e-mail, or shoot me an e-mail at, let me know you want the 4-1-1, and I’ll forward you a long the post in an e-mail. Not the easiest of solutions, I know, but I can’t really think of anything else, and this way we all win. Cheers!

On that note, I’ll continue per usual with a gap for the days of October 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st.


Monday, October 22nd: THE WEEK OF PURE EVIL. Not like I can complain too much after a weekend of epicness, but still… this week was hell in a hand basket (school-wise, bien sur), and it all started on Monday. Per usual, I had class starting at 10h40, but two of my elective professors – pour l’Histoire d’art et culture et societe – decided that class had to be two hours instead of 1h30… excuse me but NO. Unfair, you suck. Yes, I have taken 3-hour classes in college before, but in freaking ENGLISH… with debates and stuff. Sorry, but 2 straight hours of nonsensical French forces my brain switch into overdrive and I do not appreciate it. I wouldn’t even be shocked if steam started shooting out of my orifices.

Sorry, that was a mini-rant. Anyway, after my torturous classes were done I had to go next door and take a mo-fricken fake exam. Yes, you read that right. For my three elective classes, our only grade for the semester is our final (eep)… so in an effort to “help us”, our superiors decided that all the Americans get the elite pleasure of studying for exams that don’t even count towards anything so we can see where we stand in the class. It’s complete malarkey if you ask me. If I have to invest the time into studying for something, it might as well count; I mean, what on earth is the point to even study?! But of course, I like being a good student too much, so I studied (on the plane coming home from Amsterdam…), and it turns out that the exam wasn’t that bad – I finished tres vite and now I guess I know how the professor is going to test us. Regardless though… down with fake exams!

I finally arrived back home around 18h30, which left me just enough time to shower before dinner. I 100% wanted to just relax and recuperate from the long day, but noooo. Instead, I had to spend the next few hours doing homework and studying for my three exams on Tuesday. Excuse me, what? Eventually I just passed out from an overload of information.

Tuesday, October 23rd: The apex of evil pour moi thus far in the semester. Tuesdays are a hellish day as it is for me, but add three exams into the mix and you’re better off just not talking to me. My day started at 8h30 with my first batch of classes, which didn’t end until 12h30. During that chunk of time I took my first exam of the day. This one actually counted, and was the 2nd of the semester so it was kind of a big deal. I wasn’t too worried about that since on the first one I got an A+ (chyeah beetches), but it still stunk. After that we had an hour (as opposed to the usual 1h30) break for lunch, where Hannah and I met up with Max and Preston to enjoy our few minutes of freedom.

Lunch ended too soon, and I had my Translation class… and my second exam of the day. Thank the lord this one was just to judge how we are doing, because honestly I think our professor made the exam while smoking meth of equal value. We had to translate the most obscure words ever from English to French… some of them I didn’t even know the definition to, and I’m a freaking English major, so I kind of pride myself on my solid grasp of the English language. Whatevs. I survived it, and had a brief 30-minute break until my final elective class of the week, la litterature. After that class was done I had to go take yet another faux examen, but this one was also pretty easy, and once again I can now get a grasp as to how the final will be.

Needless to say, I was beyond exhausted, and once I got home I showered, ate dinner, did my homework, read some Game of Thrones, then sank into a well-deserved sleep.

Wednesday, October 24th: Another early morning with class at 8h30, but after that I was done for the day (well… kind of), so Nina and I went to the post office to get some international envelopes et les timbres, and I spent about 30-minutes being indecisive as to what I wanted to eat for lunch. I finally settled with Sandwich House and had this delicious sandwich with peppers, tomatoes, cheese and various other veggies on a sesame seed baguette. Nomnomnom. I took my sandwich to the ever-infamous French Coffeeshop, where I paired it with a mochafrio, which was equally dank.

