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Snowboard Garden Fest Garb & Bizarre Dancing


Rap Battle Videossss


So here are the videos from the Rap Battle that I went to on Saturday night! I can’t exactly say I understand the majority of what’s being said, but it sounds pretty freaking awesome regardless. Plus, how many people can say they’ve been to a French rap battle? I can meow.



Say Hello To The Girl That I Am


Let me just begin with the fact that on Monday when I updated my blog with pictures and stories from Marseille I got over 200 views… WAHWAHWEEWAH. Keep up the good intrigue, my little turtle doves.

So now to pick up where I left off. The rest of Monday (24/9/12 à yes, I am using French-style dates. Deal with it) was the same old. I tried playing chess with my computer and got repeatedly owned, lame. My host mom was on a trip from Monday-Wednesday so I had the house to myself Monday night, which was pretty sweet. It’s significantly less scary being home alone when you’re in a tiny apartment. No places for booger monsters to hide. Would be better with a dog, but alas…

Tuesday, September 25th: The evil long school day, meh. Had class at 8:30 so unfortunately I had to wake up early. Lamesauce. I stayed on campus until my classes were done at 5:30 and made the trek home, where I thoroughly became exhausted. My host mom was still away, so I had an early dinner (I got to actually cook, yay! Except I was craving breakfast food, so I whipped up an omelet and some home fries, nomnomnom) and was snuggled up in bed by 9:00pm. I think I was still recovering from the epic weekend in Marseille, so I embraced sleep like the friend it is. Very exciting life I led on this day, I am aware.

Wednesday, September 26th: Basically this was the start of the weekend for me (kind of, not really.. but close enough). Since I switched out of my cinema class, I only had one class from 8:30-10:20am, yeah boiii. Today I came to the conclusion that my professor, Dominique, is an amazing man. Due to the fact that I had minimal class, I brought my hula-hoop to campus with me, and of course Dominique was intrigued (he already knows I hoop, but hasn’t actually seen it before). So before class started he asked if I would be willing to perform a little hoop love for the class at the end of the period. Of course I said yes, after all, it is “hoop dancing”, and dances are meant to be seen by audiences. Plus, who am I to deprive my classmates from around the world (mostly they are all Asians) a little unique entertainment? So, pretty much, we had class until about 10:00 – where we mostly talked about marriages in different cultures – and then Dominique gave us chocolate bars (we completed a crossword puzzle, and that was our reward. They had hazelnuts inside, yUuUuMm) and then I was asked to do some hoop dancing. He had my fellow classmates move the tables close to the wall so I had enough room to bop around, and then I played my “hooping playlist” and went to town… all the while conversing with Dominique in French! Needless to say, I felt pretty damn fabulous; the fact that about 70% of the kids were snapping pictures of me didn’t hurt, either. Three cheers for being weirdly cool.

Once class was over, Mike and I headed to the API office; he had to ask Anna a question, and I went to retrieve my unicorn necklace – YESSS. I was kind of an airhead and left my brand new clay/rubber unicorn pendant in the hotel, but I gave them some euros and they mailed it to the API office for me. Happily reunited with my sweet pendant, we went back to the main area of campus where I did some research for my next big trip. I think I decided on Dublin/Galway for the weekend of October 18th. So souped! Nothing is solidified yet, but a big group of us want to go, so I’m 90% certain this is going to go down. I continued with my research until Emily was finished with class, and we met up with Mike in Centre Ville for some non-campus food. Let me tell you, we hit the gold mind. For real. We ate lunch at a place called Burger & Ciel – soooo good (Natasha and Maddie wound up running into us there, too), and they give a 10% discount to students, so I got an awesomely delicious chicken burrito, some fries, and a drink for 7. That place is dangerous though, especially since I got one of those punch cards where you get a prize/free food after you get 10 punches. Yup, looks like we will be going back there. Souvent.

After dinner, Natastha told us about this coffee shop –French Coffee Shop, how original – that was close by, so of course we had to stop in, considering I am a coffeehouse professional thanks to DIG and my column over the summer (which reminds me, I am being terrible with writing for DIG and The Pendulum so far aka, I haven’t at all; I’ll make that a goal for this weekend). This coffeehouse was fantastic. I got a noix de coco milkshake. Haha, funny language barrier moment: I was under the impression that noix de coco was dark chocolate for some reason, but after I ordered Natasha said it was coconut, which I totally should have known, but it was delicious regardless. The shop also had free wifi, which for me is basically the same as winning the lottery due to my non-interweb state of life, so I will most definitely be going back there again. That, and the fact that it had a really nice, young atmosphere and I was able to write a 300-mot French paper during my stay. I love doing homework in cozy, public places like that.

