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Best Places To Travel


Hi! Okay!

I have this accumulated list of the “best places to travel in 2015”. Yes, it may be 2016, but I don’t think that this means that these locations are any less awesome, so I’m still going to share them. For my benefit just as much as yours. Here’s the original link in case you want it.

  • Fez, Morocco
  • Cuba
  • Catskills, NY
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Puerto Plata, D.R.
  • Wasatch Mountains, Utah
  • Istanbul
  • Chengdu, China
  • Milan
  • Prince Edward County, Canada
  • Oman
  • Mekong River Region
  • Valletta, Malta
  • Chile
  • Tanzania
  • Houston
  • Western Ireland
  • Leipzig, Germany
  • Mozambique
  • Nicaragua
  • Norway
  • Cleveland
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Las Vegas
  • Puerto Rico
  • Hokkaido, Japan
  • Malmo, Sweden
  • Iran
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • Florence
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Hong Kong
  • Louisville, KY
  • Pristina, Kosovo
  • Maui
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Orlando, FL
  • Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Haiti
  • Miami
  • Dharamsala, India
  • Bahamas
  • Cartagena, Colombia
  • Manhattan
  • Singapore
  • Bath, England
  • Durham, NC
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • Canberra, Australia

I’ve only been to like eight of these places… so much to see!!

Cocoa For The Win



Look at me, posting in the early evening! I worked this morning and then did a post-work gym session (bench press, awh yea), so now I have the rest of my Sunday to relax before my first FULL week of classes begin. Don’t y’all feel loved that I choose this precious free time to focus on you? You should.

Speaking of focus, the yoga studio that I attend (which was called Focus Yoga) has since merged with All That Matters yoga, which now has three locations: East Greenwich, Wakefield, and Providence. Since I work at a juice bar (i.e. am health conscious), an instructor came in and gave me a free yoga class pass… YAY FREE STUFF. I’ll do a little synopsis for you guys once I go, and if you’re a Rhode Islander, try it out for yourself! Yoga = very good for you. They also offer beginner classes, so don’t be afraid; yogis are very nice people.

While I was in the sauna today, I was reading a Women’s Health magazine, and I obtained some pretty cool information that naturally, I wanted to share.

Fun Fact: We have zero oil glands in our lips, which is why they can get so dang dry; especially when mercury levels drop. To combat this crispy dilemma, try and use lip balm that contains Omega-3, -6 or -9 fatty acids — they help seal in moisture. A good example is Chapstick Total Hydration.

Maybe you never gave any thought to nail polish and the ingredients within, but take heed: there can be some pretty gnarly things in those bad boys. Major nail brands have been reformulating their products to be “3-free”, which means they are free from the carcinogens toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde (yikes). Then, there were “5-free” options, which are free from synthetic resin and camphor. Now, parabens and animal products have been eliminated in “7-free” lines, though the only company I have seen selling this is Pacifica.

Finally, the best for last; in my opinion. In the past I have talked about cocoa and cacao and how they are awesome for you and great in smoothies. Now, apparently, cocoa is also great to bathe in. Yes, that is correct. Due to its high level of antioxidants, soaking in cocoa can make your skin feel luxuriously smooth and supple. So, if you’re daring enough to try it (which I certainly am), here’s a recipe:

  • 1/8 c unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/3 c instant dry milk*
  • 1/2 c unscented bubble bath

*Use 2% or whole milk; the fat content will help moisturize your skin. It also acts as an exfoliate.

For best results, add ingredients to warm running water, froth it up and relax for at least 15-20 minutes while the antioxidants work their magic. BOOM!

That’s it for me tonight, folks. Happy Sunday 🙂

A Lovely, Lonely Prayer


Hey babes!

I was editing a personal statement for my bestie the other night (oh boy job searching), and in it she included this prayer that a woman at her place of work recites everyday.
I’m a born, raised and confirmed Catholic, but I can’t say that I actively go to church and “practice my faith” on a daily basis. I do however, talk to God as I would a friend, in times of intense happiness, sadness, or just when I feel like talking, but not to anyone in particular. This prayer just seemed like a good one to have in my arsenal, and I thought maybe some of you could also appreciate its wise words.

I live alone, Dear Lord.
Stay by my side.
In all my daily needs,
Be Thou my guide.
Grant me good health,
For that, indeed, I pray
To carry on my work
From day to day.
Keep pure my mind,
My thoughts, my every deed,
Let me be kind, unselfish,
In my neighbor’s need.
If sickness or an accident befall,
The humbly, Lord, I pray,
Hear Thou my call.
And when I’m feeling low
Or in despair,
Lift up my heart
And help me in my prayer.
I live alone, Dear Lord,
Yet have no fear,
Because I feel Your presence
Ever near.

Remember: beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. Stay beautiful my dears, our world could always use it.

Some Old Grenoble Pics


Where insanity is the norm, and you can party all damn day.



… That just about sums up my weekend. Be jealous.

Before I get to that, though, I have some catching up to do. The last time I caught up with you guys was a week from today… woops. My bad. Let’s see if I can successfully re-cap.

