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The Gunks


Hey babes!

Okay, so maybe I’ve been a little behind the ball lately with my blogging.
HOWEVER, I have excuses: I’m being a gypsy again! I missed my traveling lifestyle, and I’m quite pleased that I’ve been able to get back at it a little bit. Of course, I’m still working a ton – but that’s how she goes, and how it will go probably until I retire (yikes). I’m just happy that I can finally find a balance between work and play that satisfies me. I’m going to consider that a very good thing.

As promised, I wanted to tell you all about my travels! I’ll start with the first one: The Gunks. Also known as Shawangunk Mountains located near New Paltz, New York. It was Max’s birthday on July 18th, so we left that Friday after I was done with work and made the trek to NY.
As you may know, we have been getting really into rock climbing lately, and for his birthday, Max wanted to go outdoor climbing. Well, that’s exactly what we did! I bought a room at River Hill Bed & Breakfast in Milton, NY for his present and we spent Friday and Saturday climbing real rocks in one of the most premier climbing spots in this part of the country.

View of the Hudson River from our B&B

View of the Hudson River from our B&B

It was awesome. We only did bouldering since we don’t have all the gear to do top-roping/trad climbing, but even so it was a really good time. Granted, we didn’t climb a TON, but we got ourselves acclimated to the outdoors and were able to get to know the area. We will definitely be back, I have my sights set on those crazy trad routes. There were still plenty of boulder problems to keep us busy for the weekend and then some, so I was pleased as punch.

Our bed and breakfast was also a home run. Ellen, the keeper, is an incredibly sweet woman who cooked some killer bread and turned it into french toast. Um, YUM. You know a quick way to my heart is through my stomach. She also let me take a bunch of her old National Geographic magazines, which is another passion of mine (I will work for you someday NatGeo… you’ve been warned), so basically she rocks. I think I would make a pretty good B&B owner as an old lady: note to self.

Peep those coasters!! So cute!

Peep those coasters!! So cute!

The area around Shawangunk is also pretty radical; I thoroughly enjoyed spending time there. They had local honey, jam and farm stands everywhere, which light up the Vermonter in me, and the restaurants that we went to were all de-lic-ious. If I remember correctly, we hit up Lemon Grass, which was a spicy Thai food restaurant and Mountain Brauhaus, an authentic German restaurant.

Could I live full-time that much in the mountains? Probably not. However, owning a nice log cabin in that area would be AWESOME. I could climb epic mountains whenever I wanted, and the view really is phenomenal. If any of you ever have the chance to visit to The Gunks, take it. Even if you don’t climb rocks, the trails are super hiker friendly and the nature there is just breathtaking. It makes me a little sad that there aren’t more places like this in the North East; suburbia is taking over in a way I’m not really okay with. Mer.

Now for the good stuff — pictures!

Max posing for the view

Max posing for the view

Coffee overlooking the Hudson? I'll take that.

Coffee overlooking the Hudson? I’ll take that.

Rock at Peter's Kill

Rock at Peter’s Kill

Another Boulder At Peter's Kill

Another Boulder At Peter’s Kill

Main Boulder We Did at The Trapps

Main Boulder We Did at The Trapps

Another Trapps Boulder we climbed successfully

Another Trapps Boulder we climbed successfully

Alrighty, I think that’s enough for me today. I still have to catch you up on my last two weekends, but that’s going to have to wait a bit. In other news, ONE MORE DAY ON MY LYME MEDICATION!!! I’m almost not a sickly human anymore!! 30 days of doxycycline is just so uncool, especially in the summertime when it’s so nice out and I have sun sensitivity.

Laters. xxoo

Just Climb It


Let me tell you – I am absolutely drained. In a fantastic way, though, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. But alas, I just did. Boom.

