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Too Much Tea



I think I just made the mistake of drinking caffeinated tea at 21h00 (that’s 9:00pm for all you non-military and non-french peeps), so I’m hoping I can burn some of that energy off by blogging a bit. For the record, I thought the tea was decaf, but judging by the way I’m currently feeling, I thought wrong.

As you guys may know, I’m a big reader and love to learn/expand my mental horizons; because in my opinion, if you aren’t trudging forward, you’re either moving backwards or staying stagnant, neither of which are beneficial to you or the rest of humanity. In an effort to combine my interests, I take “notes” while I read. However, there isn’t really a legitimate purpose for said notes… until now… where I share them with you. Aren’t you guys and gals lucky?

Well, here it goes [I promise I will only do little bits at a time].

Did You Know?
– That “e.g.” (you will sometimes see this in writing in lieu of “ex” meaning example) stands for exempli gratia, which means “for the sake of an example” in Latin.
– Following the same train of thought, “n.b.” which is sometimes used instead of p.s. stands for nota bene which means “note well” in Latin and Italian. That I actually learned in high school and have never forgotten it.

Okay, now here’s a cool quote from The Name of the Wind:

Beer dulls a memory, brandy sets is burning, but wine is best for a sore hearts yearning… out of all the spirits, wine is suited to reminiscence. A good wine allows clarity and focus, while still allowing a bit of comforting coloration of the memory.

Not So Fun Facts:
– Though by any reasonable definition Iowa is a rural state, it is more thoroughly developed than many cities: a mere 2% of the state’s land remains what it used to be (tall-grass prairie), every square foot of the rest having been completely remade by man.
– One in three American children eat fast food every single day and 19% of American meals are eaten in the car.
– A 1lb box of prewashed organic lettuce contains 80 calories of food energy. Growing, chilling, washing, packaging and transporting said lettuce to the east coast takes more than 4,600 calories of fossil fuel energy – or 57 calories of fossil fuel energy per every calorie of food. And that’s organic! Conventionally grown lettuce would be 4% higher.

^^ All of the above facts make me really pissed off and extremely sad at the same time. Hmpf.

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with five new vocabulary words. In case you forgot, the ones I left you with a few weeks back were ephemeral, florid, fervent, discursive and sovereignty. Bonus points if you can remember their definitions without looking them up!

  • Aphorism – n. a pithy saying that embodies a general truth or an astute observation
  • Irascible – adj. irritable; easily angered
  • Discerning – adj. having insight; mentally quick and observant
  • Alacrity – n. cheerful promptness; eagerness
  • Disparage – v. to belittle

Goodnight, mes amis.

Do-It-Yourself: Almond Milk (Round 2)


Gooooood Morning!

As promised, I am keeping you all posted on my Almond Milk making progressions. I made a second batch, and it came out lovely! I’m not going to retype all the directions (reference here for them in original), but I’ll let you know the tweaks that were made, and in all honesty… I took enough pictures** this time around that you get the idea from those alone.
**I apologize in advance for the poopy quality of my current pictures. This was after work, so I only had my phone on me, and my camera quality is less than stellar.

First, I actually measured out my ingredients (snaps for me!) and tried out the 1 cup almonds to 2 cups water rule. I wound up having 2 1/2 cups of almonds, so 5 cups of water went into my (well, Raw Bob’s) blender.

Before Blending



The milking process remained the same…



Also, instead of using cinnamon and vanilla, I tried something different; dates and vanilla! I had a bunch of dates left at Max’s that I finally brought home, so I figured putting them to use was a good grand idea (stay tuned for more date recipes). I added 5 pitted dates and 2 1/4 teaspoons of vanilla to the already milked almonds, and blended them all into a happy almond milk family.

The Ingredients

The Ingredients

Final Product

Final Product










Now, dates are tricky to blend — aka they take a longer time to break down — so make sure there are no hidden little bits! After they’re done blending, let the blender cool down for a little bit; the mixture will be warm and there will be a lot of foam that you probably won’t want to drink down.

I yielded more milk than I expected this time around.. but then again, I used more water (1/2 cup more) and never measured my ingredients the first time, so…. measuring is good. I had to borrow a container for a night from the bar due to it!

There you have it, Round Two: Almond Milk Style! Let me know what you think 🙂