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ATLFF ’15, Continued


Hello Pretties 🙂

As promised, I want to finish up my recap of my Atlanta, Georgia trip where I attended the Atlanta Film Festival for my friends film, Knightsville.

Friday, March 27th: Woke up early with Aly in order to prepare for a panel discussion she was a part of, which is pretty darn cool if you ask me. It was her and 4 other filmmakers and they discussed various things that I don’t really see the need to divulge in. Afterwards we went back to the hotel area of town to putz around, then we all grabbed a delicious lunch at a Thai fusion food restaurant called Poor Calvin’s. The food was great, but the service was horrendous, so I would definitely not recommend going there if you are ever in a rush. SLOW with all capital letters; and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Northerner.

After lunch we headed back to 7 Stages Theater where a second panel discussion was to take place called “Filminism: An Examination of Female Stereotypes in the Film Industry”. No lie, it was the one of the worst hours of my life and I wanted to personally punch out 3 of the 5 panelists, who were all women (I totally could have taken them, too). You would think with that particular discussion topic, the women would be all “power to the females” and such… no. SO wrong. They were horrible women and I don’t even want to talk about this any further because I am starting to fume all over again and I don’t want to finish this post in an angry mood.

Post outrageousness, I branched off with Amanda’s mom and Noelle to explore more of Midtown Atlanta. We did some window shopping, real shopping – where I scored some cute tops for the summer that I can’t wait to break out – and ate some pizza before we met up with the rest of the group. After we met up with everyone, we watched my first feature of the festival, The Sisterhood of Night. Truth be told, it was simply okay. Also, one of the bitches from the panel was the director, so automatically I had a bad taste in my mouth, which was unfortunate. I actually ended up leaving a few minutes early in order to get back to the hotel to change into nighttime attire. Which leads me to the second big party of the festival…

The Group
The second party was pretty cool, but not better than The Goat Farm. It was presented by ACVB and was located at a place called Gallery L1. There was a cool film, lovely live music, free booze and delicious free food being served all night, so it was a big ole win in my book. We ended up staying there for the remainder of the night and from there we just went back to the hotel and snoozed.

Saturday, March 28th: Another early start to the day, but this time we were headed to midtown for the Awards Brunch. Once again, free food and free booze (though to be honest I couldn’t stomach it that early), so I was a happy camper. I scarfed down maybe one too many bacon strips and eggs, but oh well… at least I work out.

Panel Post Short Films
Straight from there we headed to The Palace Theater where the time had finally arrived for Knightsville’s world premiere! It was part of the “New Mavericks” short block, where the film had to be directed by a female and have a strong female lead. There were 7 short films in total, and I enjoyed the majority of them. The best were Knightsville (duh) and another one called The Grey Area, which was outrageously awesome and funny and I suggest you check it out someday if you have the chance. After the debut our large group grabbed some lunch at a local joint that I unfortunately forget the name of; sorry. From there a few of us doubled back to The Palace Theater for another feature, Krisha. Now, this film was amazing. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. It also happened to win the audience award and the special jury recognition award at SXSW Film Festival, which is apparently a big deal. I feel it was well deserved.

World Premiere!

World Premiere!

Let’s see… after watching Krisha, I headed back to the hotel with the folks also stayed for the feature. During this time I got some pretty serious road rash from falling like a goon in the middle of an Atlanta street. I like to keep things interesting. Mostly I was upset I ripped my tights -_-

Dinner was some light fare at the hotel restaurant, then it was time for the closing party, which was conveniently located at our hotel – score! It was on the top floor and offered a pretty nice view of midtown Atlanta. Once again, free booze and food. Nothing too exciting happened, but it was a great time overall.

Well, that’s a wrap! We all left early on Sunday morning, so it’s not worth recapping that day for y’all. Overall, it was a successful trip despite a torturous hour here and there, and I had a grand time exploring Atlanta, watching films and supporting one of my close friends. 😀