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Winter Tips: Keep Your Home Warm


Hi Darlings 🙂

Well, winter has arrived! February seems to be the month – at least in Rhode Island – where winter decides to rear its head. Classes were cancelled for me Friday and again on Monday, so I lucked out getting a 4-day weekend; too bad I still had to actually like, do work. #graduatestudent

Anyway, with the return of winter, I figured I would do a post focusing on winter tips, and more specifically, how to keep your house warm… because who likes being chilly? Not this girl.

First things first; tune up your heating system. When you take care of your heating system, it returns the favor. If you’re unsure if it’s functioning at maximum efficiency, make an appointment with a local professional to check the scene and do whatever tuning up that needs to be done.

Second, invest in a new thermostat, and make it a programmable one while you’re at it. We are in the 21st century as you may know, and these save money by making sure your home is always at the proper temperature. Many now even offer wireless controls and apps so you can alter the settings without even being home (fancy!). Others are so smart they can program themselves by learning your family’s daily routine. Creepy? A little.

Next, check the attic. A lot of homes, even new ones, lack sufficient heat in the attic. Remember dears: heat rises! You don’t want all your heat escaping from an imperfect attic, so make sure it is staying trapped indoors. If you can easily see the floor joists in your attic, you don’t have enough insulation.

Also be sure to close vents and shut doors; this is something that can often be overlooked. Shut off rooms that you don’t use regularly or rarely spend any time in. You want to keep the heated air concentrated in spaces that you actually use, and you will see yourself $aving $ome money.

Finally, install cellular shades. When you replace windows, you save money on energy costs, but it is also a big investment not everybody can make. If your windows are letting too much cold air into your home, try cellular shades; they’re cheaper. If you have to be extra money conscious and can’t add shades on every window, focus on the ones that let in the most cold air… usually on the north or east sides of buildings.

Well, that’s that. Stay warm and dry! Until next time…