I had every intention of studying for my last fake final of the week (Culture et Societe), but at that point I was at maximum capacity as far as exams were concerned and just sort of said screw it, aka I didn’t take the exam. I felt guilty for about a minute, but then I realized that a bunch of kids in my program skipped one exam, and I mean, it doesn’t count anyway… so the guilt quickly dissipated. Instead, I figured out what classes I want to take for my last semester at UVM, holycrapontoast. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but because I was such a boss with planning out my whole undergraduate career, next semester I only have to take one class: a senior seminar for my European Studies major (I finished my English major last year, holla). In lieu of taking a seminar, I have the option to take an Advanced Readings & Research class, but I’m not really sure what exactly it entails. I e-mailed some people and am trying to get the ball rolling with that, so I’ll see how it ends up. Unfortunately, in order to be a full-time student I have to take at least 12 credits, so I had to pick some others. I think I will be definitely taking Tolkien’s Middle-Earth (an entry-level English class, can you say easy A?), and I need to choose between Francophone Crossings — a 200-level French class… kind of stinks because it’ll be real work, but I need to keep up with speaking French; I refuse to lose all I’ve gained here – and Z Is For Zombies, which is a 100-level English class, and once again will be a walk in the park. So that means I have 9 credits. I also e-mailed my adviser and the English department head to see if I can take this class that is simply called Internship. Basically, I have to find an internship on my own, and I can get 3-6 credits for interning during the semester (I have to write like one paper, but that’s cake). I started e-mailing some people, and I think I may have found a potential: I would be interning at some magazine/newsletter in South Burlington and I would be in charge of planning meetings and kind of being the editors assistant. The best part… it’s paid! If I can get paid and receive credits at the same time I will be a very happy camper. Of course, all of this is still up in the air, but I still have a good amount of time before all of the kinks need to be worked out anyway. With the internship class, I could have up to 15 credits on the table, but of course I’m an overachiever and want to get the most bang for my buck, so I also think that during winter break I’m going to take two classes online: Crime Story: Agatha Christie and Careers and English: What Next? The Agatha course is 2 credits, and the English Career is only 1, so I’ll have a full course load once again. The best part about those two courses though is that they are only during winter break, so during my Spring Semester I’m only going to have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for like 3 hours… and then whatever it is I have to do for my Research and Internship. HECK YES. I love life.

Now that I’ve bored you with my future classes, I’ll resume. After the coffeeshop I went to Monoprix to buy treats with Emily and Mike and then went to a Halloween/costume shop to buy tickets for a Halloween Bash for Hannah and I. I ended up buying a costume as well (‘tis a surprise), and the guys who worked there wanted to take a picture of me in it for their shop… I tried not to be 100% weirded out. They were cute though, so I didn’t take too much offense. When that debacle was over I stopped by Ian’s to pick up his sewing kit and chatted with him for a bit, and then headed home for dinner. I had some time to kill before Madeleine came home so I worked on sewing some more patches onto my backpack; it’s starting to fill up! The little things in life that make me happy, haha. Madeleine made an outrageously delicious apple tart, and I think I ate 1/3rd of it for dessert. Woops. I ended my night watching V for Vendetta; a much better day then the previous two.

Thursday, October 25th: AWESOMENESS. I had one class from 10h40 a 12h30, and then hung around on campus for an hour to wait to go PARAPENTING!!!! Parapenting = Paragliding, and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. Picture this: being on the top of one of the French Alps, running off a hill and suddenly having the ground disappear beneath your feet. Guys, it was so so so unbelievable. At this time of year in Grenoble all the leaves are still changing colors, so the scenery was beyond compare. I videoed the majority of the flight, so definitely take a look at it. Seriously, if you ever get the opportunity to go, DO IT. It was something that I can’t really even use words to describe, and I’m pretty darn good with words. It was something that I’m never going to forget for as long as I live.

After living life to the fullest by running off a mountain, I went home to shower, rest and have dinner before the night began. It was the night of our first Halloween Party in Grenoble, and of course Hannah and I had to do it in style. I dressed up as a Geisha, with my Kimono from China, some tights and high heels. I can pull off a good Asian, if I do say so myself. In her own words, Hannah dressed up “as a slut”, so of course we were magnets. I mean, we’re both tall (and had heels on to boot), I’m a tan American with black hair, and she’s a blonde German, so unfortunately it was inevitable. Once we met up, we walked to Natasha’s friend’s apartment (comically enough, another German) to pre-game before the fiesta. The party didn’t start until 23h30 so we had plenty of time to do our thing. Following all the necessary preparations (i.e. costumes and wine/mixed drinks), we met up with some of Natasha’s friends from school, then made our way to the club where the party was. In all honesty, it was a pretty freaking fun time. I talked French with a lot of different people (and nationalities), got some free drinks, and had a blast breaking it down on the dance floor. One guy tried to show me “typical French dance moves”, but he looked like an epileptic puppet, so I made the excuse that my feet hurt (which they did) and went to sit down for a little. Apparently, sitting down is equivalent to having a giant sign flashing, “come bother me” above my head, because I think a new guy or pair of guys came up to me about every three minutes. One made me a braided necklace out of fake spider webs; honestly, the way people try to court you here… it’s just bizarre. I realized I was exhausted around 3h00 and made the terrible trek home in my heels. About halfway through I went barefoot and didn’t regret it. I got home 30 minutes later and passed out instantly. Sweet success.

