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Toussaint Vaacaation


Bonjour my sweets.
It’s about that time where I need to update you once again. I’m sucking and over a week behind now *gasp*, so here’s to hoping I can remember everything clear enough.

Friday, November 2nd: From what I do recall, Nina, Hannah and I larded it up at my house for the duration of the morning. After we were done filling our lazy person quota, we met up with Emily and Peter to head to Grand Place, which is a mall outside the city center. We went there originally to participate in a free cooking class offered to Grenoblois, but there was a bit of a language barrier and we had difficulty figuring out what exactly was going on. It kind of seemed like it was a cooking class primarily for children, and parents cooked a little while waiting for their kids. So, we ended up calling it a failed mission, and had some lunch instead at a pizza place. I decided to branch out a little, and ordered pizza with baby shrimp on it! Not gonna lie, I was nervous it was going to be weird, but it turned out being pretty delectable, mission success.

After munching down, we decided to explore the mall a little bit. I’m still broke student status, so I had to resist the urge to buy about a million things, but I actually succeeded so I gave myself a pat on the back. Not going to lie though, I was thissss close to caving in and buying a pair of fuzzy footsie pajamas. Don’t hate.

After the mall, I made my way to the French Coffeeshop to have a Skype date with Sarah, which was a semi-success. Sometimes the internet decides to be a pill and cut out on me mid-conversation, but talking sporadically is better than not talking to her at all. Once my date was over, Nina met me in centre ville so we could grab some dinner (I don’t remember what we had… mersauce), and then we made our way back to my apartment to get ready for the night’s festivities. Woo! Hannah, Emily and Peter ended up coming over to pre-game, so before long the room was a buzzing a little bit 😉 I remember going to London Pub, then waiting until close to 1h00 so we could get free tickets to Vieux Manoir. We went to the Manoir, but it was early and there was no one there, so Nina, Hannah and I just ended up going home and eating copious amounts of bread before passing out in the apartment. Great fun.

Saturday, November 3rd: Another morning where we lazed around for a few hours to try and not suffer a hangover. Emily ended up calling me before noon, and we made plans to go to Vizille, France for 12h30. Vizille is a beautiful, adorable town about 40 minutes outside of Grenoble, and there is a bus that takes you there from Victor Hugo, which was pretty awesome. Before the bus, Nina and I grabbed Texan sandwiches from Sandwich House, and they were pretty much amazing. I just realized I haven’t uploaded my pictures from Vizille yet, so once I get home I’ll get on that and include the pics in the next post, they’re totally worth seeing. We spent the day in this beautiful park that had ponies and peacocks and reindeer! Along with rivers and bridges and a free museum, so overall it was a pretty fantastic day trip.

Remember that guy Hugo I mentioned in the last post who I met on Halloween night? Well, he ended up giving me a call this day, and wanted to hang out… so being a nice person I let him know where we were, and he ended up driving to Vizille to spend the day with us. He was a pretty cool kid, but my fake crush soon faded, so I kind of lost interest after the park, but still, it was nice to hang out with a real life French guy… especially one from Marseille! The reindeer and peacocks though were what really made me day, since I don’t think I had ever seen those animals in real life before.

When our little excursion came to an end, it was time for dinner.. so Nina and I, being addicts, ate Curry Sandwiches from Sandwich House and then went back to my apartment to start getting ready for the night once again. Around 21h00, Hannah, Emily, Peter, Evelyn and Ellisa came over to my place, and in the usual fashion we played Kings and got sloshed. We bounced around to a bunch of different bars and clubs, and met up with Hugo and his friend, and I probably didn’t get home until close to 3h30. It was a rowdy time to say the least, and we learned that sometimes combining the three sassiest girls of the group (Nina, Hannah, Myself) and adding alcohol is not always the best idea, but always the most entertaining. That’s all I’m going to say, haha. Once we got home, I drunkenly snacked on eggs and then went to bed. Rawr.

Sunday, November 4th: In Grenoble, the first sunday of the month means that all the museums are free to the public, so Richard, Hannah, Nina, Peter, Evelyn, Emily and I decided to take advantage of that. We were all kind of dying though from our weekend ways, so we didn’t fully experience as much as we wanted to, but I still got to see some old Roman Ruins which was pretty sweet.


















We ended up losing Nina along the way, and after our museum excursion the majority of us went to the movies to see 007, Skyfall… it was so good! Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out I totally recommend it. The acting was pretty fly, and you can’t really go wrong with Daniel Craig. <333

Apparently it’s the rainy season in Grenoble, because I was practically drowning from all the rain this day, which obviously made it perfect for the movies. The movie ended pretty late, so from there I just went home, gave Nina all her belongings, ate dinner and went to bed. It was a nice and much needed loooong sleep. Thus ending my splendidly long weekend for Toussaint. Allez!