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Poisonous Foods For Pets


As many of you may know, I am a huge animal lover. My family has many animals that we love dearly, and I tend to surround myself with individuals who share my amour for our fellow fuzzy (or not so fuzzy) friends.

I am not alone in my animal adoration; countless families all over the world open up their homes and hearts to animals, primarily dogs and cats.. which is the focus of this post, sort of.

Amongst the dog and cat owners out there are the ones who like to feed their lovable companions table scraps. Although the occasional hunk of meat is not awful for your animal, many people are not aware that there is a whole host of foods that are poisonous to your pets! In an effort to save lives, I wanted to shed some light on these deadly foods. Hopefully you do already know about them, but if not… now you do, and please be sure to spread the word.


– Chocolate
– Coffee
– Caffeine
– Alcohol
– Avocado
– Macadamia Nuts
– Grapes/Raisins
– Yeast Dough
– Hops
– Apricots, Peach Pits
– Mushrooms
– Cherry
– Currants
– Raw Eggs, Bones
– Xylitol
– Star Fruit
– Onions, Garlic, Chives
– Salt
** There are, or course, many other things that can pose a toxic threat to pets, but these are commonly found in kitchens and what I dubbed the ones that could accidentally be fed to an animal with good intention.

Now, if your dog or cat has a teeny tiny taste of the above mentioned foods, it does not necessarily mean certain death. Most of these foods need to be consumed in large quantities to have a deadly effect, but why risk it? Save the people food for the humans.

If your beloved pet does ingest any of these foods, in any quantity, it is probably best to call your veterinarian and hear what they have to say and what steps should be taken. If you want any additional information, check out any of these links.


Knowledge is most valuable when shared, so pass it on! Stay awesome, friends.

This Is The END Of The WEAK


Well, heyyy.

Sadly the weekend is coming to a close — meep. Now, to pick up where I left off…

Friday, September 28th: Did some hooping in the park, and went to the most fantabulous Indian Restaurant in centre ville with Carl, Natasha and Emily. Ohmygosh for real though, it was so delicious: we got cheesey na’an bread, some pankora and chicken and a sausage thing, THEN some jasmine rice with these things that looked like meatballs at first glance, but were by far superior.. and all for 9 euro! Seriously, an amazing place for lunch, and the guy who was serving us was awesome and talked to us and told us the prime hours to come back. Needless to say that will be happening soon. After our amazing lunch I fell into a food coma, so the four of us headed back to Victor Hugo and just digested and soaked up the rays for a little while (it was SO beautiful out). Emily, Natasha and I had purchased novels in english (yaa) earlier that day at the FNAC, so they started reading while I half-successfully skyped the boy.

Just another beautiful day in Grenoble

Once we were nice and un-food coma-ed, we headed to our favorite coffeehouse stomping ground, where I got a while chocolate milkshake… yuuuup. Dankalank.








Let’s see, after a day of gorging, I headed back home to quickly shower, then I met up with Mike, Ian and Max at Victor Hugo to go to some French BBQ. Fail — turns out the location got switched, and we were on a time crunch, so we nixed the idea, met up with Carl and Maddie and had 100% of the intention to go to the hockey game… but it appears that night was chock full of fails (kind of). Ian told us that this kebab place was amazing, so we all stopped in to grab dinner before the game… except this woman was slow as a freaking slug stuck in molasses. I forget sometimes I’m in Europe and “rush” or “hurry” does not exist in their vocabulary. So, by the time we were finished eating, it was like 20h40 and there was no point in going to the game.. so what did we do? Well, what any API student would do: get drunk in Victor Hugo. A lady gave me some pointers on which Champagne to buy, so I bought two bottles and was cashed in for the night (note: I only intended on drinking one, but somehow both got emptied. C’est la vie). Carl and I drunkenly “broke” into a restaurant to use their bathroom and it was one of the funnier moments of the night. We be badasses, mon. Eventually Preston, Karen, Hedi and various others met up with us, and we decided it was time to make our way to London Pub (oy vey), except we had to make a pit stop at Karen’s house to go to the bathroom and somehow the night ended up being finished out in Karen’s house since her parents were away for the weekend. Her house was SO NICE. Peep the drunkenly taken pictures below; it doesn’t quite capture the awesomeness, but just take my word for it. Many a good times were had, and then I went home, drunkenly ate cheese and bread in the middle of my bedroom floor, and went t bed. Fantastic Friday.











Just Carl modeling, nbd..

This pillow kind of completely freaked me out












Nothing like some inspirational scale mots













Well guys, I want to tell you about the remained of my weekend, buuut my battery is dying and my fingers are too cold to type further, so until tomorrow! Not wanting to totally disappoint though, I have one of a few videos that I took last night, so I’ll show it to you now as a little teaser. Bon week-end!