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Paintin’ Waves As They Danced, Upon The Sand


Cruddy weather today, folks. But it turns out I have an unexpected day off, so I’m milking this weather and being lazy allll day today. Chyeah. So far I’ve watched about 3 episodes of NatGeo concerning lions – they’re so intense, and it really makes me want to go to the Serengeti.

Anyway, I’m taking advantage of having nothing to do and thus getting caught up on my blog. Oh! I started a new column at Dig Boston too, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m still doing the Coffeehouse Chronicles of course, but this new column is focusing on unique hobbies. I did the first installment about hula hooping (read it here) and it’s gotten a good about of likes on the website, which makes me feel pretty satisfied. Now, I’m working on ideas for what I want to do for the rest of them. I’m hoping I can score an interview with some guy who runs some group involving Battlebots. If y’all have any ideas for fun hobbies I should cover, feel free to share.

I digress. I finally gathered up all the business cards I scooped from the Wickford Art Festival, and since I promised I would share all the info with you guys, here they are! I strongly encourage that you check out their work, I only collected the awesome ones, and not to toot my own horn or anything… but I think I have pretty good taste when it comes to art. So yeah, enjoy!

Note: I’m going to put the names with websites and a blurb below, then in the previous post you will find a gallery with a picture of the artists business cards, and a picture of their work. For the time being, I’m going to upload about half. There’s a shitton of cards I collected, and I frankly just don’t feel like doing them all right now. o_O

April Quast: “April Quast is an emerging artist from Glastonbury, CT that seeks to share her passion for color, movement dance and yoga with the world.”

Mark Dirrigl: This guy makes these super cool mini guitars made out of household products, as well as some pretty fresh paintings.

Melanie LaMountain: “They range from portraying idyllic scenery in traditional composition to the abstract and surreal, from the classic portrait to the interpretive self-portrait. My work as a freelance photographer has been in the area of  fine art, environmental portraiture, event, product and wedding photography. ”

Erik Olsen: This guy is an artist and does metal sculptures.

Dick & Judy Beaupre: “We create animals, birds, reptiles and tropical plants out of various parts of palm trees. Each of our actual pieces is an original work of art. The base is created using the boot ends of palm fronds (branches), mostly from Queen Palms. Each piece is crafted by cutting and assembling the shapes, then hand-painting each one.”

Adam W. Latham: “He has also scanned slides of his older work and has experimented with manipulating Polaroid images by hand. Adam is a landscape architect and owner of The Howland & Higgins Company located in Rehoboth, MA.”

Tracy Lizotte: “All the ideas for my artwork come from the day to day life around me. I am utterly inspired by children, animals, and color and patterns found in nature. Everything I paint has a story behind it, some quite funny.”

John & Carolyn Burr: “Reverse-acrylic..the work begins with a clear acrylic sheet. The acrylic paint is put on one side, knowing that what is laid down will be seen from the other side. The final painting is then varnished on the back to protect the painting. The painting is then turned over for the completed image.”

Randy Colbath: “Randy Colbath is a Maine born sculptor who utilizes found and salvaged wood as well as stone and metal in his work. He derives inspiration from the unique properties of each piece of wood he approaches, forming its imperfections and quirks into prominent features of his completed pieces.”

Caryn King: “Paintings of animals from farms to fields”

Christian Rubeck: “In 1985 an elective Sculpture class in college ignited a fire in me.  After that introduction, Interior Design seemed dull and mundane enough to prompt a Major change.  The first “found objects” were pulled from Richmond, Virginia’s alleys, mainly because they were easily accessible and more importantly, free.  One of my first pieces titled “Love seat” started with a discarded restaurant booth.”

Kim Ellery: Self-employed artist from my home town of East Greenwich.

Katie Wilson: “Her mixed media paintings have an abstract quality which is partly achieved by her bold brushwork that retains a certain softness and through the collage lending itself to make abstract passages in the paintings. Katie’s choice of palette tends to give her work an atmospheric and serene feel. Her work has been described as solemn, wistful and haunting.”