Tuesday, September 18th: Had a grudgingly long day at school. I had class from 8:30-12:30 with a short 20-minute break mixed in, and then class again from 1:30-5:30 with a 30-mintute break somewhere in there. Icccck. Afterwards, Nina and I went to Centre Ville to go to a bookstore. I ended up buying a French agenda, useful and I’ll have it when I get back to the states. A small way to keep up with my French. Scooore. Once I got home I was in for the night, too tired to function in normal society.

Wednesday, September 19th: Another early day for school (well, 8:30. By some standards that’s early, for others it isn’t). I have a huge break after my 10:40 and before my cinema class, so while waiting I watched this bizarre French cartoon for my class with Karen. It’s called The Triplet’s of Belleville and I recommend taking a look at it. Tis a bit weird, but in such a good way. After class was done for the day at 5:45, I went home and did some much-needed lamping before dinner. If I remember correctly, we had some bean and tomato salad with chicken wings and some other veggie dish that I don’t know the name of. NOM. After dinner was over I met up with Max, Nina, Maddie and Natasha at Victor Hugo; Nina and I split a bottle of wine, and then we tried out this bar Subway (Ian met up with us there) that is literally right around the corner from my house. I always see it teeming with people but never gave it a chance, so I’m glad I finally did – a good spot for sure. The cocktail of the day (which is what we all ordered) was only  2, and it came with a glow stick. Winner winner. We just hung out there for a little bit, but I wanted to go for a run on Thursday morning, so I went home around midnight in order to get a good nights rest.

Thursday, September 20th: I failed in the running department… woops. Sleep was just too powerful of a force to reckon with. Thursdays are simple; I only had class from 10:40-12:30. Post class = weekend! Once all the scholarly nonsense was done, Nina, Emily, Hannah and I got our tram cards re-charged for the month of October (how is it almost October already?! NO), and then stopped by the API office to get reimbursed and let Anna and Marie know that we were going to Marseille for the weekend. Marie, of course, warned us about the gypsies and did the usual be careful stuff. D’accord. By this point we were beyond hungry but not really feeling the usual campus food again, so we headed into Centre Ville. Wanting to try something new, we got food from Batman Kebab = awesomess. I don’t really know what kind of meat goes in a kebab – lamb maybe? But it was tasty and cheap and got a good rating in my book. Once we got our grub, we met up with Richard, Max, Maddie and Natasha for a little picnic in Victor Hugo. Caaayute, je sais. Post-picnic we had some errands to run before Marseille in the morning (!!!). Our train was scheduled to leave a little after 7 on Friday morning, so as soon as we were all done with errands I called it quits, went home, had some dinner, packed, and went promptly to bed.

Friday, September 21st: MARSEILLE! Woke up at the ungodly hour of 5:45 so I could shower, eat and meet Maddie and Max by 6:30 to head to the train station. Once at the station we joined forces with Natasha, Emily and Nina and started our travels. The first leg of our journey was an hour, then we had a 45-minute layover before the second part of the journey (which was also an hour). Not a bad trek by any means. We got to Marseille around 10:00, and went in search of our hostel, Vertigo. Thankfully Max isn’t directionally stunted like the majority of the rest of us, so it wasn’t an incredibly difficult search. Check-in wasn’t until 14h00 (figure I should start writing in French time), but our bags were heavy, so we just dropped our loads off at the hostel and set out on the town. Ian took a later train than us, so we went to the beach and hung out on the Mediterranean (yuuuuup) while we waited to meet up with him. Once he got to Marseille, we were starved, so I recommended we eat at a restaurant I heard good things about called Au Falafel. I happen to be addicted to falafel, so it was my top pick. The food was pretty good if I do say so myself, and the rest of the group didn’t seem to have any complaints. Success!

After lunch, we did some adventuring and got to know Marseille a little bit better. We went back to the beach and then to a nice grassy park/field, too. It’s a super beautiful port town, although I can’t say I was entirely blown away by the city aspect of it. Being a port town, however, there are a lot of seedy immigrants who lurk about and look like they aren’t exactly the pictures of health. I never felt unsafe or anything (benefits of traveling in a pack), so it’s all good. After we were done gallivanting a bit, we headed to the hostel to check-in and get settled in our room. In the 6-person room it was Maddie, Natasha, Ian, Max and myself (with our 7th roomie being a 30+ dude named Jesus from Spain…) and the Nina and Emily were in a 4-person room with two other random people. We all felt pretty grungy from traveling, walking and the beach, so once we checked-in we showered and got ready for the nighttime. Woopwoop. We started by playing drinking games with Natasha’s hilarious dirty French cards, and before long we were all well, drunk. We invited Jesus to take a drink with us and he ended up staying with us for the whole pre-gaming process. Kind of weird, but I’m just going to overlook it, haha. In all honesty, things get a little fuzzy for me once we left the hostel to hit the town. I vaguely remember sitting with the group eating pizza, and then going to a pub in the center of the nightlife hubbub. I think the pizza put me over the edge because apparently I wasn’t looking so hot and Max took me to go sit by the water for some fresh air… and then I puked into the Mediterranean. Class-act, no need to tell me; but hey, better out than in. Needless to say I didn’t last much longer (nor did the rest of the group, besides Ian) and before long we went back to the hostel where I promptly passed out and slept like a boulder – a cheeping boulder, because apparently I was saying that in my sleep. Jeesh.

