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Just a quickie to say that I have updated my “Books, Books, Books” pages – both “In the Moment” and “Conquered” – so be sure to check those out for some insight as to what I have been reading lately, and please don’t hesitate to give me some recommendations! My list is in a constant state of growth, which I love 🙂

Today Is Here!


Hi Friends!

Well, today is the day! In about 30 minutes, I will be leaving for Providence to take a train to Boston, and from there I will be leaving Logan Airport to head to Portland, Oregon!! I’ll be staying with my friend Natasha in Portland until Friday or Saturday, and then I will be heading to Seattle, Washington to stay with yet another friend, Kaitlyn (and Ellisa for a night or so) until about 8pm on April 1st! I’m so excited to finally get to see and explore some of the West Coast, especially with friends I haven’t seen in a while!

Well, I have to go gather my luggage up and make myself a green smoothie for the road, so this is all I can blog about for now. I’m sure if I have to hang around in the airport I will get back on here, but if not… I’ll be blogging in west soon enough!

This is a picture from my Florida trip - just a quick flashback!

This is a picture from my Florida trip – no, we didn’t drink and drive.

Peace, love and safe travels.

A Lovely, Lonely Prayer


Hey babes!

I was editing a personal statement for my bestie the other night (oh boy job searching), and in it she included this prayer that a woman at her place of work recites everyday.
I’m a born, raised and confirmed Catholic, but I can’t say that I actively go to church and “practice my faith” on a daily basis. I do however, talk to God as I would a friend, in times of intense happiness, sadness, or just when I feel like talking, but not to anyone in particular. This prayer just seemed like a good one to have in my arsenal, and I thought maybe some of you could also appreciate its wise words.

I live alone, Dear Lord.
Stay by my side.
In all my daily needs,
Be Thou my guide.
Grant me good health,
For that, indeed, I pray
To carry on my work
From day to day.
Keep pure my mind,
My thoughts, my every deed,
Let me be kind, unselfish,
In my neighbor’s need.
If sickness or an accident befall,
The humbly, Lord, I pray,
Hear Thou my call.
And when I’m feeling low
Or in despair,
Lift up my heart
And help me in my prayer.
I live alone, Dear Lord,
Yet have no fear,
Because I feel Your presence
Ever near.

Remember: beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. Stay beautiful my dears, our world could always use it.

Healthy Tip: Food Journaling


Do you have any personal health goals in mind that you want to turn into a reality? Maybe it’s to become more fit, lose weight or to just starting living a more healthy and beneficial lifestyle. Regardless of your goal, you should try food journaling.

Several studies have shown that people who keep food journals – and use them frequently – are more likely to successfully lose weight as well as actually keep it off. It has been shown that people who keep a food diary 6 days a week lost about twice as much weight as someone who only keep food records for 1 day (or less) a week.

I don’t want to preach and not practice, so looks like I’m going to start food journaling, too! Actually, I’ve already started. Realistically, mine will be food blogging since I’ll be posting my daily eating and exercise habits. I figure it can give you guys some insight on not only what I put in my body and do to stay active, but hopefully it will inspire you to get out and move, eat and cook yummy things as well!

I’ve add it as a separate page on my blog, dubbed “Food Journal” so it won’t be mixed in with my regular posts. I have broken it down by month to make things easier as well. Let me know if that works or doesn’t; I love all of your input!

My goal is to trim down my total body fat percentage from 21.2% to 20%, so that’s what I will be working towards!

HeartsEnjoy your Saturday my dears! xoxo



Hello beautiful people. First and foremost, a big, loving welcome my newest followers! I’m so happy you’re here. You are awesome.

A fact about me is that I love to travel. I live for it, and as I am seeking for that niche in my life, I know that it will have to involve traveling and seeing the world – or at least a job that allows me time to take off to do so. This world is just far too beautiful to not explore and appreciate. Which leads me to a vocab word that I wanted to share with all of you:

Wanderlust: a strong desire or impulse to travel and explore the world, to discover one’s existence.

It’s a great word to have in your arsenal, and being an individual with a degree in English, I am all about expanding one’s vocabulary for the better. Well, that’s all! Also, here’s a funny picture; if anyone wants to make me this bike… I will be your best friend in the world. Enjoy 🙂 xo

Unicorn Boss