Friday, October 26th: Today! I woke up around 10h00, woke up, puked (casual, I know. I officially have realized I can’t have mixed drinks with a lot of sugar. I wasn’t even that drunk the night before; the sugar gets me in the morning every time), and then decided I wasn’t ready to face the world yet (plus it was a very cruddy and rainy day), so I went back to bed. Hannah ended up waking me up by texting me at 13h30, at which point I decided to be a normal human being. At 15h30, I met up with Emily at Mezzo di Pasta where I had a tasty soup and macaroni with pesto, and we started to plan our trip to Morocco!!!! Details on that to come, but I am so beyond excited I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait until December. Eventually Hannah met up with us, and after she finished eating we went to the Pathe Cinema to go see Taken 2. Heh, not my first choice movie to watch while abroad, but Hannah wanted to see it and I promised I would go with her, but it actually wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was pretty much an action film (plus it ended happy), and I was extra proud of myself that the film was in French and I could understand everything; I’m getting better everyday with this French!

Side Note Story: At the beginning of the movie, there was this large group of OBNOXIOUS teenagers that would not stop yelling and dicking around while the film was playing. After 10 minutes, a guy who worked at the theatre approached them and told them to be quiet, but they completely ignored him. A few minutes later, the workers paused the film and forcible removed them from the cinema. One idiot kid tried to punch the large man who was escorting him out, which was pretty hilarious to watch. Once all the perpetrators were gone, they rewound the film and everything continued normally… but 20 minutes later 5 police officers went out the same exit as the idiot kids. I’m sure they were being stupid and up to no good. Honestly, never a dull moment over here in Grenoble, France. I can’t say I hate it.

When the movie was over, I headed back to my apartment and then had soup and ratatouille pizza with Madeleine for dinner. It was extremely tasty. Now, I’m just lying in bed typing this up for all of you lovely individuals. I’ll probably go to bed early because this weekend is an excursion with the rest of my group to Aix-en-Provence. Stay tuned for the crazy stories that I’m sure will ensue.

❤ Love, peace and afrogrease.

Breakin’ A Sweat

Breakin’ A Sweat

…woops. Sorry guys, I’ve been severely sucking on keeping this up-to-date. Mais, maintenant j’essayerai.

Friday, October 12th: I woke up and my stomach decided to hate me. I guess that’s what I get for drinking wine; freaking gut rot. So, basically I chilled in bed all morning (and afternoon) trying to convince my body to like me again. Eventually I was functioning enough to be a normal human being, so I met up with Nina, Emily and Hannah at the coffeeshop to hang out for a bit and get some homework done (eew). I got a little done, and then the three of them left and Max arrived shortly after, at which point I was over being productive. So, we decided to go to the Snowboard Garden Festival and see what it was all about. First of all, it was free, so it gets points for that. Overall I had a good time; there were movies on snowboarding/skiing, lots of artwork, a ramp for skateboarders, and various giant inflatable things for people to dick around on. Grenoble is just such a cool city for having random stuff like this going on all the time.
After the Garden Festival, I had to go home for dinner since I hadn’t eaten at home very often lately, I have no recollection of what we ate.. sadly. Anyway, after dinner and such I met up with Richard, Max, Preston, Karen, Z and Cory in Park Paul Mistral to hang around and complete some shenanigans. From there, we headed once again to the Garden Festival to see what it was like at night. It was pretty sweet, and way more crowded.. also there was a Dubstep DJ jamming out! Needless to say I was satisfied. I mean, he wasn’t the best DJ ever, but he played Flux Pavillion and other artists that I know, so I was quite content. We had to get up early on Saturday, so it was a pretty calm and early night for me. The End.

Saturday, October 13th: EXCURSION TO ANNECY! I had to meet up with the group around 7h45 to catch a bus to Annecy. I pretty much slept the entire ride.. after all, it was a little too early in the morning for me. Basically, it was some festival that day where all the folks of Annecy bring down their cows from the mountain to mark the beginning of the wintery months. Everyone was in the happy celebrating mood, there were animals (bunnies, cows, horses, chickens) everywhere, and it basically turned into an awesomely gigantic farmer’s market. While there, I ate some delicious dishes: diot, which is their famous sausage sandwich and tartiflette (if I spelled that right) which is cheesy potatoes with other yummy good things inside. I definitely gorged hard, and I have no regrets about it. I also bought some home-made apple juice, hot spiced wine and this dark chocolate covered marshmallow with pop rocks (yes..) on it.

