I’m not very good at poetry; I kind of detest the structure and form that comes with the territory. I don’t know though, for some reason I had an urge to spit out some poetry – my emotions are coiled pretty tight for some reason – so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not happy (but c’mon, what poetry is?), so don’t expect rainbows and butterflies. I’m sure everyone can relate, though (unless you’re Mother Theresa), so read it for what it’s worth.


If you’re the one with all the muscle, why am I pulling all this weight?
I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with the dirty emotion of hate

It builds and I suppress it
It boils and I douse it
It lurks and creeps in corners
So I lock it in the closet
But for how long will it stay dormant?
Forever? For the moment?

The feeling drives me crazy
I want it gone; I want it out
No one benefits
No one wins
I hate hate, beyond the shadow of a doubt

A deadly fire blazing within
Igniting my heart and soul
Burning, destroying
Flames consuming who I am

Watery tears can’t calm it
Cutting off oxygen only makes it worse

Things that would eradicate a fire
Only fuel hatred
How does one overcome an intangible thing?

If I talk, will you listen –
Even if it’s what you don’t want to hear?

Words, words, words
Eventually they stack so high
Becoming meaningless
An avalanche, a lie

Whispers morph into screams
Spewing venom that I don’t mean
Twisting up my tongue;
A deadly snake
Is this what it feels like to be young?

But we aren’t.

Gone are the days of pasta necklaces
When we could color the sky green and the grass blue
Where boo-boos were cured with a kiss and ‘I love you’

We traded in our Pokemon cards for plastic credit
Our crayons for a keyboard
Suddenly, we can’t fit through our playhouse door
But somehow, the world doesn’t seem so daunting anymore

Life is just a giant balancing act
A giant see-saw for adults
It gives you shit, it gives you warmth
You learn from love and grow from hate

Such Is Life: Some Poetry Pour Toi


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