The Goods: Wickford Art Festival


Holy Cannoli


Good eveningg!
First off, I wanted to say how awesome it was (hence the title) to see how many people peeped my Electric Forest photos from my last post – it was something like 280 views in a day. Huzzah. That’s a shitton more than usual and I’m pretty souped about it. I think I gained another follower or so too, which is always a bonus. I like knowing there are eyeballs out there who like glancing over mah wordsz.

Today was my one day off until next Sunday. Boosauce. I must say; this whole working thing can be quite the drag sometimes… especially since two of my entire days are dedicated to free work. Internships are cool and all, but come on! We’re broke college students; we should at least be paid in large quantities of food or useful things like recorders or toothpaste. Roh well… c’est la vie.

On a very important side note: MY HULA HOOP CAME IN! It’s a biggie alright, but I’m pretty in love with it. We don’t quite see 100% eye-to-eye yet concerning the over-the-head trick, but the relationship is still young. I have faith. So yeah, here’s a picture of the beast (note: my newly dark hair… although in a raggedy state). The faded looking yellow tape glows in the dark, my name is on the side aaaand it has noise makers inside of it! All the bells and whistles. Eeee! Now I think I’ve begun a hula hopping addiction or something, because now I desperately want a LED one where I choose the colors and someone solders them together for me. I proposed the idea to the boyfriend and now he’d determined to teach me himself so I can do it myself. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be a skilled solderer. If anyone has any tips, feel free to enlighten me!

Back on topic… my day off was pretty superb. This weekend was bumping in Rhode Island! This weekend (tomorrow as well) is the Ocean State Tall Ships Festival, where

The historic Newport waterfront will be filled with sails and sailors from 14 Tall Ships®. Climb aboard over a dozen majestic vessels from the era when tall ships ruled the seas.  This interactive, educational family-friendly event also features exhibits, food and family entertainment.

I personally have never been to this before… and I slap my own wrist for that wrongdoing. Thankfully though, I am from the Ocean State and a lot of life ahead of me, so there is still time. I didn’t waste the free day though! Max and I went to the Wickford Art Festival; another Rhode Island gem that has become increasingly more popular. The artists there were phenomenal, and I will have a ton of new artsy things to show you guys when I get some more free time. I swear, I could make a hat out of all the business cards I picked up today. You guys are going to love all the cool stuff. Unfortunately the festival was only this weekend, but you can live vicariously through me. It was a day like today though that made me a little bummed that I a) don’t have my own home to decorate and b) have no spending money because it all is being saved for Europe. Oh well — someday!

The other interesting thing I did today (there was a lot of napping and lamping involved, as well as a boat load of eating) was go to the movies with the boyfriend and see Ted. Now, I’m going to put the preview below in case someone is living under a rock (or is just too cool for television) but I must warn you: this is not an appropriate movie. It is raunchy beyond belief, but that just happens to be one of the branches of my humor, so I was cracking up the majority of the time. But yeah, so if you’re more of the ooshy-gooshy romantic type or don’t appreciate dirty humor, I would say refrain from watching the preview. If that’s up your alley, get your butt to the movies! It’s a riot, I promise you.

Well, I think I’ve just about run out of steam, folks. My laundry is successfully in the dryer, so my work clothes will be ready for tomorrow (oh joy, oh rapture), and my eyes are steadily closing on me with each passing moment. I realize that I have a lot of things I still need to blog about for y’all, so for my own sake, as well as for yours, I am jotting down a quick list of the things I plan on talking about the next time I have a few hours to myself… which is pretty much never…

~ Austria
~ Belgium
~ Electric Forest Videos / Line-up
~ Wickford Festival Artists
~ Game of Thrones (I finally finished the first book and am dying to blab on and on about it. Hopefully some of you have read the book and will be able to relate)
~ My new life’s plan. Stay tuned for this one. It’s intense… and just, yeah.

Night daaaahhhlings. Hope your weekend was bright and sunny just like the weather! Onward to a new week of summer.