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Snack This Out: Snapea Crisps


Yes, you saw that correctly. “Snapea Crisps” are made from 70% whole pea, and somehow Calbee turned those darling green guys into an incredibly delicious, healthy alternative to potato chips. I’ve always been a fan of raw sugar snap peas, but these are extra crunchy, and they satiate that salt craving that so many of us have, myself included.

ImageCompared to regular potato chips, Snapea Crisps have 40% less fat, are a good source of fiber (3g compared to 1g), and have much less sodium. They also boast 4g of protein per serving (22 pieces).. pretty darn good for a lightly salted and baked Snap Pea!

So instead of grabbing a bag of Lay’s next time your grocery shopping, try these puppies out!


Walnuts: Winning


My Turtle Doves –

Holy cannoli it’s almost Christmas! The time has been flying; mostly thanks to me having to study for exams and do projects and other educational stuff, but I’ll take it. I officially finished my first semester of grad school on Friday!!! It was definitely a difficult learning curve, but I think I’m getting a handle on it.

How has everyone been?

I don’t know about you guys, but I have NOT been eating as awesomely as I would like the last two weeks (thanks, school), and I’ve been seriously slacking on my juice intake. Soooo this winter break will hopefully get me back on track. I feel gross, even though in the grand scheme of things I haven’t really been that bad, just bad for me.

Which leads to me to the point of this post… walnuts! One of my top favorite nuts, and they happen to be amazeballs for you. Cue fun facts:

** NOTE: You can potentially gain all the below mentioned benefits from walnuts by eating just one ounce of walnuts a day, that’s only about seven shelled walnuts. **

  1. Cancer-Fighting Properties. Supposedly, they help reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer and (in mice) have even slowed the growth of prostate tumors.
  2. Heart Health. Thanks to l-arginine (amino acid), walnuts have a multitude of vascular benefits to people with heart disease or an increased risk. Walnuts also contain ALA – an omega-3 fat – that has anti-inflammatory properties and can help prevent blood clots. They also support healthy cholesterol levels.
  3. Powerful Antioxidants. Antioxidants, as I have mentioned before, help fight free-radicals in your body, which are bad guys. Walnuts have some antioxidants that aren’t commonly found in most foods, so start cracking!
  4. Weight Control. According to studies, snacking on these bad boys can help maintain ideal weight over time; they also increase the feeling of satiety.
  5. Improved Reproductive Health in Men. Male fertility bonus points via improved sperm quality and a bunch of other fun things like vitality, motility and morphology.
  6. Brain Health. Have you ever noticed that walnuts even look like a brain? That actually means something, for they do support brain health. They contain a solid amount of neuroprotective compounds (Vitamin E, Folate, Melatonin, Omega-3 Fats to name a few).
  7. Diabetes. A huge issue in today’s day and age, sadly. However, walnuts can improve metabolic parameters in people with Type 2 diabetes – that’s the “adult onset” one mostly associated with obesity/overweight issues that can actually be prevented or delayed with a healthy lifestyle.

Did You Know? Walnuts belong to the tree nut family, along with Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, and pistachios. Each has its own unique nutritional profile.

ALSO, when you eat walnuts… keep the skin! That is the outermost layer when shelled and is usually flaky or whitish. They may be bitter, but it’s one of the healthiest parts to consume and contains a boat load of the awesome antioxidants. Also, aim for organic and non-GMO if you can.

Okay… I’m going to go be lazy and maybe productive. Stay awesome, friends.