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Need A Boost?


… and by boost, I mean a boost of energy. I’m not exactly into the car boosting business, sorry folks.

As promised, this is an educational post where I put my juice bar knowledge to good use and attempt to help the general public lead healthier lives. Basically, in tandem with our juices and “blendz” (smoothies, but less thick because our base is water), we offer “Friends With Benefits” – teehee, my boss is so cool – aka supplements to add into your drinks. I think that every so often I’m going to focus on either a) one supplement in particular or b) a specific category that includes a few different supplements that help reach the same goal. These categories will definitely overlap sometimes, but that will just be another opportunity for you to take this to memory!

Today, I am going to go with option b, and the category is going to be Energy Enhancers.
At ze bar, we have three different supplements that are very beneficial to increasing energy.

The first one is Bee Pollen.

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen, as you can see, is not a complete powder like one would assume. Instead, it is a mass of pollen that has been packed by worker honeybees into granules with added honey or nectar. When added into a drink, it doesn’t necessary have an overwhelmingly strong flavor, but it adds a grainy texture to the drink, which makes sense because when blended it basically breaks back down into pollen. One tablespoon is usually enough for a serving.

What Are The Benefits?? First and foremost, bee pollen is an energy enhancer. It is also an allergy reducer (along with local honey), aids in age reversing, is an anti-inflammatory, has a high level of protein and is a great immune system booster. However, do not consume bee pollen if you are allergic to bees; that’s a stupid thing to do, and you are just asking to have your face and throat swell up.

Next in line for an energy supplement is Matcha Green Tea.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea (in this case) is a fine-ground, powdered, high-quality green tea, and not the same as tea powder or green tea powder. Out of the three energy supplements, Matcha Green Tea is probably the most mild tasting, and can be added to a drink with a minimal change to the overall flavor of the drink. You also only need about 1/4 of a teaspoon to get all the benefits needed.

What Are The Benefits?? Matcha Green Tea is of course, an energy booster. However, it also is an anti-ager, a mind improver, aids in weight loss and helps prevent heart disease, so I would probably recommend this supplement to ohh… about 1/3 of U.S. adults, considering our obesity rate is 35.7%. This fact disgusts me (sorry), and I really hope those of you out there dealing with this issue are doing something about it and not eating Twinkies on the couch wallowing, because that is not helping you or your children.

The third and final energy boosting supplement is Maca.



Maca, or Lepidium meyenii, is an herbaceous biennial plant of the crucifer family, and is native to the high Andes of Peru around Lake Junin. It is a potent, ancient Peruvian superfood used by indigenous Andean societies as a source of nourishment and healing for thousands of years. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of Maca, but I sometimes tough it out because it’s so great for you. It smells terrible and as mentioned, is very potent, which also means it has a very strong taste. I’ve had some customers have coughing fits after adding it to their drink, so I would definitely give this a little smell and taste before adding it into anything. Less than a tablespoon is plenty.

What Are The Benefits?? Once again, going with the theme of the post, Maca increases energy. It is also great for your skin, increases your libido (rawr), alleviates menopause symptoms and is stellar for bone and teeth health. My skin isn’t a fan of this weather lately, so I think I may actually add some of this into my next drink to clear up my pores and get that nice fresh glow. I want to try and find ingredients that compliment this potent powder, and when I do I will definitely clue you guys in.

There you have it! I really hope that this is helpful to those of you reading this, and that you are able to find these supplements in stores – they should be available at health food shops, or you can definitely order them online – and actually incorporate them into your diet. These are natural ingredients given to us by mother nature herself, and it would be silly to not take advantage of all the awesome benefits that these three things have.
Plus, during the chilly winter months we could all use an energy boost to keep our blood pumping, and this is a WAYYY better alternative to caffeine, and is not addictive like coffee. Please, please, do yourself this favor and try it out… what can it hurt?

Over and out my little cherubs.