Paris holds they key to your heart…


Bonjour mes amis!

Just woke up to Paris day 3; it still doesn’t feel real and I love it. Day 2 was pretty fantastique, as it should be. Unfortunately we had to wake up at 7:30 (which was 1:30am my usual time) but I had 10 hours of sleep under my belt so it wasn’t as painful as it could have been. So yeah, my roomie Evelyn and I woke up, got our shwag together, and headed down to my first Parisian breakfast of the semester. Nomnomnom: les oeufs, le pain, le fromage, les pommes, et autres choses aussi. It was delicious. After brekkie we headed to Versailles. I’ve been there before, but it wasn’t any less amazing. We spent a bunch of time in there and then headed to the gardens as well to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. From there, we made moves to Musee D’Orsay; it was aso my second rendez-vous there, but once again I wasn’t disappointed. I went there with Evelyn and Carl, and we kind of started to die half way through from walking so much. Lazy people problems, ha. After we had our fill of crazy art, we hiked back (45 minutes) to the hotel and lamped for a little bit before we had to meet for dinner at 6:45. The dinner was phenomenal; we went as a group and our mentors Marie and Anna taught us French table manners and such. You have to keep your hands on the table at all times which is the opposite from the US and bizarre; it will take some getting used to for sure. Post-dinner I went out for drinks with my friends Preston, Emily, Nina and Ryan. I’m trying to bond with everyone it’s fun. I bought a gigantic beer called Leffe (50cl) which was tasty, and then we went to another bar where I had a beer called 1664, yummy. Needless to say I had a pretty heavy buzz, so we all went back to the hotel and I was in bed by 1:00am, and Evelyn came in shortly after.

So yeah, that was my day yesterday. It’s 8:15am now and I need to rocket and get ready since I need breakfast and we have to leave by 9:00am to start our day. A bientot my loves! Pictures from yesterday will be posted when I get a free minute.



About azuremarie

Bonjour, I'm Azure; a healthy dose of eccentricity best taken with a grain of salt. Most people describe me as sassy, and I like that. I love words, and think that anyone who can twist them in their mouth and make something beautiful come out is sexy and someone with whom I want to spend my time. I read a lot (bordering on too much), and am baller at boggle. I happen to be addicted to concerts/live music, and will listen to anything that can carry a beat, and even those that don't. I believe that being normal is boring, and love bright colors. I have a soft spot for animals, particularly dogs and horses, but I am beginning to be a cat person as well. Sometimes, I will admit that I like some animals better than some people - they're great listeners and don't judge. J'adore voyager. Someday I want to be able to look at a map of the world and say "I have been there, there, and there... and there", and have a memory attached to them all. I've recently begun to work at an organic juice bar, and diet/holistic health is starting to become a main passion of mine. I want to be able to experience our world, as well as help save it. Oh, and unicorns exist.

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