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A Lovely Red Weekend


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! Well… Happy POST Valentine’s Day/Weekend. I hope that you all were treated as nicely as you deserved by somebody special in your life, whether it be a significant other, family or friend… it’s not always physical love that needs to be celebrated.

Max and I celebrated on the 13th since my beautiful and amazing friend Danielle came to visit from the 14th until today (!!!!!!), and Max chef-ed me up a delicious dinner that put me in a mild food coma – it was a mozzarella bake dish that included sausage, sauteed spinach with garlic & olive oil, gemelli pasta, roasted red peppers and pesto. ‘Twas yum.


Danielle Brought Me Delicious Chocolate Mice!

Danielle Brought Me Chocolate Mice!

He also ate about 10 of my brownie-swirled cookies in around 3 hours, which was awesome that he loved them so much, but I can’t say I would recommend consuming that many in such a short period of time. I think that at this point – a mere 4 days later – he has already polished off the two plates that I gave him. Zut alors.

Anyway, Danielle arrived on the 14th and we just spent the weekend hanging around and enjoying ourselves; it was lovely. I took her to Raw Bobs and The Rock Spot for some climbing, we became mildly addicted to the show Girls (I recommend watching it – if you’re okay with nakedness; it’s hilarious and so so strange), got a little swilly with some red wine during the snow storm that we had, and we even created a beautiful snow maiden named Crystal Iceis. She’s a classy broad with nipple tassels. Yes, you read that correctly.

Crystal Iceis

Crystal Iceis & I

The main reason for Danielle’s visit however was because I bought us tickets to the 6th Annual Cat Country Snowball, which was on Sunday the 16th.

We are both pretty die-hard country fans, and Rodney Atkins was the headliner, with other performances by Parmalee and The Henningsens.

There We Are!

Danielle & I

It was an amazing time. The venue was spacious, beautifully decorated with a silent auction and reasonably priced food and drink (woo!), the performers were perfect, the guests were all friendly – except for one girl fight that broke out between two 40+ year old women… so not okay – and all the proceeds went to benefit “Go Red For Women“, which is via the American Heart Association to fight against heart disease in women. When people with better video cameras than myself start posting videos I will be sure to spread the love, but for now pictures will have to do!

Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins

Ticket & Pin

Ticket & Pin

So that’s how I spent my Valentine’s Day weekend! Good friends, good food, good times – how most weekends should be spent! Or everyday for that matter…. stay beautiful darlings.