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Xmas Trees, Acrobats & Happy Things


Here are some sweet vids from Strasbourg, France. WHY DO I HAVE TO LEAVE EUROPE?!

^Sorry about this being sideways. It’s a crazy old clock made ages ago, but it’s so freaking cool! And high-tech for it’s time. Watch and you’ll understand.

^ There was a full on choir at the big church in Strasbourg. It was pretty neat, to say the least.

^ Some international dancing. Huzzah!

^This tree was a magical thing to behold. Not quite as big as the one in Times Square, but it’s quite impressive nonetheless. Apologies for the fact that it’s sideways, I don’t know how to change it.

^The French… I love them and their randomness. In Strasbourg, there were two acrobats attached to a giant moon looking thing, and they did a routine wayyy high up in the air. It was pretty freaking baller.


Make A Point To Make No Sense


I’ve been going on a Modest Mouse binge lately; if you don’t know them… get to know them! They are lyrical geniuses. A little bit angst-y, but I mean.. who isn’t?

Also, I realized I never actually posted the Drinking Out Of Cups video that I referenced last post, so here it is. Don’t judge; it’s strange but I find it utterly hilarious, and I quote it regularly.

I digress. Here’s what went down this passed weekend.

Friday, November 9th: Slept in like a bau5. I think the only reason I woke up was because Hannah called me and wanted to meet up.. I mean, if you don’t go to bed until 4h00 it’s only normal to sleep in a bit lot. I had a tasty chicken fajita wrap for lunch from this Lebanese restaurant right next to Burgers & Cie, then I met up with Hannah and Jeremy at the French Coffee Shop. We originally intended to go to SNCF, which is where you go to buy train tickets, because we wanted to go to Bonson (a town on the outskirts of Lyon, France), to cheer on Mike and Emily in their half-marathon, but it ended up being a fail. Normally, it only takes about 45 minutes by train to get to Lyon, but Bonson is so small that the train would have had 2 layovers, and overall would have taken 3 heures to get there, and 3 to get back. It just wasn’t worth it for a simple day trip, plus it was way more expensive than it should have been. Sooo instead, we just chilled out for a while at the shop, and eventually Evelyn, Nina and Richard met up with us and we figured out a game plan for the night.

After I left mes amis, I headed home to shower and have dinner with Madeleine before the night commenced. I met up with Hannah and Jeremy at 21h00 at Chavant, then we made our way to Parc Paul Mistral where we met up with Richard. Jeremy is one of the babies of the group (he just graduated high school), and all of his friends were in Paris for the weekend, so of course we decided that we had to take Jeremy out on the town. Richard is his “big”, so he bought him a bottle of champagne to start off the night. Everyone kept on peer pressuring the poor kid (eventually Ellisa, Nina, Evelyn, Jordan and Max met up with us) and he kept complaining about the bubbles, but I helped coax him into drinking at least a solid amount of it. After we did a little pre-gaming in the parc, our group made its way to Subway, which is conveniently right next to my house. Preston, Ian, Carl and Jordan’s friend ended up meeting us there, so we were totally that loud group up on the second floor. Whatever, we had a lot of fun.. and a solid amount got pretty toasted (notably Ellisa), and poor Jeremy was convinced/pressured into drinking a beer, but his stomach caused him to call it an early night and go home.

Eventually, we found ourselves in Vieux Manoir and boogied once again. My dancing partner for the night was this awesome guy who I originally thought was French, but turns our he was British and from Brighton! Needless to say I was sold with the sexy accent, plus he was another fantastic dancer and we totally killed it on stage. Nina and I ended up being the last people at the club (typical), and we left a little passed 3h00. Another late night, but it was fun per usual, and I burned off the majority of the calories that I drank… I hope.

Well, I had the intention of recapping all of my weekend, but I’m about to leave and watch Twilight so it will have to wait. Bye loves!

Snowboard Garden Fest Garb & Bizarre Dancing


Party Hardy in Grenoble


Oh haii party people.

Phew. Well, successfully survived the first full weekend in Grenoble after getting settled in and such. It was a complete blast slash a bit of a shit show (in the best way). Now for the recap…

Thursday, September 13th: Had class from 10:40-12:30. Nothing too intense, the class is most likely below my level but I like it that way. Less work; chyeah boii. Umm afterwards, Nina, Emily and I made our way into centre ville to get Nina a new septum ring at this pretty nice tattoo/piercing parlor. I kind of want to get something pierced now, but have no idea what. Thoughts?

Me and a bunch of other kids from my program, plus Hannah, had plans to go to campus around 9:00 to see a free concert with dubstep. I fully intended to go, I even brought Charlie my rave unicorn, but we all epically failed in that regard. Aka we all got drunk in Victor Hugo and lacked the motivation and group motor skills to get to campus. Whatever, I had fun. Some had more than others… but we’ll keep that on an anonymous level.

