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It’s Not About What You’ve Done, It’s About What You’re Doing



I went fishing today! Unfortunately, Max and I woke up much later than planned and we didn’t get to the fishing spot in Charlestown until after noon. Turns out, that is not the opportune time to catch Striped Bass…boo-hoo. I can’t say I was super bummed out though; I think I’ve only been fishing two other times in my life, none of which were situations where I caught a fish. Needless to say I wasn’t expecting much, and I wasn’t disappointed. I learned a little bit more about the fishing sub-culture though, and I want to try and go a bunch more times throughout the summer, maybe I’ll actually have some luck.
Note: I refuse to kill said fish; I work on a strict catch and release policy. I nearly cried when Max had to stab the poor little Minos in the mouth for live bait. Waaa.

Since I was all excited about my fishing experience, I thought I would share some factoids with you guys concerning fishing. Doesn’t hurt to broaden your mind!

  • Hand gathering, spearfishing, netting, angling and trapping are the various methods used to catch fish
  • There is a boat load (harhar, punny) of equipment used when fishing. These include but are not limited to: hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs, traps, waders and tackle boxes.
  • Fishes were the first animals to evolve backbones
  • Here are the ten creepiest fish in the world – Sorry for the backwards countdown. My computer was being a pill:
    1. Vandellia Cirrhosa. This fish is native to the Amazon River basins in South America in freshwater streams. Also known as the toothpick fish, it is only about 2.5 cm long and 3.5 mm wide. Scaleless and translucent, it is nearly impossible to see in the water, with gills that are covered with short, sharp spines. The Vandellia can taste surrounding water then follow any stream of nitrogenous waste excreted from gills of fish. Once it catches a scent, this pesky rascal swims up and under the gill, expands the spines on its own gills to hold it in place, and begins sucking the blood of the host gill, gnawing a hole to the blood vessels which usually proves fatal to its victim. Blech. It also happens to be attracted to blood and urine, so if you bathe nude in these areas you may have that one of these gross things has swam into an orifice… and can only be removed two ways: operation where usually the area is amputated, or having two plants (Xagua and Buitach Apple) inserted into the affected area. Can you saygross??

      Vandellia Cirrhosa

    2. The Angler Fish. These creepers are named for their characteristic mode of hunting prey… where a fleshy growth called an esca from the fish’s head is used as a lure, which is similar to angling. They have three long filaments coming from their head; the longest above the fish’s eyes moves and wiggles to resemble bait/prey. These guys devour their food whole when their victims touch a tentacle and trigger their jaws. Sketch. Angler’s are found worldwide, but usually deeper in the water. Some deep sea anglers can actually emit light from their esca (Finding Nemo, anyone?), and they can stretch their jaws and stomachs in order to swallow prey up to twice the size of their body… which is kind of huge considering these bad boys can reach over 3 ft and up to 110 lbs (though they are typically 1 foot). One last creepy thing about these guys is that they have arm-like pectoral and ventural fins that work as feet, so Anglers can actually walk on the ocean floor! Sheesh.

      Angler Fish

    3. The Goblin Shark. I can honestly say I had never heard of these guys before, and they look so funny! Goblin sharks are the sole living species in the mitsukurinidae family, with a long snout, are pink in color and have a retractable jaw. They are most common in Japan, but can be found all over the world at depths far below the reach of sunlight, up to 10,000 feet. On average, these silly guys measure up to 13 feet long and weigh in at 660 pounds.

      Goblin Shark

    4. The Tigerfish. These are African fish found in many lakes and rivers on the continent. It is undoubtedly a relative of the piranha just by appearance, and they are savage predators with gnarly teeth. An anticoagulant slime covers the teeth of tiger fish, preventing wounds inflicted from healing. These pups can grow to be 30 inches long and 15 pounds. The largest ever caught was in Kariba in 1962, measuring 32 inches and weighing 34 pounds.


    5. Grenadier Fish. These fish are usually found just above the ocean floor, and they rock gigantic noggins with large eyes and long tapering tails. They are usually about 2 ft long and weigh close to 10 lbs. On top of being one of the uglier fish in the ocean, grenadiers also have a very high level of TMAO giving them a powerful ‘fishy’ smell. How pleasant.

      Grenadier Fish

    6. Snakehead Fish. These fish have the unique ability to survive in and out of water for long periods of time. Awesome. They are native to China, Russia, and Korea yet have found their way to the United States, of course. Considered to be highly invasive, the snakehead fish immediately become top of the food chain in US Lakes and ponds, and are illegal to own. There was a story about this in Maryland is anyone remembers it. They literally eat everything living in water, then once they eat everything they jump out of the water and travel to a new place.. all the while eating things like frogs, birds and mice along the way. Creepy. Most grow to be 2 or 3 feet and weigh over 15 lbs. If you thought this was all bad enough, the female at age 2/3 can release up to 15,000 eggs at once and mate up to five times a year. These guys may have won the genetic lottery, despite the sketchy appearance.

