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Chile? Cool.


Hello beautiful people!

Chile has been getting some positive publicity lately and promoting tourism within their borders. Being a supporter of all things travel, I figured I would help them with their promotion; plus, I think these sort of information tidbits are beneficial to any travel bug 😀

  1. Beaches. With thousands of miles of coastline, Chile is almost a country entirely of coastline.
  2. Desert. In northern Chile, there exists San Pedro de Atacama with awe-inspiring skies.
  3. Patagonia. I don’t think I have to say more. Just know in southern Chile, Patagonia = awesome.
  4. Art. Specifically, street art in Valparaiso; it’s badass.
  5. Food. Need I say more? A wide array with amazing flavors. Try it all.
  6. People. Good people are quintessential to a positive travel experience. Apparently, Chileans are just that.
  7. Sandboarding. It’s on my life to-do list, why not add it to yours?

That’s all I’ve got right now. I just made these ah-mazing plant/veggie burgers so stay tuned for a recipe and pictures at some point! I love when healthy tastes good.

x’s and o’s


Hello there beautiful bees.

I have to finish up some schoolwork, so I can’t do a full post, but I thought I would share this awesome organization I stumbled across today. Of course I have already started the ordering process, it’s so up my alley!

Visit their website, here.

x’s and o’s all day long.

Traveller Collective

Best Places To Travel


Hi! Okay!

I have this accumulated list of the “best places to travel in 2015”. Yes, it may be 2016, but I don’t think that this means that these locations are any less awesome, so I’m still going to share them. For my benefit just as much as yours. Here’s the original link in case you want it.

  • Fez, Morocco
  • Cuba
  • Catskills, NY
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Puerto Plata, D.R.
  • Wasatch Mountains, Utah
  • Istanbul
  • Chengdu, China
  • Milan
  • Prince Edward County, Canada
  • Oman
  • Mekong River Region
  • Valletta, Malta
  • Chile
  • Tanzania
  • Houston
  • Western Ireland
  • Leipzig, Germany
  • Mozambique
  • Nicaragua
  • Norway
  • Cleveland
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Las Vegas
  • Puerto Rico
  • Hokkaido, Japan
  • Malmo, Sweden
  • Iran
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • Florence
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Hong Kong
  • Louisville, KY
  • Pristina, Kosovo
  • Maui
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Orlando, FL
  • Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Haiti
  • Miami
  • Dharamsala, India
  • Bahamas
  • Cartagena, Colombia
  • Manhattan
  • Singapore
  • Bath, England
  • Durham, NC
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • Canberra, Australia

I’ve only been to like eight of these places… so much to see!!


Fellow Travel Bugs,

I just booked a trip to Tucson, Arizona!!! I’m super excited (I’ve never been to AZ before) AND I will be going during Winter Break in January, so I’ll escape some of the brutal New England cold *hopefully*. Plus there are rocks, rocks and more rocks for me to climb. Eeeee.

If anyone has any Arizona recommendations, even if it’s outside of Tucson, please let me know! I always appreciate the advice and feedback.

I use this website called student universe where they give you discounted tickets if you’re a student or faculty member. They also send me the occasional email, and one that I received recently was cool, so I figured I would pass it along. They claimed 7 prime destinations for 2016 with reasonable travel price tags, and they are as follows:

  • Reykjavik, Iceland. Cue Northern Lights, hot springs and geothermal beaches
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Kyoto, Japan
  • Venice, Italy
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Queenstown, New Zealand

… okay, so who’s coming with me?!? But really.


“Prime” 2016 Destinations

Seattle & Olympia Washington


Hey babes.

Look at me, blogging again! 😀

As I was going through some pictures on my phone, I realized that I never told you guys about the rest of my trip out West that I took back in March! I mostly caught you up on my trip to Portland, Oregon, so I won’t say anymore about that… but I didn’t even touch upon Seattle, Washington. Oh my!