Friday, September 14th: Woke up absurdly early after a night of drinking (LAME). Somehow Thursday night my phone decided to hate me and wouldn’t let me use my phone until I typed in a ‘PUK’ number. It was like 10 digits and I had no idea what the hell it was, so I meandered over to Victor Hugo to use the internet and figure out my damned phone. I also came across a surprise, but again… keeping it on a don’t tell basis.

After I got all that nonsense dealt with, I lamped a bit more and went to campus by like 11 to hula hoop for a while. The reactions I get from people are so priceless, I dig it. At 12:30/1ish we made our way to the API office for some cheese tasting — frick yeah. Our group leaders were kind of mean though, they had this nice spread and we couldn’t eat any of it until this lady was finished yammering on and on about volunteering.

OK WE GET IT, just let me freaking eat, woman. Due to my impatience I didn’t absorb any of the information about the cheese, so sorry I can’t pass on the knowledge. The group chilled at the office for a while, I tried to teach some people how to hoop, and then Preston, Max and I made our way to purchase some vin. nomnomnom. By this point I was crashing hard, so I went home to take a much needed nap.

After my nap, I caught up a little on Game of Thrones and then had dinner with my mom. Directly after I met up with Ian to go to a punk concert — it was so fun! It was in some semi-sketchy looking warehouse, but the people were super friendly, there was a plethora of dogs around, and the music was pretty dope. Needless to say I had a fun time. By the time the last band came on Carl and Hannah had met up with us, yeahyaa. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera or phone, so I don’t have any documentation of this. My b; just take my word for it. Urrr, after the concert, we met up with some more API peeps and Hannah took us to a discotheque in centre ville. The place was huuuge, and they were playing like 70/80/90’s American throwbacks in one room. Grease was definitely played, and I didn’t hate a minute of it. We stayed there for a while; totally fun and worth it. The one downside was we didn’t leave until passed 3, which meant I didn’t get home until around 4. I hit the grumpy/nonfunctional stage around 2:45.

Saturday, September 15th: Woke up a little before 11, and was out of the house to meet up with Maddie, Max, Ian and Natasha by noon. We walked all the way to the top of the Bastille — the view was phenomenal, and the walk in and of itself was an adventure. Stay tuned for pictures at some later date.. you won’t want to miss them. The hike lasted a while, and when we got to the top we stumbled upon some party that was put on by the GEM people (aka not my program). We stayed there for a while and made some friends, and then got free tickets to go down to the bottom in the telepherique ball thingys — at least I think that’s what they’re called. Bo$$ status. After we got to the bottom, we were all in a desperate state of hunger, so we got some quesadillas at this place right by my house. It happened to be their anniversary or something so I got a free Corona Extra glass thing — it’s either a candle holder or a really large shot glass, I’m not really sure. Winning.

After the late lunch I went home to grab my laptop and made my way to Jardin de Ville to check my e-mail and all the usual nonsense. Stayed there for a little and then went back home to have dinner with Madeleine. It was some pizza cheese hybrid thing with vegetables and probably something else but I can’t remember anymore. Zut. Once dinner was done I met up with Ian and I attempted to learn to skateboard. Actually, I wasn’t that terrible at it. Soon after we met up with Carl and got lost a few times on our way to Richard’s house. By the time we got there everyone was drunk and ready to leave, so we made our way to the same discotheque as the night before; except that they didn’t open until midnight and it wasn’t free until after 12:10, so Preston, Maddie, Emily, Ian, Max and this girl Lori all went to a bar to grab a beer/wine. We stayed there and wasted time for a bit and then went back to the disco — wahwahweewah. I didn’t last as long as the night before, nor did I want to, so probably around 2 or so a big group of us made the trek home, where I promptly passed out. Score.

Sunday, September 16th: Woke up at 10:00 and hit the road with my mom at 11:30 and made our way to a town called Mens, about an hour drive from Grenoble. The view was amazing, and there was a eco-friendly/food fair going on in town, bonus. After we had some home-made sorbet (I got raspberry), we went to Madeleine’s friends summer house — it was made during the Napoleon era and had an epic view.

So basically we stayed there for the afternoon and had aperitifs and I worked on my French. Then we headed back home; it took about an hour and half, and then I had a light dinner and Madeleine went to bed. After dinner, I met up with Ian, Max, Maddie and Natasha at Victor Hugo and planned for our upcoming weekend trip: Marseille! We’re leaving on Friday morning and coming back on Sunday afternoon, holla. I forget the name of our Hostel but there’s 7 of us and we’re splitting the rooms 5 and 2. So excite! Thus concludes my weekend.

Monday, September 17th: Aka today. I had every intention of waking up at 7 and going for a run, but when my alarm actually went off I kept hitting snooze and didn’t get up until 8:30. After I had breakfast and all that jazz, Emily and I met up in front of SNCF to get our train tickets — but it was closed, fail — so instead we got cafe au lait until we had to head to campus for our 10:40 classes. And now I’m just waiting for my second class of the day to start, and then we’re going back to get our train tickets. Not a terrible Monday, I would say.

peace out home skillets