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Rice Water: That’s What’s Up


Hello my beauties!
How is everyone holding up now that we’ve experienced the first “hump day” of 2015? It’s darn cold where I am, but I have a bathrobe snuggled up around me and slippers on my feet, so I guess I don’t really have much to complain about. Though perhaps I should make some tea…

My boyfriends mother posted a link to an article the other day about the benefits of “rice water”, and being a naturally curious creature when it comes to heath related topics, I read the article. I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty poorly written piece on what seemed like a less-than-reliable website, but the information was there and it was interesting, so I thought I would pass it along to all of you. Now, I don’t know how accurate all of the information is, but I’m going to try it out for myself and report back. If you try this and have any results, please share! Sharing is caring, right? Right.

Apparently, gaining benefits from rice water is something that has been practiced by the Chinese for a looong time (not surprising since that is such a huge portion of their diet) and it is now becoming more popular in modern western civilization.

The Benefits? First, there are the health benefits. By drinking the hot rice water as you would soup, you can expect it to provide energy, prevent gastroenteritis, regulate body temperature, prevent and cure constipation and maybe even prevent cancer. Then there are the cosmetic benefits, but please make sure that you allow the water to cool down before using it on your body. You can wash your face with the rice water to soften skin, use it has a tonic replacement, apply on face to assist closed pores and even wash your hair with the water to make your hair shinier and healthier.

Personally, I’m not sure how keen I am on drinking straight hot rice water, so I’m thinking it may be a good idea to turn it into a broth base for soup? Maybe add some veggies and protein and keep the rice in the mix to make it a heartier dish rather than a clear liquid to choke down unpleasantly.

The great part about this rice water is that the preparation is outrageously simple; all you need is rice and water. Take the same steps you would if you were cooking the rice to eat (which you still can), but it is recommended to add more water to the pot than you normally would, so the rice could come out a bit more engorged than usual.

Please note that simply rinsing off rice in water does not count as rice water; the rice needs to have released some of its useful properties into the water, meaning cooking/boiling needs to take place.

… and there you have it! I think I’m going to give the cosmetics aspect a shot first, then create a [hopefully] tasty soup using the rice water for the health benefits. Have a great day everyone, and do your best to stay warm!


Save Water This Summer


Hey there, beautiful people.

Two exciting things: First off, 5 people liked my last post, which is well, totally awesome. That put a big Texas smile on my face (and I’ve never even been to Texas, so that’s saying something), and I hope that I can continue to create things that you all enjoy reading! Secondly, this is my 200th post!! Good things are happening.

For the record, it’s 6:30am and I don’t have to be in work until 9… erg. I’ve been sleeping pretty terribly lately, and one of the few times I don’t have to be in work early, I can’t sleep past 6. Uncool. I don’t know what I did to my body lately, but it’s just not happy with me. My head is pounding, my back feels like it’s been continuously run over my Mack trucks and I just can’t get comfortable at night. Helpppp. I’m hoping I can just ride it out; maybe it’ll only last the length of my crimson wave (if you don’t get the reference, don’t worry about it).

Anyway, to the point of my post. I was helping Max clean out and organize his car the other day — well, I basically did it all; Max stood there and moved things when I told him to, but that’s irrelevant. I found this fun little circle thing that gave tips on how to save water during the summer, and it was so awesome that I wanted to share it with all of your lovely people. You just never know what you may find in a boys car.

Save Water This Summer
My picture-taking skills aren’t exactly top notch, so to spare your eyes I’m just going to type out what they all are.

Save Water This Summer

1. Use towels and linens more than once. Save 17 gallons per occupied room per day.
2. Turn off the tap. Save 2 to 4 gallons per minute.
3. Run a full load of dishes. Save 4 to 6 gallons per cycle.
4. Take a shorter shower. Save 2 to 2.5 gallons per minute.
5. Run a full load of laundry. Save 20 to 40 gallons per load.
6. Don’t water if it rains. Only 1″ per week is needed for a healthy lawn.
7. Scrape, don’t rinse dishes. Save up to 20 gallons.
8. Fix or report leaks and drips. Save 36 to 180 gallons per day.

… good stuff right?? I hope you think so! I’m going to go shower (and hopefully save at least 5 gallons in water usage), but please try and utilize some of these tips. Using towels more than once is huge, and so easy to do. As long as you aren’t mega-stinky, anyway. Our earth could really use our help in the whole saving it department.

Live Long & Prosper (I watched two Star Trek movies last night, I had to sneak the nerdiness in)!

Holy Sh*t … I Mean, Shot.


Happy Friday!
If you’re currently residing in Rhode Island like myself, the weather isn’t exactly happy, but it’s not like we can change that. Carpe diem, baby. At least our farms will be drinking it all up (pun intended).

As of yesterday, I’ve come down with some sickness that has yet to be named. I have flu-like symptoms, but it could potentially be Lyme, which would so NOT be cool. However, since I have been rock climbing outside lately it isn’t an entirely far-fetched idea. Either way I am getting blood work done this morning so hopefully the mystery will be solved, and thank the lord for that because I am bored!! I’m so used to working crazy long weeks lately that when I have almost a full day off to lay in bed and actually recuperate, I start climbing the walls within two hours.

On the bright side, you all get to benefit from my home confinement because I actually have time to post things! I know, you’re over the moon with excitement – me too.

Since I put myself to bed at 9:30 last night, I was up and rearing to go (minus the intense stomach pain) at 7:15 this morning. I had nothing better to do with my life, so I decided to have a little photo shoot with this lovely thing called The Holy Shot that we serve at The Power Bar.

Basically, it is a 4 oz shot with a base of filtered water, then you add in about 3 shakes of cayenne pepper, 1/2 of a lemon, and about 1/2 teaspoon of freshly minced ginger. This puppy wakes you up with a *bang!* and can also help with various ailments that you may be suffering from.

The Ingredients

What goes inside (minus h2o)

Now, just so you don’t think I am pulling your leg, here are the benefits of this mighty shot. I didn’t include water because… well, you should know that water is good for you. You can’t exactly survive without it.

Lemon: natural energizer (fights fatigue), flushes out unwanted materials, balances pH, helps hypertension, aids in weight loss (digestive aid), boosts immune system, helps with fever and chills, is antibacterial and abolishes acne.

Ginger: helps with migraines, muscle pain caused by exercise, inflammation of the colon, menstrual cramps, morning sickness, nausea caused by chemotherapy (if taken before), liver damage caused by acetaminophen (aka Tylenol), high blood pressure, asthma, diarrhea, bronchitis, arthritis, digestion, and the most amazing discover is helping cure ovarian cancer. A study found that exposing ovarian cancer cells to a solution of ginger powder resulted in their death in every single test – the cells either committed suicide (apoptosis) or digested/attacked themselves (autophagy).

Cayenne Pepper: Digestive aid, anti-irritant like upset stomach, ulcers, coughs, diarrhea and sore throats, anti-cold and flu agent, anti-fungal properties, migraine/headache prevention, helps with allergies, useful for blood clots, circulatory stimulant, joint-pain reliever, aids in weight loss, helps prevent lung cancer in smokers, promotes heart health, great for tooth and gum diseases.

Hail The Holy Shot

Hail The Holy Shot

Well, there you have it! Isn’t it cool looking? I sprinkled more cayenne on top for aesthetics; I probably wouldn’t drink it like that – I re-blended it for myself afterwards.

I’m off to get some blood work done, wish me luck!!!