Touristy Things: Greetings from Beijing! (六)



~ Today’s Mandarin Lesson ~
character: 六 | pinyin: liù | definition: six | pronunciation: leeoh
character: 地铁 | pinyin: dìtiě | definition: subway | pronunciation: deetyeah
character: 天 | pinyin: tiān | definition: sky/heaven | pronunciation: tyen

Last weekend, Kyle and I took a private tour of some of the big tourist attractions in Beijing. We normally don’t go for private tours, but this one taught you how to use the Beijing subway system; a big draw for us. To our surprise, all of the stops show the character and pinyin, and some stations even announce things in English! We now regularly use the subway, making life a lot easier. I take it every morning for my commute to class.

The places we visited were: Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. Below are some photos we took while playing tourist. Enjoy!

The Temple of Heaven was visited annually by Emperors for ceremonies of prayer for good harvest.
Theses colors and painting style are common throughout Beijing; I find it super pretty!
At 44 hectares, Tiananmen Square is huge! It can hold up to 1 million people.
Within the walls of the Forbidden City. Another monstrosity located at the core of Beijing. Previously a palace for Emperors, but since their eviction is now open to the public.
I’ve got a fascination with the Chinese lion statues, and these did not disappoint!

Stay weird, loves. xx

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