After the group I was with finished gallivanting around the farmer’s market, we headed to this main park by the gigantic lake that Annecy is famous for and hung around. Then.. Carl, Max, Heather and I decided to rent a motor boat! It was a really calm and relaxing ride, and the view was phenomenal; see for yourselves. 🙂

The majority of the day was spent in Annecy, and we didn’t get back to Grenoble until about 19h30. Thankfully, my host mom eats late, so I just made it back in time for dindin. I decided it was a Jack Daniels and Coke kind of night, so that’s what my friend Hannah and I split (plus a bottle of wine). Needless so say, I got pretty drunk after we consumed all of that. We ended up at a bar in the middle of Park Paul Mistral, which was cool, and I ended up spending the rest of my drunken night just hanging out in the park. Eventually I got too cold though, and made the trek back home to my cozy bed.

Sunday, October 14th: Once again a rough morning where I contemplated why people even drink alcohol. I also think I was getting a little sick, so I just milked it and stayed in my bed for a few hours more than normal (after all, it is lazy Sunday…). I decided to mingle with the rest of the world around 13h00, so I grabbed a fabulous kebab and smoothie

and met up with Hannah at the coffeeshop to recap the previous nights events. Wahwahwah. Eventually, Mike and Nina met up with us at the cafe, and a few hours later I left with Nina in search of this art fair that was supposedly going on. Fail. We didn’t see any art, but I got my walking quota in for the day at least. Afterwards I just ended up going home and getting a nice long night’s sleep. I don’t hate it one bit.

Monday, October 15th: Class, mersauce. My professors decided to SUCK, and my two electives at the end of the day were 2 hours instead of 1.5… WHAT THE HELL. It’s hard enough sitting in these boring classes for 1.5 hours, what are they thinking?! Whatever, I survived; despite not getting home until 18h30. I pretty much got home, showered, and focused on my studies until dinner, and then went right to bed. My sickness wasn’t getting any better, so I figured as much sleep as possible was the correct answer here. Sorry nothing exciting to report!

Tuesday, October 16th: Same thing as Monday pretty much. Thankfully, I didn’t have an extra hour of classes, but going from 8h30 to 18h00 is still a long-ass day of classes, and I detest it very much. My sore throat was still not getting any better, so I figured out from my translation teacher which medicament to buy (it’s called Maxilase fyi), so directly after class I headed to the pharmacy and made the necessary purchase. Afterwards, it was cold, so I simply went home, showered, took my medicine, had dinner once Madeleine got home, did some homework and read Game of Thrones, then hit the hay. I had to recuperate plus store energy for AMSTERDAM, so sleep was a necessity. Nothing quite beats a cozy warm bed when it’s cold and windy outside.

Wednesday, October 7th: Short school day! I only had class from 8h30-10h20, and afterwards Nina and I went to the API office to attempt to print out our plane tickets but it was kind of a fail. The computers are ghetto as all hell, and the internet wouldn’t let us open the page we needed. I ended up using my flash-drive and it worked, but it was a unnecessary hassle.

I had a skype date with my Nonnie and Grandpa at 12h30/13h00, so after API, Nina and I went to the bus station to buy our bus tickets to Lyon and then I made it to that coffeeshop I love so much. Once my skype date was finished, I bee-lined it to the same Kebab place as Sunday, but this time it wasn’t as good (no cheesy french fries on my kebab, whyyy). The guy who served my on Sunday was confused because he never asked me to pay and was shocked when I asked to, and then he only charged me half the price and added cheesy fries on top! The man who served my on Wednesday also forgot to ask me to pay! I think if they forget a third time I’m going to take it was a sign to eat free lunch. Reasonable, right?