Unfortunately, the weather was shwagu, and the skies decided to open up and pour down on us, all night. I had planned on hooping some in Victor Hugo but the skies rained on my parade (teehee, punny), so instead I went home, showered and finished the book I started last week: Divine By Choice by P.C. Cast. I have officially run out of books I brought over from the states (I finished Game of Thrones last week, and am officially suffering from George R. R. Martin withdrawal. There are no English bookstores around here, so if someone would be so kind as to ship the 4th novel of the series to me at Azure Giroux/Madeleine Gandit, mailbox 14, 7 rue Aubert Dubaye, Grenoble, France 38000, you will be my best friend for ever and ever. But really. {Just kidding guys! I found the fourth game of thrones today at a bookstore in english (!!!) but still feel free to send me books, i won’t hate it.} So yeah, I finished my book, took a little walk in the rain, and went to bed before 22h00, winner winner chicken dinner.

Thursday, September 27th: Due to the fact I went to bed so early, my body refused to sleep in, so I was up and moving by like 8h30. I thought about running, but then I decided to get to campus early and hula hoop beforehand. Yeahhh, I think I may be addicted to my hoop, it’s all good. On the tram, the cutest service dog ever was there, and he broke character for a minute to sniff my hoop. Lurve it.

After class was done the decision was made that Emily, Nina and I are going to ROME, yeahhhh. I booked my ticket, and we’re going November 29th – December 2nd, annnnd Nina’s friend is studying there, so we don’t even have to book a hostel! Round trip to Rome was like 85 euro, so this is already making out to be an amazing (and cheap) trip. Three cheers! Post-ticket purchasing, I skyped with my parents for a little while on campus — and then Emily, Nina and I instated Kebab Thursday. Soooo dank-a-lank. After we gorged ourselves on delicious street meat, Nina and I bought our tickets for the Strange Carnival that is going down next weekend in Grenoble.

It’s going to be a weekend full of amazingness: there is a free concert on Wednesday, another concert on Thursday, then our API group is going to the Caves in Grenoble on Friday, and the carnival is Saturday; it’s okay to be jealous, guys =) You are all here in spirit. I love how there is always something going on here though, it’s wonderfully fantabulous.

After we purchased our ticket, the three of us munched down on some delicious gateaux(s) and then went and hung out in Victor Hugo for a little, but eventually Nina and Emily went home and I stayed for like three hours and hung out/chilled and hooped, providing entertainment for my fellow Grenoblois (I think that’s what people from Grenoble are called?). Eventually I tired out, went home and had some tasty Quinoa/Fish/Vegetable dish and salad and bread and cheese… in typical French fashion; ’twas tasty. After dinner, Max, Maddie, Natasha and I met up and made our way to Heather’s to start the night off. We got a little swilly, and some stuff went down (it doesn’t directly involve me, so I’m not at liberty to talk about it), and I ended up getting home around 2. Post-Heathers we kind of just walked drunkenly around Grenoble, and a big chunk of the group went to a club, I think. I wasn’t really in the mood to dance around, so I opted for my cozy bed.

Friday, September 28th: Todayyyy. I woke up around 9h00, had some breakfast and lamped around the apartment for a bit, but I had too much energy to just hang around. So now I’m here, in the park, with my hoop and blogging for you splendid people. The weekend is only just beginning, and some good things are planned, so stay tuned! Stay pretty =)

Paris holds they key to your heart…


Bonjour mes amis!

Just woke up to Paris day 3; it still doesn’t feel real and I love it. Day 2 was pretty fantastique, as it should be. Unfortunately we had to wake up at 7:30 (which was 1:30am my usual time) but I had 10 hours of sleep under my belt so it wasn’t as painful as it could have been. So yeah, my roomie Evelyn and I woke up, got our shwag together, and headed down to my first Parisian breakfast of the semester. Nomnomnom: les oeufs, le pain, le fromage, les pommes, et autres choses aussi. It was delicious. After brekkie we headed to Versailles. I’ve been there before, but it wasn’t any less amazing. We spent a bunch of time in there and then headed to the gardens as well to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. From there, we made moves to Musee D’Orsay; it was aso my second rendez-vous there, but once again I wasn’t disappointed. I went there with Evelyn and Carl, and we kind of started to die half way through from walking so much. Lazy people problems, ha. After we had our fill of crazy art, we hiked back (45 minutes) to the hotel and lamped for a little bit before we had to meet for dinner at 6:45. The dinner was phenomenal; we went as a group and our mentors Marie and Anna taught us French table manners and such. You have to keep your hands on the table at all times which is the opposite from the US and bizarre; it will take some getting used to for sure. Post-dinner I went out for drinks with my friends Preston, Emily, Nina and Ryan. I’m trying to bond with everyone it’s fun. I bought a gigantic beer called Leffe (50cl) which was tasty, and then we went to another bar where I had a beer called 1664, yummy. Needless to say I had a pretty heavy buzz, so we all went back to the hotel and I was in bed by 1:00am, and Evelyn came in shortly after.

So yeah, that was my day yesterday. It’s 8:15am now and I need to rocket and get ready since I need breakfast and we have to leave by 9:00am to start our day. A bientot my loves! Pictures from yesterday will be posted when I get a free minute.