Saturday, September 22nd: Woke up a little less than fantabulous, duh. I got up fairly early for the free breakfast the hostel gave us (aka bread, cereal, coffee and orange juice, plus gallons of water), but then started feeling a little bit like death. Ian, Natasha, Maddie, Emily and Nina wanted to go shopping, but I really had no ambition to a) spend money b) walk and c) function, so I stayed behind to recuperate for the day ahead. Max hung back with me and somehow I got him to read my bizarre centaur/fantasy story Divine By Choice out loud. Soon enough I was ready and eager to go, so once we bought food supplies for the day, the group headed out for the day’s event: hiking the Calanques.

We bought a bus pass on Friday for Saturday, so we took a 30-minute bus ride to where the trail began. The hike itself was amazing (see pictures below), but it in no way prepared us for the PURE MAGIC that was the Calanques. Seriously though, I can’t even begin to describe this place to you. I want to live there forever and ever and ever and never leave. I’m not even joking. Hands down the most beautiful place I have ever been to  — actually, that may have just been the best day in my life to date. Picture this: you walk down a rocky, narrow path and all of a sudden the world just opens up and in front of you lies the sparking, clear blue awesomeness of the Mediterranean. BUT that’s not all. There are smooth rocks jutting majestically up in the water and people are jumping off of them or just sitting down and lounging looking like beautiful mermaid-human hybrids, with water lapping below and the sun shining brilliantly above. Oh, did I mention that despite being the start of fall, the water is warm enough to swim in? Yes. There was one giant rock in the middle of the cove that the majority of people jumped off of; and this place is where I think I would like to die when I am old and gray and satisfied with life. Max and I went to the top of the giant rock and there was a freaking tree growing on it! It got dubbed the “Tarzan tree” because this thing was knotty and gnarly and curled over the crevices of the rock, but at the same time made the perfect perch for people to sit on. We ended up soaking up the rays and just absorbing the sheer magic of this place for as long as humanly possible. Seriously though, GO HERE. Unfortunately, we had to leave and return to reality at some point, but the walk back up was equally fun and awesome. I had too much energy and ended up cantering most of the way (horse nerd, deal with it) to the bus.

The bus ride sucked in comparison to the Calanques. It was humid and crowded and a gaggle of stupid gypsies came on and I definitely witnessed them pick-pocketing some people who weren’t wise enough to keep their belongings close to their bodies. I glared at one of the gypsies until she nervously looked away — BITCH. I wanted to kick them but didn’t really feel like getting murdered by stupid gypsies, so glaring had to suffice. After the torturous bus ride we walked back to the hostel and took one of the best showers ever (we were nasty and gross… I was kind of stupid and forgot a towel, I must say air drying is not a very successful method). Post shower and prepping for the night, we hit the town and got some food. Everyone minus the boys went to this outrageous restaurant that depicted America in the most outrageous way possible, but it was cheap and so we toughed it out and ate there. After dinner, Maddie, Nina, and I hiked up to the top of this gigantic stone wall to just absorb the magic of Marseille at night. So pretty. Eventually Ian and Max met up with us and we just hung out there for the majority of the night. Too little energy to do anything else, really. After we got back to the hostel I realized I couldn’t fall asleep, so I went down to the kitchen to eat some cheese and ended up hanging out with these four guys who were playing poker in the lounge. The guy who worked at the hostel was part of the group and from Canada, and the other three were guests who were from different parts of France. All spoke English and French, but I wanted to practice by French, and they were happy to oblige. Ian eventually joined, and after a few hours I was tired enough to go to bed.

Sunday, September 23rd: Woke up a little before 9h to eat some breakfast, packed up our belongings, stashed them in the storage room and checked out of the hostel. From there we went directly to the beach and lamped there for the rest of our stay in Marseille. I went in search of a pharmacy to tend to my leg wound, but to no avail.

The Leg Wound


Warrior Pose










It’s kind of irksome that there were no places open on Sunday, but whatevskii. Sadly, it soon became the time to say goodbye to Marseille. Our train was at 14h14, so we got to the train station a little beforehand to find our seats and start the journey home… 😦 Three hours later, we were back in our home town of Grenoble, and I was exhausted beyond belief. I had some dinner with my host mom, told her about the wonderfulness of Marseille, and went to bed about as early as an 8 year-old, and I didn’t hate it one bit.
Thus concludes my epic weekend.

Which brings me to today, Monday, September 24th: I slept for a solid 11 hours (woooo, much needed). Mondays have now become a long day; I had class from 10h40-12h30 and again from 14h-17h30 with a 30-minute break in between. I just finished a little while ago, so now I’m here blogging and that’s about it. I’m still pretty tired, so all that’s really on my agenda is homework and a nice long sleep.

Au revoir, mes amis! Until later… (don’t forget to peep the pictures from Marseille!)