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I Can Haz Running Skillz? What?



~ I would like to interrupt my productivity grind with a small dose of procrastination. ~

Mostly, I want to toot my own horn for a hot minute: I ran my first 5k today! Not only was it my first one, but I had an ambitious goal of completing the 3.1 miles in 30 minutes or under, and guess what, I did it. I slayed that mother trucker in 29:44 … take that asthma!

For those interested in the stats – so, me – I came in 39 out of 129 (top 1/3rd of the pack, 30th percentile), placing 5th in my gender/age division (female, 19-29) and was the 15th female to finish. I averaged a pace of 9:34/mile. Mmm-hmm. That whole endorphin rush thing is no joke, folks. I felt (and still feel) pretty damn inflated about it all. The fact that I’m not a runner – especially a distance runner – just adds a bunch of cherries on top. Basically what I’m saying here is if I can do it, so can you. I happen to be a master workout planner so if anyone needs any help mapping out a goal and ways to get there in the realm of fitness, I’m yo’ girl.

You know I’m going to start being a mild 5k fiend now, so here’s a list of upcoming ones in my area”ish” that I have the full intention of doing {as of right now}:

There’s another one I’m running with my Raw Bob’s Team (the peeps I ran with today) sometime in September in Newport, but those are all I have for details right meow. Also, there are TONS more races even throughout teeny tiny Rhode Island, so if none of the above mentioned ones tickle your fancy, check out some more here.

Okay – I have to force myself to get back to work now (yay research), enjoy the rest of your weekend you beautiful souls!