Quest Bar Mislabeling Lawsuit


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I don’t know how many of you out there know about Quest Bars, but we sell a lot of them at The Power Bar – the juice bar that I am managing in Rhode Island. They’re definitely our most popular and delicious protein bar, in comparison to PowerCrunch and NoGii.
Yesterday, one of our customers asked us if we knew anything about the lawsuit that they are currently facing. I didn’t, so of course I hit the web to try and gather some facts as soon as I had a free moment.

Why is Quest being sued?
Apparently, the lawsuit is over mislabeling… definitely not a good thing, especially when you are a product that is so popular in the health and fitness world. A large portion of these consumers count calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats like its their job, and reading all the other nutritional facts is basically an addiction. It’s really bad publicity to have mislabeling, but I’m sure all of you can grasp that.

What are they mislabeling?
Primarily, they lied about the fiber content and calorie count in their bars, but there are still some debates happening about all of this and whether or not it can all be proven. Here’s a snippet of the lawsuit transcript that may be of some interest to you:

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A lot of regular Quest Bar consumers don’t seem to be too upset by the issue with fiber and calories. To be honest, the fact that Quest claimed that much fiber to begin with is mildly outrageous – who needs 70% of their daily fiber to be in one bar? Personally, I can shrug that off. The calorie issue is also not too terrible; instead of 170 calories they are 204… 34 calorie difference. Alarm the authorities! Of course, it’s still bad that they lied (because what else could they be lying about?), but it could be a lot worse than 34 measly calories – that’s like a handful of strawberries.

The real issue that seems to be making blood boil is the issue with “active” carbs. If fiber content goes down, the active carbs go way up, which can essentially destroy any low carb diet.

However, there may be a sliver of hope. There is an independent testing agency called ConsumerLab that tested the nutritional content of Quest’s Banana Nut Muffin without any prompting, and they found that everything (including fiber and calories) was spot on and matched the labels. Good news!

Some say that Quest Bars use innovative and cutting-edge ingredients that actually outpace testing methods – basically, some testing procedures used in many labs can’t accurately detect and measure newer fiber variants that Quest incorporates in their products. The biggest example of this is isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMOs), which are a major player in the bars. Quite a few labs don’t know how to test for IMOs, which would explain why there are discrepancies. If you can’t test for a lot of the fiber, then naturally the fiber count will seem lower. I hope that this is the case, but only time will tell us the truth.


Well –  that’s it for my informational sh-peal of the day. Stay awesome! xx’s and oo’s

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