      Snakehead Fish

    7. Blobfish. Okay, first off, is this a joke? What the heck kind of a name is blobfish? Until of course you see what they look like. Oh man. It looks like a very ugly ditto (pokemon). These guys have no muscles and to eat they just sit and wait for edible things to float by. They’ve rarely been seen by humans, so we don’t know much about them. The look of them cracks me up though. Poor ugly things.


    8. Basking Shark. It may look creepy, but I guess these guys are not a threat to humans if we leave them alone. It is the second largest specie of shark and found all over the world, and can weigh up to 19 tons and be 40 ft long. Holy moly. Yet it is a filter-feeding shark, meaning it feeds on invertebrates, small fish and zooplankton. They are now protected and monitored.

      Basking Shark

    9. Stonefish. Oh man, this guy reminds me of Squidward from Spongebob; so grumpy! For sure a fish to be avoided, they are the believed to be the deadliest fish in the world, and are definitely the most venomous. A row of thirteen venomous spines line its back, protecting it from attacks by bottom-feeding sharks and rays. When pressure is applied to the spines, glands involuntarily expel venom in to victim. After a few weeks, the glands regenerate and recharge. Grossssss. This does mean though they they are only a threat when stepped on or caught. Thank goodness.


    10. Viperfish. These suckers are one of the most fierce predators of the deep. The fangs of a viper fish not only do not fit in its mouth, but they curve all the way back to the fish’s eyes. Eew. They have a hinged skull which they rotate up in order to swallow bigger prey. Viperfish range from 12 to 24 inches and weigh about 5 lbs. Thankfully, these guys inhabit the sea at depths of 1500 to 9000 ft.


  • Apparently these fishermen also have a sense of humor, because I found this while browsing…
    Ten things an angler would NEVER say:
    1 Does my catfish stink bait smell too rank?
    2 I have all the fishing tackle I’ll ever need.
    3 That fish is too big, throw ’em back!
    4 Take me to the shore, so I might use the restroom.
    5 The one I caught was a lot smaller than yours.
    6 Sure, you can have the last nightcrawler!
    7 Fishing is so bad today, I’d rather be at work.
    8 I’ll ask my mother-in-law to go along fishing next week.
    9 I can’t make the tournament-I have tickets to the ballet!
    10 Do these fishing pants make my butt look too big?

Okay peeps, I think it’s my bedtime. Hopefully visions of these alien-esque fish won’t haunt my dreams tonight, and I wish the same for you. Sorry if they creeped you out at all, but I think it’s useful to know that these things exist in our world! Just imagine what it may have been like during the dinosaur era…

Summer Is Coming


If any of you watchGame of Thrones, my title is just about the opposite of the Stark’s motto “Winter Is Coming”, but whatever! Summer is almost here my lovelies, aren’t you excited? Can’t you feel it? If you can’t, then if you have allergies like me, you must be feeling it in your sinuses. My nose is on drip mode, it’s gross and I have finally given in and taken some allergy medicine. Boosauce.

On the note of Game of Thrones though, if I haven’t already said it before.. watch it! It’s super good; and the season finale is close approaching. I started reading the first book on my cruise; I’m about 400 pages in (out of 800+) and love it. There’s five out right now and the author plans to have seven in total. Eeee.

The end of school sucked, but I survived… can’t say it was my best semester GPA-wise (got like a 3.4, oh well), but it was the hardest and I learned the most and worked my ass off so I’m calling it a success. Plus, this year was a doosey not including school work. So finishing in and of itself was a job well done. Now… I can say I’m done! Next semester = Europe and then it’s my last semester of undergraduate college and I only have to take 3 credits… hiphiphurray. The hardest part of my 4 years is over.

Holy Pages

After I finished my last final Tuesday (5/8) morning, I booked it home to Rhode Island, unpacked, and then packed right up again for my Caribbean Cruise! Aye aye aye. It was beyond amazing, and so needed. I’ll show you guys some of my favorite pictures and videos, and check out my facebook for all the photos if you so desire. I recommend that all of you go and enjoy a cruise before you die, it was amazing. Food whenever you wanted, 24/7 pools and hot tubs, continuous entertainment, no worries and just about everything you could hope for. They even make your towels into fun animals. It’s another world on that cruise ship, and I was really bummed when I finally had to go home. I returned with some awesome souvenirs, memories and a solid base tan though, so it was a complete success.

