Wonders Of Wheatgrass

Wonders Of Wheatgrass

Bonjour, everyone!

At The Power Bar, we try and push people towards trying out wheatgrass shots.

Simply put, wheatgrass is an amazing nutritional powerhouse. Maybe they don’t rank 5 out of 5 stars in the taste category – it is juiced grass, after all –  but their overall awesomeness makes them superior in every other way, and I highly encourage you to incorporate wheatgrass shots into your regular diet.

1 ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent to eating 2 pounds of leafy green vegetables.

Slugging back an ounce or two of wheatgrass is a heck of a lot easier than eating a 2-4 pound leafy green salad, don’t you think? More cost effective, too.

Some Wheatgrass History
In 1930, wheatgrass was discovered by Charles F Schnabel, where he initially used it to help out his sick chickens, but he eventually extended the usage to his friends and family. Wheatgrass wasn’t popularized until 1968, when Dr. Ann Wigmore discovered that wheatgrass helped eliminate cancerous growth and improved many health challenges.

Why Is Wheatgrass So Fantastic?
– Wheatgrass is a great source of amino acids (19 altogether) and boasts at least 90 minerals, including high concentrations of the most alkaline minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.
– It has more Vitamin C than oranges, twice the Vitamin A as carrots and is also a great source of Vitamins B and E.
– Wheatgrass shots also provide 1g of protein, enzymes, chlorophyll and happen to be chock-full of beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body.
– These lovely green shoots happen to be high in saponin, which can remove up to thousands of pesky toxins.
– Finally, chlorophyll is prominent within wheatgrass; a molecule that is similar to that of hemoglobin.

What Benefits Come From Drinking Wheatgrass?
A lot of great things happen when you juice and drink these fresh green guys.
– Wheatgrass alkalizes and detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system thanks to its multitude of vitamins and even promotes eye health.
– The large amount of Vitamin A it has gives wheatgrass the ability to change cancerous cells and prevent new ones from forming.
– At the same time, the carotene, saponin, vitamins C, B & E all help eliminate up to thousands of free radicals and toxins from your cells, thus cleansing the body. Detoxifying your blood cells also helps prevent cancer.
– More specifically, wheatgrass cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract. It is great for constipation.
– Wheatgrass is particularly beneficial for blood because the chlorophyll helps deliver continuous energy into our bloodstream via replenishing and increasing our red blood cell counts, while hemoglobin (a protein) carries oxygen to our red blood cells, which actually builds blood. The brain and all body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly oxygenated environment.
– Due to the active enzymes within that play a major role in breaking down fats, wheatgrass aids in weight loss, while at the same time boosting energy and helping with digestion via bowel cleansing.
– The bodily benefits are mind-blowing; wheatgrass helps conquer chronic inner ear inflammations and infections, reduces varicose veins, heals some ulcers, sores and wounds, can prevent tooth decay and helps with skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.

Fun Facts
– Wheatgrass juice is 70% chlorophyll and can be taken orally or as a colon implant without toxic side effects – enemas are great for detoxifying the colon wall.
– Chlorophyll is anti-bacterial and can be used inside and outside the body as a healing agent. In liquid form, it washes drug deposits from the body.
– Acne has been known to significantly diminish when taking wheatgrass; it even removes scars after it has been ingested for 7-8 months – if you keep a healthy diet, that is.
– Juiced wheatgrass is used as a body deodorant due to acting as a detergent in the body; it can clear up foul smelling odors and neutralize strep infections.
– It also keeps your hair from graying.
– If you keep wheatgrass in your mouth for 5 minutes, it can eliminate toothaches by pulling the destructive poisons from your gums. Gargling with wheatgrass can help out a sore throat.

Wheagrass is a powerful detoxifying force, making it ideal for those of you out there with habits that you are trying to kick. Take a green step and try some wheatgrass today!


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