Daily Archives: March 2, 2015

Corn-y Facts


Hello Everyone!

Sorry that I’ve been a little off the radar this last month – I’ve been focusing on studying for the GRE’s as well as reading some Microeconomics textbooks, so my blogging has not been on it’s usual A-game.

I’ve also been reading a lot, which leads me into the point of this post. It won’t be a long one since I do have a lot of work to do today, but one of the books I have been reading is The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan; I’m not very far into it, but so far I really enjoy it. I also have gotten stellar reviews from some friends of mine along with the gentleman who helped me locate it in Barnes & Noble, so if you ever come across it, pick it up and give it a read! Especially if you are an American with less than admirable eating habits.

The first section is about corn and the industry behind it. It weaves in some pretty interesting factoids about the C-4 plant, two of which I wanted to share with you, so here it goes…

  1. Originally “corn” was a generic English word for any kind of grain, even a grain of salt – hence “corned beef”.
  2. Shelled corn cobs were burned for heat and stacked by the privy as a rough substitute for toilet paper. Hence the American slang term “corn hole”.

Intriguing, right? I thought so, anyway. I will be slowly stocking up more fun facts, so stay tuned for more!

I have also been really working on amping up my vocabulary (GRE preparation), so I wanted to leave you with five that I recently stored in my memory banks. In my opinion, it never hurts to have a better arsenal of words!

  • Ephemeral – adj. short-lived; fleeting
  • Florid – adj. ruddy; reddish; flowery
  • Fervent – adj. ardent; hot
  • Discursive – adj. rambling; digressing
  • Sovereignty – n. royalty, rightful status; having supreme power/authority; indicating very small differences

Have a great start to your week, my loves!