Explorer of the Seas

I got back to Rhode Island on Saturday late afternoon, and still have a little more unpacking to do … it’s been torturous! I realized I ownway too much crap and clothes, so I made it my first project of the season to cut back. I’ve been working on little bits at a time, and my closet is at least a bit tidier. Big Sister will be receiving a sizable donation of clothing, that’s for sure. It feels nice though; I think I may have slight OCD and crave organization, sooo yeah. I’m thinking about organizing my entire bedroom actually, but my beds too big to really move much around. We shall see.

Anyway, I haven’t been doing anything monumental since I returned. Granted, it has only been like five days. I don’t really know when I start work, at least not until the 28th, and my internship doesn’t start until June, so I’ve been slightly lamp status. For the past three days though I’ve been going hard at the gym, and I can confidently say that about 75% of my body is utterly sore right now. It’s terrible, but in a nice way. Except for the fact that it’s painful to put a shirt on. My way of thinking though is that since I already have the nice beach tan, I might as well work on the purrfect beach body. I feel like I ate about double my weight on the Explorer of the Seas, so I need to sweat my brains out to get to my ideal summer fitness. If I keep going on this pace though, it shouldn’t be hard. Max is way more intense with the gym than I am, and he has this powder supplement stuff called Jack3d. It apparently quickens your blood flow and gets you all amped up, but I can’t say I really felt the effects. It appears that my body has a higher tolerance to that kind of stuff, haha. I must say though it definitely didn’t hurt; I was at the gym for over two hours and wasn’t tired at all. Wooop.

Besides working out and hanging around I haven’t been up to much. I did however formulate a goal for the summer: try every flavor ice cream at Hilltop Creamery. I have like over 40 left… but I mean, I’ve only had 5 so far: Salty Caramel Chocolate Pretzel, Coffee Oreo, Graham Central Station, Coconut Cheesecake Brownie, and Cappuccino Chip. Nomnomnom. Stay tuned for the new ones I try, and the overall champion of the summer. Thank goodness I actually do active things or obesity may become an issue with this goal, especially because I’m almost 21!!! And alcohol isn’t exactly a low-calorie diet either. Rawr.

Speaking of, since the cruise was my 21st birthday present from my grandparents, I got to drink in style. It was awesome. Way better than the college drinking I’ve experienced, better by like 1000%. I realized I like beer now, and Acai Berry Martini’s are my jam. It was funny; my grandpa made my water my martini’s down and scolded me for “chugging my drinks”. Sorry I’m a college student and am used to complete shit where the only way to stomach it is to get it down as quickly as possible. Minimal burnage. No more though! I now have a more sophisticated drinking palette… sucks for those who have to buy me drinks 😛

Let’s see what else I’ve done since my return from the seas…
Oh! I had a dinner with the Pants Girls — In high school, three of my friends and I mimicked The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; we joined up with a pair of pants and switched off and did some other cult-like things. It was fun.. but we kind of all suck at keeping in constant communication (one moved away to North Carolina, and we all go to different schools). So, since Molly is in town for part of the summer, we decided to do it. It turns out that I apparently am in possession of the pants… which is unfortunate because if so, they are long gone. Haha, oh well. They were always too big for my anyway. They were pretty cool though; hopefully I come across them in my closet purging and can snap a picture. Besides that, my time has been split up between home and the boyfriends house; some much needed relaxation has been taking place. As soon as I decide to start using my brain again I’ll do some intriguing posts. Wahwahweewah.

For now though, I’ll post a few pictures from the trip and call it a night. Happy almost summer!! ❤ Stay tuned for some videos and more pictures.


Hullo, Giant

Bermuda, Bahama, C’mon Pretty Mama…

Can you beat this?

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…


Hi Guys!
I am mighty chipper this evening, just saying. First of all, its a pretty beautiful night and my house is clean (woo!). Secondly, I spend the last two days studying/taking an exam for my “Cultural History of London” class; I logged 17 hours in the library studying, and I killed it. Meow. I still have another exam to take and a paper to finish, but they’re both due on Tuesday so I gave myself the night off. Since then I have been lamping hard, and I plan to continue the lard status for the duration of the night. Plus, gotta rest up for Cinco de Mayo aye aye aye!

Anyway, I asked people for some book recommendations and got some good ones, so to further my good mood I went to Barnes & Noble (aka heaven) and picked up:
A Game Of Thrones : if you don’t watch the series DO IT! It’s fantastic, but as a forewarning it’s full of violence and sex and lots of R rated things. But amazing, nonetheless. Frankly, I’m embarrassed that I haven’t read the books first, but alas… being an English major I had no time for leisurely reading. Balls.
Water for Elephants : just finished watching the movie, and I was hooked. Who know Robert Pattinson could not be a terrible actor like he is in Twilight? I sure didn’t. Granted he’s no Leo or anything, but he didn’t destroy the movie.
…. and finally, I picked up my first European Tour Guide book! It’s written by a bunch of Harvard undergraduates and they’re funny and witty and I’m already hooked. Plus, it’s geared towards students who are traveling/studying abroad which I will be in a little under four months!! Gah. I am beyond excited, so to get myself even more amp-ed up I dove in and bought it, so I thought I would start sharing my findings with you guys. I most likely will not be able to go to half the places I want, so please feel free to give your input! Lord knows I’ll need it.