After lunch I went back to the coffeehouse to start studying for exams.. UGH. It’s so stupid: only the Americans have to take midterms, and they don’t even count! So I’m pretty much studying for something that is worth absolutely nothing; so basically I’m not trying very hard. I’m in France.. who freaking would? I studied for a few hours, but then Maddie got out of class, so we went shopping to buy my… leather jacket! Honestly, I’ve been wanting one since I came to France last time 4 years ago, and the store we went to sold them for only 50 euro.. which is outrageously cheap here, so I bit the bullet and bought myself one. It sucked to spend the money, but it was a purchase that had to happen and I’m already in love with it. Now I just need some matching black leather boots…








On my way back home with Maddie, she ran into two kids from her program at GEM (a girl who lives in France, and a guy from Argentina), so I socialized with them and realized they’re so awesome and that I need to become better friends with them. Hopefully that works out. Madeleine wasn’t going to be home for dinner that night, so Max and I went to this pizza place for some pizza and caprese salad, yumm. Then I finally watched that movie Moonrise Kingdom, which was so good and absolutely adorable.. I totally recommend it. Unfortunately I had to get up early on Thursday for the weekend fiesta, so after the movie I went to bed to catch as much sleep as possible.

… There you have it! I’m all caught up except for this weekend which was spent in AMSTERDAM… but I need an entire post dedicated to that. Stay tuned!

Snowboard Garden Fest Garb & Bizarre Dancing


Are You The Now Or Never Kind?


Eyo, poppets. I’m almost caught up with telling you about my life!! I haven’t yet typed up a post for my weekend, but I’ll probably get to that tomorrow after class or something. Stay tunedd lovelies; until then, enjoy what I’m giving you.

Sunday, October 7th: Woke up, did the usual morning things, and opened up my balcony window to find a crazy bazaar going on… right outside my door! Unfortunately I’m going a little too broke, so I didn’t even want to temp myself by looking at everything, boo.

Anyway, I left my apartment a little after lunch and headed to the coffeeshop to get my homework done. I hung around there for a few hours, and then went to Victor Hugo to meet up with Mike. He had asked me earlier in the day if I wanted to help make a ton of macaroni & cheese, so of course since it involved food I was more than down for it. I really didn’t know what was in store, so I just blindly said yes and hoped for the best. I wasn’t let down.

Basically, Mike has been going to this place called “FEU”, which stands for foyer evangelique universitaire, and it’s pretty much the hub for a student organization where people from all over Grenoble come to just hang out, play games, eat food and do general social things. It’s affiliated with the church, but it’s not like an intense Jesus-Is-The-Only-Way type of thing. I also like it because the people who go there are well-behaved (I need to mix it up sometimes) AND they all happen to be brilliant people; like biochemical engineer type of people. YES. I love uber smart people. The other bonus is that most of them are native Francaises, so it is a huge opportunity for me to speak French. The conversations I had were funny because they would speak to me in English (they want to practice), and I would respond in French. I met some pretty cool people who I definitely plan on keeping in touch with during and after Grenoble. Never hurts to have friends overseas!

Anyway, after Mike and I went to his house to pick up 4 (awesome looking/tasting) gateaux, we headed to feu to meet up with Mike’s roommate Jonathan and his friend from school, Justin. I’m kind of obsessed with both of them. They finished college and are in France to learn the language because next year they are going to Nigeria to start this church program thing (I forget the details). I want to do something awesome and rewarding like that. So the four of us were the only Americans, and we were in charge of cooking an “American dinner”.








I was brought into the game late, so the ingredients were already purchased so unfortunately I couldn’t use my food-obsessed skills to come up with a creative idea, but c’est la vie. The menu was: salad, mac&cheese with beef (homemade cheese sauce of course) and chocolate cake. Simple, but delicious all the same. SO GOOD. We made waaay too much food, so of course I got to gorge myself, which always means a good day. After dinner I hung around and socialized for a while with the natives – and these guys from Canada who are cool – but I had class in the morning and started to need sleep badly. I stayed until about 22h though, so I pretty much spent the majority of my Sunday there, a good way to end the week/week-end.

A cat found us, so of course I gave it milk

Monday, October 8th: School, mer. For some reason I woke up at like 4h30 and couldn’t fall asleep for like 2 hours, which was lame and not a good way to start off the school week. I had class until 17h30 and was beyond exhausted by the time I got home, so I pretty much did my homework, ate dinner with Madeleine and her daughter (she was visiting for the weekend) and went to bed early to make up for my interrupted sleep the night before. One of the more laid back nights I’ve had since in Grenoble, but it was necessary, especially since people in my group are starting to get colds again and I in NO way want to catch that bug. I take my vitamins and chug orange juice for a reason.

Tuesday, October 9th: The evil day of the week. It started off nicely though when I got my first French test back… an A+! Hell yeah. I have also decided that I like my translation class, especially since she gives us cookies every week; the quickest way to my heart is through my stomach, duh.

