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Park Explorations: Greetings from Beijing! (四)


你们好 my darlings –

~ Today’s Mandarin Lesson ~
character: 四| pinyin: sì | definition: 4 | pronunciation: se
character: 们 | pinyin: men | definition: plural marker for nouns (i.e. we, you all, them) | pronunciation: men
character: 公园 | pinyin: gōngyuán | definition: park | pronunciation: goongyewen

I was told Beijing winter’s are pretty terrible, so Kyle and I took advantage of the nice weather the first weekend I was in the city to hit some outdoors tourist attractions. Below are some highlights. Enjoy! xx

A view of the Forbidden City from Jingshan Park (23 hectares) in the heart of Beijing.
Stunning dragon art made of flowers and foliage in Beihai Park.
More than half of the 71 hectares in Beihai Park are covered by its lake, so we rented a (very slow, battery powered) boat and spent some time cruising around and enjoying the day!
Some of the funnier looking boats docked on the lakeshore at Beihai.
Another epic flower/foliage sculpture we stumbled upon while walking back to our hotel.