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Recap: NYC (Manhattan, 3/20-22/15)


Ahoy, Mateys

I just got back from my mini-vacation, NYC style, and I thought while everything is fresh in my mind I would recap the last few days for y’all. It wasn’t a long trip, so don’t expect anything too crazy. The reason for going was because Max had a G.A.M.E conference for Finance and he wanted me to be there for the tail end of the conference. I happen to have a few friends who live in the city, so I decided to keep Max company while seeing some lovely people. Two birds, one stone.

Instead of blowing $200+ on train tickets from PVD to NYC, I decided to drive to the Westport, CT train station and take the Metro-North train in to Grand Central. Although the almost 2-hour solo drive wasn’t the most fun, it was tolerable and I only paid $24 for a round trip ticket. I also didn’t have to pay for parking which was sweeeet. Worth it? At this point in my life, yes, I would say so.

I got into Grand Central at noon, and from there I went directly to the Sheraton where Max was staying, and we grabbed some very tasty sandwiches at a deli nearby. I was able to use some of my rusty Spanish speaking skills, which is always fun. Not soon after, Max had to get back to the conference, so we parted ways and I headed to Matteo’s (in Manhattan) to drop off my stuff. I caught up with him, then headed to SoHo to meet up with my close friend, Aly for dinner.

The dinner was AMAZING. Aly’s friend is executive chef at a restaurant called Murray’s Cheese Bar, which just by the name of it, I fell in love. I love me some cheese. We wound up stuffing our faces (the chef was there and hooked us up – she didn’t charge us for $30+ worth of food) and getting buzzed on some local IPA’s. For food we had a “Cheesemonger’s Choice” which consisted of fresh bread, crackers, goat cheese, kimchi, pickled raisins, prosciutto, some hard cheese I forget the name of, a blue goat cheese, chorizo and a dressing that tasted sweet and almost like a type of icing. Then the chef brought us out some crisped Brussels sprouts with fresh shaved Parmesan. At this point I was getting pretty full, but for my main meal I ordered pulled pork mac & cheese, and I ate it in it’s entirety. Did I mention this place was awesome? I left with a very happy belly. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures… mer.

The Manhattan Rock Gym

The Manhattan Rock Gym

Post dinner I had to make my way back to Matteo’s to meet up with Max and get ready for the evening. We hung around Matteo’s and drank some more beer and Jameson & Gingers until the appropriate “going out time” in the city that never sleeps. To be honest, I don’t remember the name of the bar that we went to, but once again we got hooked up. Matteo’s friend and co-worker is a fabulous mixologist and she made us tequila cocktails that tasted divine. Our tab should have been about $300 between all of us, but she charged us $30. I love people.

Max and I got back to Matteo’s around 2am, slept for a little bit, then took a cab back to Max’s hotel. I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity for a comfy bed, so I went and slept while Max finished up the last events of the conference. Once that was finished we made our way back to Matteo’s and enjoyed a home-cooked breakfast equipped with eggs, turkey bacon and chocolate chip pancakes. Yes.

When breakfast was sufficiently digested, Max, Matteo, two of his friends (Matt and Connor) and myself made our way to Steep Rock Boulders, which is a bouldering rock gym walking distance from Matteo’s apartment. Besides Max and I, the others had never seriously climbed before, so it was a fun experience teaching them. I actually completed a handful of V3’s, which are normally outside my reach at my home gym, so that was pretty cool. We spent a long time there and grabbed a delicious dinner El Paso Taqueria where I gorged on a chicken burrito and sipped a tasty margarita.

El Paso Taqueria

After dinner we pretty much did the same thing as Friday night: hang out, pre-game, hit the town. The names of the two bars we went to are on the tip of my tongue, but alas, they escape me. I took it easier this time around, nursing beers until it was time for bed. All in all, a great day. Sunday wasn’t very exciting; all of us slept, hydrated and cooked another tasty breakfast until Max and I decided it was time to head back home.

Well, that’s a wrap! I enjoyed myself, and I have just enough time now to recuperate until I am off to Atlanta for the Atlanta Film Festival for Aly’s short feature, “Knightsville”. I have work at 7am tomorrow, so it is time for me to hit the hay. Goodnight, everyone!