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A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this article that was written back in May, and just thought I would pass along some key points, along with adding in some charts that I have stockpiled on my computer. It sheds interesting light on a hotly discussed issue that in my opinion, shouldn’t really be up for debate. If it helps people who are in pain (whether it be physical, mental or even spiritual) lessen the hurt, then I don’t think it should be denied them; and lord knows it is galaxies better for you than the ever popular alcohol and cigarettes that so many consume on a daily basis. Just some food for thought!


Basically, there is a guy in Denver, Bill Althouse, who shortly after cannabis became legalized, went around in a vegetable oil-powered limo delivering CBD (cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid) rich cannabis plants for free across Colorado, enabling cloning and healing to begin. He’s not in it for the monetary profit.

Why is Althouse so adamant about spreading the love? Well, he has personally been helped by this green powerhouse via its alleviating his own PTSD symptoms; something that so many individuals have to deal with on a daily basis.

The health benefits of CBD go beyond psychiatric, with studies showing that pain reduction, mood elevation and tumor cytotoxicity – cancer cell destruction – have also been proven via marijuana usage. CBD has also been known to help with anxiety and is a cancer fighting tool; a 2010 research study at the California Pacific Medical Center showed rodent breast cancer cells wiped out by CBD.

He considers cannabis, CBD particularly, as more of a nutritional supplement that even healthy adults should incorporate into their daily rituals by adding it into things like a morning shake. It’s a common misconception that marijuana needs to be smoked; in fact, you can get CBD health benefits without smoking, and not all plants have high levels of THC, which is the chemical in the plant that “gets you high”. It’s so very possible to utilize this plant in a non-recreational matter. Heck, they even make topical solutions that can help people with certain ailments.

This was a poster I stumbled upon in Amsterdam - of all places.

This was a poster I stumbled upon in Amsterdam – of all places.

If you want to point fingers and throw blame at someone for problems that we have in this country/world, look towards the 954 billion+ dollar pharmaceutical industry. A man interviewed in the article states that, “the pharmaceuticals I’ve been given are basically torture. I spent a month without seeing daylight at one point. I’ve been a zombie.” So many of the drugs that big-wig companies have gotten us hooked on are so so bad for us! It makes me sad and disgusted to know how many people are spending money they don’t have on drugs made in labs that they don’t really even need. Or make things worse! I’ve seen it first hand; it’s truly awful.

Mother Earth has always taken care of us, and until we strip her dry and kill her (which we’re doing a damn good job at), she will continue to provide us with what we need to survive and prosper. Food. Water. Shelter. Think about it. All good things come from the earth and the living things that reside on this planet; everything else we have just been ingrained by society to think that we need. Except for love, but that’s not even a tangible thing so I don’t count it.

As much as we want to believe that industries (not necessarily individuals, however) like pharmaceuticals want us to be healthy and the best we can be, they don’t always. Plain and simple. Most of the time, all they care about is your money in their pockets. Healthy living has long been documented as the best way to keep medical expenses down. If you’re healthy, you don’t need pills… if you don’t need pills, then this ludicrously profitable business has no more income. Do you really think that’s what they want? Because I sure don’t. God forbid if those 954 billion dollars went towards greater causes like feeding the hungry of the world, increasing education, curing diseases or replanting the forests that we are so mercilessly chopping down.

It breaks my heart to see a population get their panties in a twist about smoking a damned plant (um, hello… tobacco) that has no addiction capabilities and so many health benefits, while at the same time we destroy countless dollars, braincells and lives through cigarettes and alcohol. Bill claims that if Americans were to substitute cannabis for alcohol in social situations, tens of millions would be saved in the public safety sphere. I would lean towards agreeing.

Come on my loves, think hard about it. Don’t pass judgement on that which you do not know.



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