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Continuing the Strasbourg Adventures…

Saturday, November 24th: Woke up pretty early because we had to leave the hotel for a guided tour of Strasbourg at 9h30, so I was downstairs with the roomies by 8h45ish to gorge on breakfast nomnoms. In Grenoble, we pretty much only eat bread for breakfast with various toppings (jam, butter, nutella, cheese), so being able to eat a full on breakfast buffet at the hotel was a treat and a half. I think I may have eaten my weight in food: eggs, bread, ham & cheese breakfast sandwiches, fruit… the list continues, but you get the point. Traditional breakfast deprivation.

There We Are

Anyway, at 9h30 we left the hotel and went to meet up with our tour guide. Now, usually on these types of tours I get a little bored, but this tour guide did a solid job of holding my attention. That, and the fact that the Strasbourg Market was awesome!

Hot Nutsss

There was so much to feast my eyes upon. The tour lasted about an hour and a half, then we were released to enjoy Strasbourg. I used this time to to the following:

  1. Eat
  2. Hot Wine
  3. Buy Christmas Gifts
  4. More Hot Wine
  5. Eat Again

Ellisa & The Gnome

It was a fantastic afternoon, and afterwards I could proudly say that most of my Christmas shopping was done! Three cheers for me. Also, I thought I would give you a little insight on the Strasbourg food specialties:

  • La choucroute : White cabbage simmered in white wine from Alsace (the region we were in). Once cooked, a combination of sausage, pork chops, bacon and ham is added, sometimes even a boiled potatoes. ‘Twas delicious.
  • Flammekueche: Tarte Flambee of Alsace. A very popular regional specialty; the classic consists of a pie dough covered with bacon, onions and sour cream, grated cheese gratin and then baked. I had a vegetarian one so it was different toppings, but the premise was the same. Also delectable!
  • Baeckeoffe: This dish is a stew that blends various meats. Beef, lamb or goose leg marinated in a dry white wine, (Sylvaner or Riesling). Onion and garlic are then added, and the pieces of meat are placed twenty-four hours later in a casserole baked between two layers of potatoes and onions. I can’t say I tried this, but it must be pretty dank.
  • Le kougelhopf: traditional Alsatian cake. Didn’t have this either…
  • Le Bretzel: A pretzel pretty much, but quite large. I had mine with dark chocolate on it. Yummm.

Veggie Tarte Flambee

Everything I ate was worth the price (and it wasn’t even that expensive!), and the wine was amazing. You can bet your asses that I will be making that regularly this winter. Stay tuned for those sweet recipes.

Ermmm, after the market, I branched off with the babies: Camillo, Jeremy, Aubrey and Olivia, and Maddie, Ellisa and Natasha, and we wandered further into the heart of Strasbourg in search of some local dinner.


We found this cute restaurant overlooking the river, and this is where I had my first taste of the tasty tarte flambee. We all just hung out there for a while and chatted, then we migrated to the main area of the Christmas Market where an amazing show was about to go down! View the pictures and videos, it’s pretty difficult to put into words. I will tell you though, that Strasbourg boasts the biggest Christmas tree in France, and probably one of the bigger ones in Europe. It was huge!


After the spectacle, we went back to the hotel to gather some energy and switch into night mode. I changed quickly and then went to Richard and Preston’s room to meet up with them and Emily, and from there the festivities started.

Preston Giving Heather A Dance

In typical API fashion, it was a shit show. People puked, cried, passed out and did the typical drunken things. I was actually one of the more controlled ones, which is strange.. but I kind of liked it. I was able to actually remember everything, yay! Sans details though, it was a fun night, and I probably went to bed around 3h00.

Day Two, Complete.


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