Nina Williams Climbing Clinic


Shalom, Starlights.

I have some more climbing pictures to share avec vous! It’s from last Wednesday when I participated in a Nina Williams Clinic at my home climbing gym. Nina is a professional climber and she’s pretty darn awesome (and jacked) to boot; overall, it was a great time and I happened to also learn a bunch. Great success.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I snagged from said clinic. Photos were taken courtesy of Pete at Rock Spot Climbing – Peace Dale. I have a few more coming from the Boston Boulder Brawl so stay tuned for those as well. In the meantime… enjoy!

Nina Williams Clinic

Dyno ActionMore DynoHeel HookAnother Heel HookTopping Out"Tricycles"Aerial TricyclesPre-DynoPost-DynoGoing For It!Climbing Rocks ;)Getting Some AdviceMore LearningLearning From The Master


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