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Apparently, Breathing Burns Fat


News alert! I read this magazine called Prevention; I think it’s sort of catered to an older crowd than myself, but the magazine focuses on health, fitness and nutrition – all of which I love and care about – so I buy it when I see it. I totally recommend anyone in any walk of life give it a whirl someday; you never know! Anyway, I’m being discursive.

The point I wanted to share was this: you know how we’ve (well, at least I have) been led to believe that fat left your body via sweat? WRONG! Two researchers recently proved that 84% of fat exits your mouth and nose through simple exhales. How wild is that? Don’t suddenly get the lazy mentality due to this fact, though. It would be quite silly to think you can burn off a bunch of fat just my breathing a lot. You can’t replace exercise.

A thousand exhales take about a half hour [when on a hike-run]. Given that 30 minutes burns about 350 calories [for me], 3 exhales is the sound of burning 1 calorie.

Am I the only one who finds that fascinating? Essentially, you exhaling carries converted fat in the form of carbon dioxide.

Another cool fact I picked up during my reading was a way to judge the ripeness of a pineapple. If you smell the base and it has a light pineapple fragrance, then it’s a winner. Don’t focus on color.

Before learning this, I would always choose a pineapple by squeezing it – if it’s too squishy, it’s too ripe; if it’s akin to a bowling bowl, it’s not ripe enough – or by pulling on the center leaf directly in the center of the fruit. If the leaf pops out with hardly a tug, it’s a good choice. Those two methods have not let me down before, but now I have an arsenal of three!

Keep in mind that pineapple’s make a great snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. I use them a lot in juices as a sweetening agent. They are healthier for you than cookies and they contain bromelain, which is an enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties.

The best pineapple I ever had was fresh off the trees in the Costa Rican forest back in high school; we were white water rafting and that was our snack break. The tour guides cut them with machetes, it was amazing. I will never forget that pineapple and hopefully I can go back to that region for another taste. As I like to say… fresh is best. You don’t get any fresher than plucked from the tree!

Night my darlings xxoo