Before I start talking about Austria (the book is in alphabetical order so first things first) I wanted to play catch up with you guys. I haven’t blogged in eek – too long, so I wanted to do a little re-cap for yah.

March 30th : I saw Obama! And Grace Potter and the Nocturnals! We didn’t chat or anything, and I got in an argument with some witchy lady who yelled at me for dancing to Grace Potter. It didn’t help that I told her to shove off after her snarky comment, but I mean come on, lady. First off, Obama is at my school, not yours. So I have precedence, back off.
Anyway, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals were fantastic as always. Obama on the other hand… eh. I don’t know. My old roommate apparently thought it was the greatest thing in the world and life changing, but I thought it was a bunch of hogwash. I mean, he gets points for actually coming to Vermont (the last presidential visit was 17 years ago) but the speech was malarkey. He barely spoke for like 45 minutes, and all he did was thank us and yada-yada-yada. He didn’t even give us his standings on like, anything. Nor did he talk about the upcoming election. He pretty much went there, got some pictures taken, thanked us for our time, non-directly asked us to vote for him and peaced out to Maine. Gee, thanks Obama. I’m not into politics (clearly), so I was kind of hoping to walk out of there with some new knowledge. Nope, thank you, come again. Lamesauce. Whatever though; I mean, how many college Juniors can say they saw the president and got within like 60 feet of him? I can! So that counts for something. I actually just realized that I haven’t uploaded videos from that day, so I will be doing that tonight and letting you guys witness the magic (or lack there of). Wah wah wah…

March 30th/31st : So directly after I finished witnessing the splendor of Grace Potter and Obama, and high-tailed it home and within 30 minutes was on the road to Connecticut. Woo! It was the UVM Dressage Team’s last show of the season (sad) at UCONN. I personally sucked at the show; I was an individual rider and got stuck with the Post Team and they gave me the crap horse, but I’ve kind of accepted that at this point I will not be bringing in the blue at these shows. The highest I’ve gotten to far is red. Boo. However, some of my teammates cleaned it up! And as an extra bonus, Bonnie, our coach, won coach of the year! It was well-deserved; I mean how many coaches get their jaw fractured and keep on teaching? Ours does! She’s a fantastic wom and deserved that, and much more… whichhhhh she also got! She ended up winning coach of the year at Nationals, which is the big one. So yeah, Bonnie rocks. End of story.

The rest of the week was uneventful… and then came Easter. It’s too personal to talk about here, plus I doubt you guys want to be told about my personal life, but Easter brought some earth shattering things. None of which were good. I can’t even brush it off and pretend it’s okay now, because it’s not. I don’t even know where the situation stands really, but I mean, what can you do? The only choice we have is to pick ourselves up and keeping going, no other choice really. Life goes on though, right? Right.

So after the hell that ensued over Easter weekend, I asked my boyfriend to come up to Vermont with me and keep me from doing anything drastic, plus I really needed the company. Being the nice boy he is, he came up and stayed for two weeks. It happened to be beautiful during some of those days, so I spent my time in the sunshine and doing a lot less work than I should have been doing. Meh, it happens, and I got in all under control by this point work-load wise so it was well worth it.

April 17th : The much anticipated Bassnectar !!! It was amazing. I didn’t take any videos or pictures sadly, but take my word for it. Super awesome amazing epic times ensued. I loved every minute of it. He never disappoints… and for that I love him. Here’s a picture from his website… basically Burlington rocks.


April 21st : The sorta infamous UVM Spring Fest! This year Soulive and Dillon Francis performed, and it wasn’t too shabby. It’s amazing how rowdy UVM gets, it was raining the entire day and we still had an amazing turn out. I only made it for about half of each artist though, not gonna lie. It was cold…

And I think that just about catches ya’ll up! It hasn’t been super fantastic, school has unfortunately taken over my life, but I’m so close to the finish line for this year I can practically taste it. Anyway, I know I said I was going to talk about Austria and post some pictures, but I got distracted. The Gehlmeyer family turned up and champagne entered the picture and I got distracted. Now, I’ve officially crashed and it’s time to call it a night. The studying caught up to me finally. Night lovelies. Enjoy the rest of the Friday night (although it’s not really Friday anymore I want to use the joke… May the Fourth be with you! hahah I’m a riot, I know).