I think I’m becoming addicted to climbing. Especially outdoor climbing. I looked up the definition just out of curiosity:



devoted or given up to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming (usually followed by to).
Okay, so maybe I don’t have a shrine in my basement devoted to rocks, but I’ve realized that almost every minute not spent at work, is spent climbing. Sizable chunk of free time? Oh yes – I climb during it.
Well, you know what? I dig it. It’s epic. Climbing is a heady combination of amazing things.
~  First of all, weather permitting, I get to spend time outside. In the sunshine. I don’t know about you, but being outdoors in the sunshine is just awesome. It makes me feel alive and I couldn’t imagine a lifestyle that didn’t involve the outdoors.
~  Next, climbing is a group activity when you want it to be, and a solo activity when you want it to be. It’s also awesome because you can aid others and vice versa. You aren’t competing with other humans; it’s you and the rock (well – besides competitions). Personally, I love that it a sport that Max and I do together – it’s such an awesome thing for couples to do.
~  Climbing also gets your heart racing. It’s a full on adrenaline sport, but at the same time you have to use your brain and be intelligent.
~  Then, there’s still the fact that it is a fantastic form of exercise and gets you in killer shape. Cool thanks.
Now I’m going to make you jealous with all my adventure living 😀
Last weekend, Max and I spent Saturday morning top-roping outdoors for the first time at Quincy Quarries thanks to Rock Spot Climbing. A great guy named Geoff showed myself, Max and a few others how to tie some knots, but mainly we just got a feeling for climbing long routes outdoors. I loved it.
Quincy QuarriesAfterwards, Max and I continued on to Rock Spot Climbing in Dedham since we were already in the area and bouldered for a good amount of time afterwards. I donated $2 to write my name on the wall as well, so my name will forever me in Dedham. They also have a hula hoop, and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know about me and hoops. It made me miss mine and I’m probably going to order two new ones after this post.
On Monday, Max bit the bullet and bought his own crash pad, so we of course had to test it out that day. We did a short climbing session at Goddard Park but then I got grouchy and the sun went down, so that was that. Tuesday was a fun day for me because I got to go to the Sysco Food Show in Newport and drink free wine and eat free food. Wednesday I climbed at Rock Spot and Friday I spent the day outdoors walking Hunter at Goddard Park and swimming and hiking at Carrs Pond with some peeps.
Saturday and Sunday were breeds of their own. Max and I did a Top-Roping 101 course at Snake Den with Josh and Christina. Our instructor, Paul (who I have the goal of befriending. I need climbing friends), taught us how to do all sorts of things to make sure we don’t die when top-roping outside. Between the four of us we’ve got it down pretty darn good, and now all I have to do is buy the equipment. Lucky for me I have a job! Stay tuned for that purchase, there will most likely be pictures.
After Snake Den, Max and I took a short break then drove to Lincoln Woods to do some bouldering. I top-ed out on two routes!! Not mega-easy ones, either. My strength is growing and I can’t wait to push myself on these routes all summer and full!
Flash forward to today, where after work, Max and I took a walking tour of Lincoln Woods and the bouldering problems to be held there by a lovely lady names Kris. Climbing people are so nice – Max and I even swapped e-mails with the kids in the tour, so we may have a climbing group in the works! Wahwahweewah.
So yeah.. that’s why I’m tired. I spent many hours this weekend outdoors, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I just need to start riding again and I’ll be one happy girl this summer.
Hula hoop shopping time! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, stay awesome.



You Just Gotta Climb


Hello my dears!

Today was a good day. I had to be in New Bedford, MA at 8am for my ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification, which meant I was up nice and early. I went into this class/examination thinking it was going to be an all-day affair, but to my delight it was only a few hours! There were about 8 of us in the class, which apparently is on the smaller side, so we got through all the material much quicker than anticipated.
I also got a 95 on my exam (86/90 questions right), which means I am officially a servsafe certified manager! 😉 Chyeah. It’s comforting to know that even out of college, I can take tests well. Let’s hope that skill sticks…

I got back home around 12:30 with the whole day still ahead of me! Max came over and we went to Carrs Pond to try out some outdoor rock climbing. We did some bouldering, which meant that we had no ropes attached to us, but we were climbing smaller scale rocks with short, powerful moves. It’s hard, but climbing outdoors is such a rush I can’t wait to do it more!

