Whale Horror —> Happiness


I recently watched Blackfish — a movie about the EVILNESS of Sea World and how the aquatics entertainment industry makes millions off of stealing baby Orca Whales from the wild and pretty much torturing them their entire lives — who have the same lifespan as humans, by the way.

Basically, after watching this movie I remained pretty angry and depressed about the whole thing for a few days (who am I kidding, I’m still fuming about it), and my faith in some humans was utterly depleted.
However, my friend Kaitlyn introduced me to this video, and it put a smile on my face — something that was much needed for me personally.

Please, watch and enjoy… and if you get a chance, definitely watch Blackfish. That way, we can all join forces and bring SeaWorld to the ground. Lord knows they deserve to be smoked.


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