Supaa Bomb, Superbowl Snacks


Hello blog beauties!
Coming to you live from the snowy regions of New England. Yet again, Old Man Winter is walloping us. You would think living in Vermont for 4 years I would be used to this, but alas, I am not. It’s just not in my DNA to get accustomed to the cold. Ever. At least it’s pretty?

I’m still pretty stoked about the New England Patriot’s Superbowl XLIX Championship Win yesterday, along with the rest of New England residents. In keeping with the theme, I wanted to share with all of your the tasty treats I made for my Superbowl party last evening. They were a hit, so I figured it would be nice to pass on the yummm.

Superbowl SuccessMy posing wasn’t the best and my boyfriend wasn’t the most enthusiastic of photographers, so unfortunately this is a mediocre shot. However, the food is the star anyway, so here’s what I’m holding: bacon wrapped smokies and jalapeno pillow puffs. Care to know more?

Phase One

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Two

Those little beauties are the bacon wrapped smokies. Honestly, they were the overall hit of the party (not to toot my own horn or anything…). People loved them and they were devoured pretty quickly. The best part? They’re so simple to make! I won’t lie, they’re a bit time consuming since you have to wrap each one with care (and love), but it’s 100% worth it and I will definitely be making these again. If you want the detailed recipe, let me know! In a nutshell, it’s a smokie, piece of pineapple and slice of jalapeno wrapped up in bacon, secured with a toothpick and sprinkled with brown sugar, then baked in an oven at 425 for 17-22 minutes. VOILA.

Phase One

Phase One



Next up are the Jalapeno Pillow Puffs. These were amazingly delicious and once again will be added to my recipe arsenal; it also happened to be my first time playing around with pastry puffs. I was a little nervous at first, and for good reason: pastry making is hard! You have to watch them like a hawk and even then, they are tricksters.

I made two separate batches, one much more successful than the other. During my first attempt, pretty much all but 1 exploded 😦 Thankfully those were made at home as a trial run, so I could shove the filling back in and they still tasted divine. My family wasn’t deterred on the less than stellar presentation. The second batch I baked at the party, and having learned my lesson, I watched them much more closely than the first – my efforts proved worth it. There was still one explosion, but it was minor and so I ate it. Like I said, they still tasted phenomenal! If you want the full recipe for these, let me know 😉

Until next times mes amis ❤

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Bonjour, I'm Azure; a healthy dose of eccentricity best taken with a grain of salt. Most people describe me as sassy, and I like that. I love words, and think that anyone who can twist them in their mouth and make something beautiful come out is sexy and someone with whom I want to spend my time. I read a lot (bordering on too much), and am baller at boggle. I happen to be addicted to concerts/live music, and will listen to anything that can carry a beat, and even those that don't. I believe that being normal is boring, and love bright colors. I have a soft spot for animals, particularly dogs and horses, but I am beginning to be a cat person as well. Sometimes, I will admit that I like some animals better than some people - they're great listeners and don't judge. J'adore voyager. Someday I want to be able to look at a map of the world and say "I have been there, there, and there... and there", and have a memory attached to them all. I've recently begun to work at an organic juice bar, and diet/holistic health is starting to become a main passion of mine. I want to be able to experience our world, as well as help save it. Oh, and unicorns exist.

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