However, neither of us had crash pads the two times we have climbed outdoors, and it’s not nearly as cool of an experience without the crashpads. I can feel myself not taking daring moves because, well… I don’t want to fall and have my head split open. So, I bit the bullet and went with my two sisters to REI after Max dropped me back home and bought a Metolius Session Crash Pad. An extremely worthwhile purchase, and now I won’t die! Yes!

Session Crash PadGood stuff. It even has a square of carpet (middle of the top picture) for me to wipe my shoes off before I climb, and a pocket for me to stash some stuff. I’m content, despite it costing me some pretty pennies, but that’s how she goes. Like I said; it was a good day.

In other news, I’ve been killing it with my fancy new dehydrator lately! I’ll have a separate post dedicated to all my goods made so far to make life easier. It’s so fun, and I’m thinking that I will actually start hitting the market with dog treats and other snacks in the future. If anyone wants to be a taste tester (or their adored dogs/pets), let me know!

I must be off; dinner time for me my loves. You have survived the “hump day”, so smile because of that! If that doesn’t do the trick, hopefully this will. My mom found one of our kittens with this little guy. Don’t worry, he’s safe and sound released into our pond.


Dehydration Nation


Hello, lovers.

Just had a pretty solid rock climbing workout! Max and I have been going quite frequently, and we even went and climbed outside (!!!!!) on Sunday at Lincoln Woods. We didn’t climb for long, but it was pretty cool to have our first outdoors adventure. This summer, our goal is to get outside and climb as often as possible, and I want to try and go camping at places that have diesel climbing — gotta love the outdoors!

Today, we finally started belaying in Rhode Island for the first time. We were certified in Florida, but didn’t actually start climbing at The Rock Spot until today. It was a good time, and what was really great is that we can now climb everything minus the lead routes in the gym. WOOO! We’re getting into the big leagues meow.

So, how is everyone? Ready for spring? I sure am. I’ve been working more frequently now being the manager at this new juice bar two gentlemen and myself as starting up, called The Power Bar. We put in our first full order of basically everything on Monday, and yesterday I completed the first weeks’ employee schedule, so I’m feeling pretty excited about the whole thing.
We still have to set up all our equipment, and I have to schedule a training day for my new employees, but it’s a little too early in the game to do that just yet. It’s fun though! For the most part, I have always enjoyed the jobs that I have worked, but this one is a different level of enjoyment. It’s quite awesome being the head lady who gets to make executive decisions and actually come up with creative ideas and such. Let’s hope it stays this awesome! I think it will — I enjoy the environment and the people, and that’s the majority of the battle right there.

Want to hear something else uber exciting?? I GOT A DEHYDRATOR!! It finally came in the mail on Monday, and she’s so beautiful and awesome and I can already tell that this is going to become a mild addiction of mine. Yeah!!

ExcaliberWhat you’re looking at there, folks, is the Excalibur 3926TB… a 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator with a timer. It was a pricey toy – $300, but totally worth it in my opinion. It has a 10-year warranty and the timer allows me to not have to watch my treats as they dehydrate; it shuts off once the timer hits 0.

There are about a million and one things I want to make, including jerky, dog and horse treats, fruit leather, dried fruits, veggies and herbs, and even yogurt. I currently have beef marinating for jerky, and I just finished these lovely ladies this morning:

Apples^^ Those are two Empire apples dusted with cinnamon, before and after they went through my dehydrator. I left them in for 12 hours, and I think next time I’m only going to leave them in for 10; they weren’t as pliable as I would have liked. However, they taste awesome and for my first attempt, I would call it a great success!! Don’t worry, this is not going to be the last time you will see my experiments up here – addicted! Soon enough I will let you know why things are so awesome when dehydrated, but I want to have all my facts straight first.

Well… I need to go do some studying for my second servsafe exam coming up (oh joy oh rapture). I already have my Food Handler Certification, but since I’m going to be the manager, I have to get my Manager’s Certification as well. Fun times up in hurr. As always, if you want me to talk about something in particular, let me know! I don’t bite. Usually. 😉

Have a great evening my friends! x’s and o’s.