After all my classes were done (17h30), I went home to shower and change, and then headed back out to meet up with Nina, Richard and Maddie at Mezzo di Pasta before the Hockey Game!! Woooo. Richard didn’t come with us, so it was just Nina, Maddie and I, and it was a fun game per usual. Unfortunately our team, Brule des loups – the burning wolves – lost by a point. I was far from thrilled, but nothing I could do about it. At least I got my hockey fix, and I’ll be satiated until the next home game, whenever that may be. The game got out passed 22h, and I didn’t get home until close to 23h, and I was beatsauce. I made the decision to wake up early the next day to finish my homework and just passed out in my cozy bed.















Wednesday, October 10th: So my plan to wake up early to complete my homework was an epic fail. I had my alarm set for 7h, but in my sleepy state I turned it out and told myself I would be up in 5 minutes. Wrong. By sheer luck woke up at 7h45, and freaked out because I normally leave my house by 7h50. Somehow I managed to get ready in 5 minutes and got to class on time, but my homework was sloppily done on the tram… but at least it got done. Not the greatest way to start the morning.

Despite the shwagy morning, Grenoble never ceases to amaze me in its beauty

Thankfully I was done with class at 10h20, so I bought some sexy tights (they’re the ones that just stick to your thighs, yeahhh) and went home to take a much-needed nap and do my homework. The nap turned out to be a bit of a fail, so I ended up going to MacDo to work on the blog, and at 15h I went to the coffeeshop to skype with the boy and attempt to watch Dexter, which was another fail. Looks like I won’t be watching the new season until I get back to the states; but that’s something to look forward to I guess.

A group of us had plans to eat Batman Kebabs for dinner, so I met up with Preston 17h30 to head over there, where eventually Max, Ellisa and Mike showed up. The kebabs were fantastic as always (I got fries in mine), and after we finished eating we made our way to MC2, which is a giant theatre in Grenoble. We had a planned event with API to see Vivaldi’s Four Seasons performed by an orchestra, while at the same time a group of Chinese actors/acrobats performed to it and acted out things that were focused on Chinese History. It was an extremely awesome performance and nicely done, despite the fact that I couldn’t understand a lot of what they were saying (fast French and Chinese…); plus Vivaldi was a fantastic composer.

After the soiree theatre I went to a Mexican place with Macauley, Max, Ellisa, Ian, Evelyn, Kaitlyn and Maddie. I just got a margarita since I had already had dinner, but it was one of the best tasting margaritas ever. So tasty. Apres le diner, we met up with some more friends at this bar called Styx, but I was pretty tired and had class in the morning, so I opted to walk back home with Ian, Max and Maddie. Ahh, sweet sleep.

Thursday, October 11th: Had my last class of the week from 10h40-12h30, huzzah! I hung around on campus until 14h, and then Mike and I bought our tickets for parapenting!!! Parapenting is popular in Grenoble, and is where you paraglide off of one of the many mountains we have here – of course you do it with a professional. Needless to say I am beyond excited… and it’s so soon too! It’s October 25th, eeeeee. Don’t worry, I’ll take as many pictures as possible to document this once in a lifetime experience.

Once we purchased our tickets, Mike and I headed into Centre Ville for some lunch. Honoring tradition, I had a kebab for Kebab Thursdays, I can’t remember the name of the place I ate at (but I’ve eaten there before), but it was tres tasty and the woman who owns the shop is such a sweet woman. She thought I was Italian, a compliment I think. After lunch, I headed back to my apartment to trade in my backpack for my hula hoop, yeehaw. I hooped in V Huges for a few hours, and afterwards went back home to hang out and gather energy for the night.

Chocolate covered waffle… yup

Emily, Nina, Hannah and a few others were going to Emily’s French friend’s house to pre-game, but they were going at 20h30, which is before I even eat dinner so I opted out. We had every intention of meeting up around 22h and going to a bar, but of course in normal API fashion, those who pre-gamed went a little too hard, and it was like trying to herd cats getting the drunken fools to meet up with Max and I. Eventually we got to see them, but they were too far gone (and Emily was getting sick) to think about going to a bar, and Nina somehow managed to lose her phone battery which was an adventure in and of itself. Hannah was the only one sober enough to want to go out, but at that point I gave up, and just decided to go home. Oh, somehow I also managed to make some Spanish speaking friends at the tram stop, but I was a little buzzed myself so I don’t really know how that exactly happened. I ended up getting home around midnight, which was a good early night for me.