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You Just Gotta Climb


Hello my dears!

Today was a good day. I had to be in New Bedford, MA at 8am for my ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification, which meant I was up nice and early. I went into this class/examination thinking it was going to be an all-day affair, but to my delight it was only a few hours! There were about 8 of us in the class, which apparently is on the smaller side, so we got through all the material much quicker than anticipated.
I also got a 95 on my exam (86/90 questions right), which means I am officially a servsafe certified manager! 😉 Chyeah. It’s comforting to know that even out of college, I can take tests well. Let’s hope that skill sticks…

I got back home around 12:30 with the whole day still ahead of me! Max came over and we went to Carrs Pond to try out some outdoor rock climbing. We did some bouldering, which meant that we had no ropes attached to us, but we were climbing smaller scale rocks with short, powerful moves. It’s hard, but climbing outdoors is such a rush I can’t wait to do it more!

However, neither of us had crash pads the two times we have climbed outdoors, and it’s not nearly as cool of an experience without the crashpads. I can feel myself not taking daring moves because, well… I don’t want to fall and have my head split open. So, I bit the bullet and went with my two sisters to REI after Max dropped me back home and bought a Metolius Session Crash Pad. An extremely worthwhile purchase, and now I won’t die! Yes!

Session Crash PadGood stuff. It even has a square of carpet (middle of the top picture) for me to wipe my shoes off before I climb, and a pocket for me to stash some stuff. I’m content, despite it costing me some pretty pennies, but that’s how she goes. Like I said; it was a good day.

In other news, I’ve been killing it with my fancy new dehydrator lately! I’ll have a separate post dedicated to all my goods made so far to make life easier. It’s so fun, and I’m thinking that I will actually start hitting the market with dog treats and other snacks in the future. If anyone wants to be a taste tester (or their adored dogs/pets), let me know!

I must be off; dinner time for me my loves. You have survived the “hump day”, so smile because of that! If that doesn’t do the trick, hopefully this will. My mom found one of our kittens with this little guy. Don’t worry, he’s safe and sound released into our pond.