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The Rock… Rocks.


Happy Sunday, Everyone!

It’s been absolutely gorgeous out today, so if it’s nice where you are, I hope you spent a little time outdoors. I had to work until 3pm, but afterwards I took one of my dogs on an hour long walk for some exercise and Vitamin D, chyeahhh. Then I picked up the new and limited edition Game of Thrones beer, called “Three-Eyed Raven” and brewed by Ommegang Brewery, because GAME OF THRONES PREMIERES TONIGHT!! I can’t wait.

I had a pretty fabulous week, so ending it (or starting it… whichever way you look at it) with Game of Thrones is icing on the cake. As I may have mentioned in the past, I had my first climbing competition yesterday at Rock Spot Climbing’s Boston Boulder Brawl, so I spent a lot of time this last week – and the last month – preparing for it. I went to a pretty sweet rock gym on Wednesday called Central Rock Gym – Watertown to mix it up a bit; check out the pictures below.

Central Rock Gym


Central Rock (3)

To recap the competition: it was awesome. I didn’t win, but I did score high enough in the qualifying round to compete in the final brawl, where you climb until fail. I was eliminated on the 5th problem along with 6 other women (it was an evil problem), so I felt pretty content about the whole thing. Personally, I did some of the best climbing I’ve ever done to date, so that’s a win in my book! Truth be told, if the women in my division had been honest and competed at the level they belonged in – a lot were WAY to advanced for my level, it was pretty disheartening and unfair – I probably would have had a solid chance at winning, but oh well. Once I can get Max to send me the pictures I’ll post them up here. I also am friends with the manager of the Spot, so Max and I were asked to be judges during other levels of the competition. It was pretty neat and overall just a really great, albeit long, day 😀

Central Rock (2)

I’ve been really craving French lately, so the rest of this post is going to be in said tongue. Feel free to translate if you wish, but maybe sometime I’ll translate it/read it out loud on a video for you all to hear how it sounds. If you just paste it in a translator, just be aware it may not seem to flow as nicely. I also may have made a few grammatical errors here and there since I am a little rusty.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai fait une dĂ©couverte. Donc, pas exactement une dĂ©couverte, mais j’ai trouvĂ© les mots corrects pour une pensĂ©e de mien (<– cette grammaire… c’est correct?). Actuellement, la dĂ©couverte Ă©tait hier, mais il n’importe pas.

Alors, la pensĂ©e. Toute ma vie, j’avais Ă©tĂ© une individuel compĂ©titive; pour toutes la facettes de ma vie. C’est dans mon ADN, peut-ĂȘtre. Mais, je pense que quand j’Ă©tait petite, mes idĂ©es de compĂ©tition Ă©taient complĂštement incorrects et injustifiables. Puis, j’avait voulu dĂ©truire le compĂ©tition; les battre a tout ce jeu et gagner.

Mais, maintenant je vois l’idĂ©e de compĂ©tition dans une lumiĂšre diffĂ©rent. Oui, j’ai encore gagner, mais maintenant il est pour une raison plus juste, plus humaine. Peut-ĂȘtre je dois cette idĂ©e Ă  une sport en particulier… l’escalade. Hier, j’ai eu mon premier compĂ©tition d’escalade, et je l’adorait! J’adore cet sport, et un morceau de cet amour est parce que les personnes qui participent.

Ils sont adorent (eh bien, plus). Les attitudes sont heureux, encourageant et aimables, et ils Ă©taient infectieux. Pendant un moment, j’avais compris. L’idĂ©e de gagner n’est pas comment tu peux battre les autres, mais comment tu peux conquĂȘte de vous-mĂȘme et ĂȘtre parfait pour vous. Je voudrais aider mon compĂ©tition parce que, pourquoi pas? Je voudrais ĂȘtre le mieux. Mais il n’y a pas les autres dans cette problĂšme; seulement moi et le rocher. LĂ ! C’est facile pour moi: si les autres sont trĂšs super, j’ai besoin ĂȘtre trĂšs super aussi parce que je voudrais exceller, et nous pouvons apprendre de l’autre.

Le rocher ne mente pas et je voudrais avoir toutes les rochers me dire que je suis le mieux, ne personne. Mais je veux le support des personnes et en exchange je veux les support aussi. Ensemble, nous pouvons conquĂȘtes le monde. Je pense que avec cette idĂ©e, j’ai grandi un peu, et à cause de ça, je suis devenue une meilleure personne.

There you have it, folks. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!