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What Did I Just Eat?


A man came into the juice bar the other day and we started talking; before he left, he recommended that I watch a video of his on YouTube dubbed “What Did I Just Eat?” – I just gave it a watch and it’s perfect. Please take the four and a half minutes to watch this video, it has some useful information that many people are probably not keyed into. Enjoy!

I must say, part of what I really enjoy about working ze bar is the customers that come in. They’re all (for the most part) extremely friendly, pleasant and are looking to better their lives via juices and smoothies, which is amazing and the same mindset as myself. There are also some individuals who have so much useful knowledge and information to share that I tend to learn something new every shift – whether or not it actually involves being healthy.

Henna that my sister did on my hand. So pretty!

Henna that my sister did on my hand. So awesome!

Have a grand day!