In a nut shell, it was absolutely fabulous. I stayed with yet another friend that I studied abroad with, Kaitlyn. She’s outrageously awesome and I really wish we lived closer; we have pretty similar mentalities/senses of humor, and my time spent with her was always a great one.
She actually doesn’t live in Seattle, so I started off my trip with Kaitlyn in her hometown, Olympia. It’s a small town, but my host knew a TON about it and was always spitting out interesting facts, and I sort of loved it. It was quirky with really awesome shops and all the people were unique, which is my type of crowd. I also sang some karaoke at one of the many bars in their downtown. Might I mention that I killed it?

It’s been a while since my epic adventure, so I can’t really recount many details with you, so my apologies for that. I can tell you though, that directly after I arrived Kaitlyn took me to a wine and beer festival that was happening in Olympia. I did mention that town was awesome, didn’t I? Kaitlyn’s dad also showed up and treated us to a bunch of free booze (yes), and another kind gent at the festival gave us some of his booze tickets… so you can imagine we were pleased as punch. Drunk off it too, hehe.

Us at the Wine Fest!

Us at the Wine Fest!

Kaitlyn is a nature girl like myself who happens to work for Fish and Wildlife, so of course we did outdoor adventuring. I can’t remember the names, but here’s a picture of some crazy rapids she took me too. That girl knows so much about the nature in that area it blows my mind; I loved it.

Water Rapids
As I mentioned, Olympia is a unique town.. so of course the decor had to match. Feast your eyes:

Me chillin' with my super homies

Me chillin’ with my super homies

Pizza Pizza

Sweet Drinking Fountain

Sweet Drinking Fountain

Moving on to Seattle — I really enjoyed this city! However, they are in some SERIOUS need of a juice bar chain, (that I of course plan on starting, so don’t try and take my idea. I will find you.) there are Starbucks on every corner, of course, but it borders on too much. I mean, I understand that Seattle folk love their caffeine, but come on!

Obviously, I was taken on the general tourist route to see all the sites…

Space Needle

Space Needle

All I could think of was Grey’s Anatomy here ^^

Artsy Fartsy

Those flowers!!!

Those flowers!!!

One of my favorite places was Pike Place Market… SO AWESOME. You guys know about my love for Farmer’s Markets, and this was humungous! Everything from food to candles to hot pepper raspberry jam *drools*.

Spiky Yummy Fruit

In Front Of PikeRidin' Dirty

Kaitlyn made me take all the fun touristy pictures, so I went along with it. Actually, now I’m really happy she did. Including this one of the very famous Seattle “gum wall”. Yes, you heard that right. It was pretty gross, as my face shows. Of course I added to it! She made me chew gum for it, haha.

Yummy Gum

Gum Wall
After spending our first day in Seattle, we both went to spend the night at a close friend of Kaitlyn’s; yet another cool person whom I enjoyed spending time with. She had a cat who liked to hang out with us and was incredibly artsy – I actually noted some ideas of hers and totally plan on using them down the road.

The next day was my last one out West 😦 so we packed our bags and headed back into Seattle for one last adventure. We spent the day exploring and absorbing the sites, then drank various beers from multiple bars (oops) and not too long after I had to get dropped off at the airport. Overall, it may have been a short trip, but it was an amazing one and I definitely plan on spending some more time out there in the future. Entrepreneurship out West, here I come!

Well, there you have it. Sorry if this was sort of a disjunctive post… I worked super late today and I’m starting to crash. Have a great night my darlings!! x’s and o’s.

Today Is Here!


Hi Friends!

Well, today is the day! In about 30 minutes, I will be leaving for Providence to take a train to Boston, and from there I will be leaving Logan Airport to head to Portland, Oregon!! I’ll be staying with my friend Natasha in Portland until Friday or Saturday, and then I will be heading to Seattle, Washington to stay with yet another friend, Kaitlyn (and Ellisa for a night or so) until about 8pm on April 1st! I’m so excited to finally get to see and explore some of the West Coast, especially with friends I haven’t seen in a while!

Well, I have to go gather my luggage up and make myself a green smoothie for the road, so this is all I can blog about for now. I’m sure if I have to hang around in the airport I will get back on here, but if not… I’ll be blogging in west soon enough!

This is a picture from my Florida trip - just a quick flashback!

This is a picture from my Florida trip – no, we didn’t drink and drive.

Peace, love and safe travels.