Let Me Show You Some Things…


Bonjour again! Posting twice in one day, wowza. So, I was going through my photos/videos and realized I had forgotten to add some to my blog for you lovely people. They’re kind of old, but better now than never, right? Anyway… behold the remaining old videos maintenant.

^Self-explanatory title, but a view from the top of the Bastille. Peep those mountainsss.

^ It’s a bit of a hike getting to and from the top of the Bastille, so the lovely Grenoblois build these giant balls to take you up and down the mountain, if you so desire. I would hate being that lazy, so I hike up… but we were offered free passes to go down (it usually costs money), so how could you turn that down? I figured it would be interesting to video the journey.

^ I don’t have much to say to this… typical human behavior. In Grenoble, France.

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